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The Fear of being Rich

This may, to some, appear to be a strange proposition: "Of course I'm not afraid of being rich; I would relish it."


Here we must differentiate between beliefs, hopes and expectations.


You can believe anything you like; it doesn't have to have anything to do with reality (and often doesn't - see, for example). There is, in fact, a Buddhist koan which states that the untrained mind thinks seven thousand thoughts per minute of which one and a half are true.


Getting rid of meaningless beliefs can be a major undertaking lasting many years but there is a tool which helps enormously.


When we say, "I expect" we almost always mean, "I hope", i.e. someone should do something to make my life "better". This, however, has nothing to do with what an expectation truly is.


Within the deep recesses of your mind are the programmes which govern your life. These are your expectations; these are the things that you are totally convinced - you "know" - will happen. This conviction, this "knowing" gives to them your power and you go on to create whatever it is that you expect. Much more often than not, this is the exact opposite of that which you wished, you hoped would have been.


Wishes and hopes have no power because they are projected outside of yourself to an undefined power which "should" "altruistically" bring blessings into your life. Your expectations, however, remain in charge of your life!


So, what do you expect which makes you afraid of being rich?

This is not a rhetorical question but the result of some experiments that I have been running.


If you already have the book "The Key to Luck" you may well recall in the section about increasing your income, you are warned to not attempt to jump from where you presently are financially to a millionaire because you have no conception of a millionaire's life-style (other than from a wishy-washy American soap drama having no point of contact with reality) and you cannot, therefore, focus upon it.


Now, being a life-long maverick, I, noting that rules are (almost) always made to benefit someone else, despise them and so I decided to break this one to see what would happen, long-term, if someone did try to make this jump. At first, as you would expect, nothing happened. Perseverance has, however, begun to bring some rewards; they're not yet visible on my bank account but are, nonetheless, most enlightening.


Yawning is an activity much speculated about. All of the speculation, however, ignores the obvious - it's contagious!

The medical profession, being wedded to a 17th century nonsensical hypothesis of life and totally rejecting modern science, tries to define yawning as some sort of biochemical event. All such attempts have failed spectacularly because they ignore reality.


Yawning is not a biochemical but a social, group event!

When does a yawning chorus begin? At the end of the day when the troupe leader or other "authority figure" decides that the stress of the day is over and the entire troupe can relax. Each passes the message along and we get the yawning chorus.

Many mammals yawn and observation teaches us that they all do it for precisely this reason.


Yawning can, therefore, correctly be described as a signal that all danger is now passed:

Which brings us back to the rule breaking.


Those who attempt the leap to millionaire using the techniques in "The Key to Luck" begin, after a time, to yawn prodigiously following each stipulation revealing that the re-programming of the expectations about money is releasing a lot of fear.


  • So, why is there so much fear of being rich?
  • What is/are the expectation(s) which cause it?
  • Why is it so widespread?
  • Is this some sort of deliberate programming designed to let the very rich keep stealing that which belongs to us?

I don't, as yet, have any definitive answer(s) but I note the following:


Most religions, even Buddhism which claims to be a philosophy and not a religion, teach that it is in some way "divine" to be poor. "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven" is a saying well known to many of us. There is even some merit in this teaching, if taught properly (which it, unfortunately, isn't). It is saying that an obsession with material things can so lower your consciousness that you are no longer capable of perceiving Heaven. This is a far cry from the belief that you have to be poor to be granted divinity.


In various ways, we see the same perverted teaching in almost all religions: The many must subjugate themselves to the few who then control all of the wealth.


So, with the few crumbs that "they" leave over for us, what do we do?


Many work in "jobs" stealing from others.
Now, here's a rub: if you work in a "state licenced" thievery, you get paid with a small proportion of the money you've stolen and have "immunity" from prosecution. If, however, you do it free-lance, you get to keep everything that you've stolen but run the "risk" of being comfortably housed by "the state" for some time.

If, for example, you work for an agency "authorised" to steal from those driving quite safely but a little bit faster than some (probably dead) bureaucrat, based upon 60 year old car technology which, nowadays, only exists in museums, thinks you should then you must finance your own housing, food and drink.


Which is more honest; the "licenced" or the free-lance thief?
The free-lance, of course; he / she is not pretending to steal "for the public good".


But why steal at all?


Where did the ridiculous concept of "ownership" come from? You may take it for granted but it is, in fact, a very recent invention which has not even spread to all human societies and is completely ignored by almost all other creatures upon this planet.


The ancient Celtic way, the Jewish Kibbutzim, ancient China and India all followed a pattern of common usage and appointed a chieftain to co-ordinate activities in the village. A "king" may then have been appointed to coordinate all of the villages in a region and, especially later, a senior "king" would be chosen from amongst the kings to coordinate military activity.

In some cultures, in order to protect the people from the power which the king wielded, he would be appointed for one year in which he could do anything he liked and at the end of it would be ritually killed.

It was the Romans who set about destroying all this.


Prior to the Romans, wealth was generated by industry (in the older sense of useful work) and the results were held to be the common property of the villagers. The Romans chose a different way - they would become rich by stealing others' common property. This wrought the change from the village head man or woman co-ordinating activities to the (Roman appointed) head man owning the village. It is their system which we have inherited and, by Roman style conquest, spread throughout most of the world.


So, where does the fear of wealth come from?

Is it the fear that, if you have wealth, the "Romans" will come and steal it?
Is it the fear that God will abandon you if you live in material comfort?
Is it the fear that your family will abandon you because you've become a "Roman"?
A combination of these?
Something else?


I don't (yet) know but as this fear is the basis of the present banker controlled system, I will know it so that it can be dissolved.

Your thoughts and comments hereto are requested.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,


17th October 2019


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