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Panic at Vaccine HQ  (main article)



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Panic Epidemic at the Vaccine Companies

Most of us have noticed how, in recent days, a big push has started to get vaccination made compulsory world-wide.


The ostensible origin of this push is the United Nations and their various declarations about how Anti-Vaccinators are the scum of the Earth who want nothing more than to see millions of people die from horrible diseases. It may well, therefore, be wise to take a look into the antecedents.


Back in the 1930’s and 40’s IG Farbenindustrie “ruled the roost” in Germany. They not only operated a chemical and pharmaceutical monopoly, they also financed Adolf Hitler and gave him his orders. Amongst the directors of IG Farbenindustrie, who styled themselves “The Council of Gods”, was one Fritz te Meer who was given a long prison sentence at the Nürnberg Trials for Crimes against Humanity. This, presumably, had to do with the fact that Auschwitz was built and managed by IG Farbenindustrie and the “medical” experiments carried out upon human victims there. (Most of modern medical practise is based upon the experiments carried out and discoveries made in Auschwitz and similar “camps”.)


Under pressure from, presumably, Rockefeller who was a major shareholder in the German pharmaceutical industry, te Meer was set free early and taken to the USA where he helped found both the CIA and the United Nations.


Fast forward to 2009 and most of us will remember how the United Nations, with no credible evidence, tried to declare a world pandemic of swine ‘flu with compulsory vaccination for all.


The French government did, in fact, make a law enabling compulsory vaccination but there was almost an uprising against it and it was decided not to try to enforce this law.


In the event, as you remember, the “pandemic” never happened.


Investigations at the UN following this attempt revealed that 80% of those having a vote upon whether a pandemic could be called were either highly-paid employees of vaccine manufacturers or major shareholders thereof. In short, they tried to line their own pockets with billions from compulsory vaccine sales.


Ten years later and almost nothing has changed: The UN is run by and for the benefit of major corporations. The little good that it does is just window dressing. This is why President Trump has distanced himself from it.


The present “State of Emergency” has been called by the vaccine companies using the United Nations as window dressing - exactly as it was designed to be.


But, what is the emergency about?


It’s about two things:-

Over the last decade or so, several Second and Third World countries have either banned or virtually banned pharmaceuticals and adopted homoeopathy as their “front line” health care because it is safer, much more effective than and costs a tiny fraction of pharmaceutical medicines. Now, since Donald Trump took over the reins of power, we have a major First World country slowly moving in the same direction.

Daily thousands of people recognise that pharmaceutical medicine is almost useless as well as extremely dangerous (it is the number one cause of unnatural death throughout the First World) and refuse to use it, preferring the much safer and more effective options.


Vaccines are one of the three major sources of income for the pharmaceutical companies. They are, probably, also the most profitable.

A large percentage (at least) of the vaccines used in the USA are actually manufactured in China with no quality control or safety checks. I do not have the information to be able to say to what extent this also applies in Europe. Vaccines, however, are beset with problems; just so long as almost no-one knew about them, the business could keep running:-

Vaccines are sold with the promise to protect against disease caused by viruses: There is, however, no credible evidence that viruses even exist! In 2016, for example, Germany’s highest court ruled that the existence of a measles virus is not proven. 
Vaccines, we are told, prevent infection, i.e. disease causing viruses being carried over from one human to another. To date, no-one has ever been able to show that such “infection” actually happens let alone how! When we take the undeniable scientific fact into consideration that in a so called “epidemic” no more than 4% (yes, just four per cent) of those who come into contact with the putative virus actually get ill then we see that the medical concept of infection is nonsense. Why don’t the 96% get ill? It can’t be the vaccines, as we will see in point c.
To get around these first two problems, we are told a lot of pseudo-scientific clap-trap, most of which is based upon nothing more than, “We can’t imagine any other explanation, therefore this one must be true.” The work of
Gaston Neassens shows most clearly that this imaginary solution is not true.

Vaccination not only gives no “protection” against diseases, it actually SPREADS them! If you know how natural human immunity actually functions, then this is exactly what you would expect! (See Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P
for much more on this, complete with graphs and statistics as well as links to other sources.) 
When you ask a vaccine company for evidence of effectiveness such as the results of double blind studies, you will be told that such cannot be done because it would be “unethical” to deny a group of people the “obvious benefits” of vaccination. In short, the ONLY evidence offered is their own propaganda!

Nonetheless, comparison studies have been carried out for nearly 200 years. All such comparisons show that vaccination leads directly to a major INCREASE in the incidence of the disease. There are NO exceptions to this! The last time that compulsory vaccination was carried out in Germany, under the Hitler regime, it resulted in a massive six-fold INCREASE in diphtheria!

All so-called “outbreaks” of “illnesses” such as the often quoted measles during the last ten years show that up to 92% of those who became “ill” had been fully vaccinated. I.e. the vaccines provide no “protection” whatsoever.

Gradually, ever more people are coming to the recognition that childhood maladies - the principle market for vaccines - are not illnesses at all but natural development processes which it would be very damaging to their children to stop or to prevent. Fortunately, vaccines have proven themselves to be almost totally incapable of doing so.


In short, the vaccine market is in danger of imminent collapse. This is a multi-billion dollar fraud which the pharmaceutical cartel cannot afford to lose - hence their panic.


Their “solution” is to make use of their investment in pre-purchased politicians to make vaccination compulsory. Not an easy task, as many countries and especially the USA and Germany have constitutional laws specifically forbidding it.


In the US, they approach this problem by “administrative rules” such as making vaccination a condition of employment or denying schooling to unvaccinated children. These are only partially effective due to legal challenges. They are, therefore, pushing for changes to the constitution.


In Germany, their tactic is a little different and they’ve walked into a trap of their own making:


The concept which the state-owned and, therefore, pharmaceutical controlled media is pushing is one of trying to cow anti-vaccination parents.

One such scenario they are using is the suggestion that, should your child go to kindergarten with rubella and a freshly pregnant mother “catches” it resulting in the death of her embryo then you could be prosecuted for manslaughter (Am: 2nd degree murder). This is wonderful news for us because in any legal battle, the burden of proof lies with the accuser. So, if your child has been maimed by vaccines, it is both difficult and expensive to prove incontrovertibly that the vaccine caused the injury.

In this case, however, the burden of proof lies with the pharmaceutical companies and their stooges. Just look at what they have to prove to get their prosecution through:-
i) They have to prove the concept of infectious disease.
ii) They have to prove that viruses exist
iii) They have to prove that viruses cause illness
iv) They have to prove that the virus which putatively caused the miscarriage came from your child and prove exactly how it was transferred from your child to the mother. Even if it were possible to show that the putative virus could not have come from anywhere else by screening everyone with whom the mother had come into contact over the previous weeks - even people who just happened to be in a shop which she visited - this would not be enough. The burden of proof is not fulfilled by inferring that no-one else could have done it; you must prove positively that the accused did it.

Of course, none of these can be proven and so they will never come to court but they are being used to engender fear in the parents who choose to protect their children from the Pharma-cartel.


The other tactic they use is the concept of “Group Immunity” (also called Herd Immunity). This rests upon a natural phenomenon which the vaccine manufacturers claim will also happen with vaccines. Sixty years of vaccination have failed to produce any evidence that it actually does so. In point of fact, vaccination statistics show the opposite, i.e. that “vaccine induced immunity” disappears within a few years or never happens at all. Vaccine induced group immunity doesn’t happen; only the natural version creates the herd immunity.
Nonetheless, the concept that you detract from group immunity if you don’t have your children vaccinated is pushed as “guilt” propaganda.


The final point which is often repeated is, “if your child is not vaccinated, it represents a grave danger to the vaccinated children because it could make them ill.” Logically, this is an open admission that vaccination does NOT offer any protection against any so called disease and is nothing other than a criminal fraud. Hence my suggestion in my most recent article to this theme that the pharmaceutical industry as a whole be referred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the same crimes against humanity that their predecessors Fritz te Meer and friends perpetrated in the 1930’s and 40’s.


This document can be downloaded as a pdf for distribution by clicking here:- (95 kb)




Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Europe, 7th March 2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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