Newsletter 8th Oct. 2020

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This Newsletter has four Topics:

Are the Worlds now separating?

The Opening of the Heart Eye

German state news declares pandemic a fake

Demonstration Warning


Today there are almost exclusively videos for you.

The first one poses the question whether the worlds are now separating.



The opening of the Heart Eye - explanation

When your Heart Eye is open, you can see exactly what is happening and can no longer be deceived. This is especially important at this time when we urgently need to know the reality. This video explains how and why.


The Transmission

This next video is a transmission to help you open your heart eye. This is also structured in such a way that you yourself can pass on the transmission into your environment.




German government news channel declared Covid a fraud

This morning I was forwarded a video in which the ARD itself (the principle German state television) admits that the so-called "pandemic" is a fraud to justify a dictatorship. For those who understend German, I've put the original video up here. During tomorrow, I will attempt a voice-over or subtitles in English and will then replace this video.




Demonstration warning and way out

Next Saturday, 10th October, another major demonstration is planned in Berlin.
For this Merkel has bought in a lot of "mercenaries" and it is extremely advisable NOT to go there.

The mass-demos are, in any event, not the way through - the first ones surprised Merkel and Co. and were therefore peaceful.

Ghandi showed us the way - civil disobedience. Don't wear masks anywhere, greet your friends in unlimited numbers and above all issue many, many "habeas corpus" writs because this will force the plandemickers to prove in court that all the punishments they impose on us are scientifically justified. As no evidence exists, the court must order the immediate lifting of all so-called "pandemic measures".

Blessed be
Karma Singh
8th October 2020

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