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The call into Chaos

The first thing that we must do here is to make plain that chaos is not the opposite of order; that status bears the name “random”.


Chaos is fuzzy order in which it is difficult to see what is actually going on because the act of creation is not complete. Chaos is at least 90% ordered.

Random means no order, no structure, no events, nothing.


This universe is highly ordered but some parts appear so chaotic that we don’t know what is going on there.


Chaos is a challenge; a wake-up call because we need to know what is there. Chaos is that which beckons us to increase our awareness so that we can see where we are going. Until we do, there is no security and no certainty.


Chaos is also a natural and essential phenomenon. It is the area, described in some detail in the film “What the Bleep do we know?”, in which universal free energy is transformed into events (material) and material which has completed its purpose is surrendered back into free energy to be re-used. In Sanskrit poetry this is described as the triumvirate of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva which begs the question, “how did they know all about Quantum Field Theory all those thousands of years ago?”


If you control the flow of chaos, you control future events!


And this is something which each and every one of us does every day of our lives. By the choices which we make; through our beliefs and the expectations which derive from them and by the assumptions which we make about ourselves and the world around us we shape our own future.


In order to usurp our creative power, we are taught from the very first day in school that the opposite is the case. We are taught that only “Experts” can change anything; that we must believe what we are told; that power resides solely within those whom “nature” (God) has especially selected; that being rich is being right; that supporting the rich is our “divine obligation”; that becoming famous invariably bestows superior intelligence; that it is in our interests for the sake of order and “being a powerful nation” to always maintain the status quo. A detailed indoctrination and control system which begins as soon as we enter the brainwashing houses which we have been taught to call schools.

In point of fact, so much of the effort expended in schools is indoctrination, “don’t think, obey and conform” that it takes years to learn what could be attained in months. The Schetinin schools, similar schools and home schooling all show that the school syllabus minus the indoctrination takes 12 to 18 months instead of the 12 years in the indoctrination schools.

This tells you how much effort is placed in the brainwashing.


Now we have to consider, why?


Just why do the “Powers that have been” consider it to be so important to shut off our natural inquisitiveness, our creative awareness and our self-determination, that 80% of their “education system” is devoted to this end?


Let us take one current example:
For some years we have been lied to about Vladimir Putin and Russia. In point of fact, most of what we have been told to believe is complete invention having no point of contact with reality. Did our natural inquisitiveness lead us to look into the Field of Chaos then we would see that there is a long-standing plan to embroil Russia in a war with the USA, with Europe and especially Germany as the targeted area of destruction. In a last ditch attempt to get this going, Obama bin Barak has rushed 2000 battle tanks and an entire air attack brigade to the Polish border with Belarus. Putin knows that he must refrain from any sort of military response to this extreme provocation and Trump will stop it. Some sort of false flag event to justify an American attack is, therefore, to be expected. This is actually visible in the Field of Chaos. But something else is also visible: The American commanders decide to do nothing before President Trump is in a position to give the orders.


Another one:
A few short years ago we were told that we must support the “Libyan Rebels” because these were “the forces of democracy” trying to assert their “rights” against an evil dictator. That these “rebels” were CIA controlled Mujahidin mercenaries shipped in from Lebanon, that Libyans enjoyed the highest standard of living in the whole of Africa (higher than some European countries) and that there was almost no dissent because the national wealth was equally shared amongst the people was simply not mentioned. Also not mentioned was that Libya was about to introduce a new regional currency and people’s banking system which would have removed the whole of North East Africa from Banking Cartel exploitation and control - the real reason why NATO was given orders by the bankers to destroy Libya.

So that which was once the Libyan People’s Araba Jamahiriya is now a wasteland fought over by warring bandit clans and, as a consequence, a massive source of refugees. And we paid for this to be done to them and are now paying again to feed and clothe the refugees which we let them create.


Just one more:
Having successfully destroyed Libya as a force for the good of mankind, the Mujahidin mercenaries were then shipped to Syria and told to do the same there.
Syria, however, has proved to be a much tougher nut to crack. As there was little enthusiasm for supplying arms to “the rebels” (CIA controlled mercenaries), American soldiers in Iraq were given orders to leave a large weapons supply depot completely unguarded and the Mujahidin given orders to go and steal everything and to then re-name themselves Islamic State!
(It seems that the CIA has actually lost control over the more fanatical psychopaths who were drawn to IS.)


What we are not told is what the fighting is actually about: The fact that Syria has endured a massive influx of people from surrounding countries so that the Syrians themselves are now a small minority in their own country was simply not mentioned. That disputes arose not over the Assad style of government but over water! Syria is an almost completely land-locked country in an arid region of the world. The problem could have been resolved at an expenditure of about 10% of that which has so far been invested in destroying the country but the bankers didn’t want it that way; they want a springboard to attack Iran.


Just before Christmas, a military command post in Aleppo was overrun by Syrian government troops. Arrested in the command post were 22 senior military officers from western countries, including seven from Germany. All of them had been working to assist Islamic State to destabilise Syria.

Obama bin Barak, Merkel and others have deliberately conspired to create the refugee crisis and this then exacerbated by Merkel’s “open door” policy as part of their orders from the bankers to destabilise Germany from within.


All of this can be read, with practice, by anyone out of the Field of Chaos from which events emerge; i.e. all future events can be seen as gathering potential in the Field of Chaos. Each and every one of us is then in the position to decide whether to enhance or to dissolve this potential and, thus, to determine future events ourselves.


A little while ago I wrote the manual explaining in detail, step by step exactly how to do this.

To date very few people have grasped that the purpose of this book is to teach YOU how to use your creative power to have the world as you would like it instead of continuing to be the victim of the banker’s desires.

You can change this, today, by clicking here.


So, why should you?

Your choice is between you taking back control over your life or to let them continue to control and exploit you. It’s a simple as that.

They control you by implanting the beliefs that they want you to live from. These beliefs form your expectations and assumptions and, hey presto, you give your energy into the Field of Chaos in the way which they need to complete their plans for your complete destruction.


Change your beliefs and assumptions and you will, unavoidably, change your life.


Let’s look at a few common beliefs:


I have to work hard to survive. This is not true.
Those in government do their best for me. This is not true.
My government protects me from enemies. This is not true.
The health service is designed to care for me and my family. This is not true.
Social security helps people who can’t find a job. This is not true.
I am too small and insignificant to change anything. This is not true.
Money is the essential oil lubricating the wheels of commerce and creating jobs. This is not true.
I live in a democracy where I have the right of determination. This is not true.
Obama, Merkel, May, Hollande, etc. are experts; they know what’s best. This is not true.


In fact, if you examine all of your beliefs closely, you will find that the overwhelming majority of them are not true.

And yet these are the things which control your life!!!!


Can you now begin to grasp just why so much effort has been expended over such a long time to get you to believe these things and more? The point is this, if you believe that this is your reality, you will give this as your expectation into the Field of Chaos and manifest it for them.


They use you to build your own prison!!!


Have you had enough of prison building?

Then click here


Blessed be


Karma Singh
16th January 2017



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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