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The organ of the Month -

your Gall Bladder


every now and then I like to return to my true vocation - that of healer.

This is not to say that the healing of humanity as a whole and the dissolution of the near-terminal cancer which we call the banking cartel is not rewarding in itself, it is, however, somehow impersonal.


When the opportunity (or, as in this case, a recent discovery) offers to give something which can make a big difference to the lives of many on a very personal level then I find it very gratifying to be able to impart this to one and all.


The first thing that we need to do is to find your gall bladder! It sits half inside your liver and half below. Now, your liver is inside your rib cage on the lower right hand side. The lower edge of your liver runs parallel to the bow of your rib cage and completely fills this area of your body as you see in this sketch. As you see in the right hand sketch, your gall bladder sits roughly in the middle of the lower edge.

Just click onto the pictures with your left mouse key to see them in large format. (only possible one at a time)



Many, many years ago, about 1989 if I remember correctly, I wrote a small hand book giving a rough guide to the relationships between particular thought patterns and emotions and how they resonate with specific areas of your body. This hand book can be downloaded here free of charge.

It was most gratifying to see much of this confirmed by developments and discoveries in Quantum Biophysics beginning at the end of the 20th century. The full length book, including all of the newest science is, currently, “work in progress” on my writing desk.

I mention this because, unless we understand this aspect, we are not going to understand why your gall bladder functions in the way it does, what can cause it to malfunction and the amazing hidden abilities which can be “switched on”.


First, let us view your gall bladder from the biochemical point of view.

What does it do at this level?

As with all human organs - with the sole exception of the clitoris - it is multi-functional.

It functions on both sides of the digestion/metabolism chain. On the one hand it secretes a substance into the small intestine end of your duodenum which, amongst other things, helps to digest fats.  On the other hand it transforms the most poisonous of the waste products from normal metabolic activity into substances which can be readily eliminated from your body via your intestines. This is why the surgical removal of the gall bladder leads to a general reduction in your standard of health and well-being: Both digestion and detoxification are seriously weakened.

For more on this, read Andreas Moritz’s book “The amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”.


Should normal gall bladder function be seriously impaired then it will tend to produce gall stones, i.e. the toxins produced by your metabolism will be turned to stone in order to keep them away from the rest of your system. It behoves us, therefore, to determine what causes the reduction in gall bladder function and to take action to remedy this.


There are three ways in which organ function can be impaired:

1) undernourishment
2) high levels of general toxicity
3) emotional congestion


The first two of these are very wide spread throughout the First World as a deliberate policy organised by the banking cartel.

An introductory guide to human appropriate nutrition is to be found here.


Each organ is strongly influenced by a pair of emotions or feelings one of which is beneficial and the other destructive. To an extent which would astonish most medical practitioners, our health and well-being is determined by our dominant feelings because these actually control how well our organs function. The medicos attempt to dismiss this as an aberration “psychosomatic illness” but, in reality, the state of our emotions is of paramount importance not only to our physical health but also to our general enjoyment of life.


The Essenes have a teaching that proclaims the normal life-span of a human being to be 800 to 900 years of which the most difficult are the first 100; it is in this time that we must learn to order our feelings lest they destroy us.

Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD states something quite similar in his teachings: “The human body is obviously designed to remain youthfully active for several hundreds of years. Something is perturbing the normal cell replacement processes and causing degeneration instead of regeneration.”


The destructive emotion affecting the gall bladder is hate.

Now, don’t go into a kerfuffle; I know that you’ve been taught that it’s “wrong” to hate but this, via the guilt indoctrination, leads merely to suppression, illness and death.

Look carefully at what hate actually is.


Hate is the desire to destroy the past, to “unmake” that which has already been experienced and is now past and gone. You may believe that your hate is directed at a particular person or group of people but, if you look more closely, you will see that it is, in fact, directed to a situation in which you believed that person or persons were involved. It is the event which you seek to destroy and not the person.


Hate is the essence of destruction which is why it goes into resonance with the most poisonous substances produced by human metabolism and turns them into stone.


Reversing this requires perseverance and patience. It needs daily practice for many weeks (in some cases, months) to completely clear the gall bladder but the rewards are enormous. Not only will you think much more cogently and life-affirming and your general health improve dramatically (especially if you also correct your diet) but you will also attain a degree of enlightenment in a way which will certainly astonish you.


The necessary exercise is to visualise that your gall bladder is filled with radiant grass-green energy. This should be so bright that it is almost blinding to look at it.

It will naturally spread across to the liver and begin to make changes there as well.

This should be practiced for at least 40 minutes daily until something most magical happens:


When you have cleaned your gall bladder of all that has been trying to destroy your life, the energy will suddenly switch over to the regenerative feeling.

This is a feeling you have certainly heard of but only the few have ever experienced.

It is the one which we call compassion - the stuff of which saints are made and it is yours if you just clear out the rubbish which has been obscuring it.


There is also an amazing device complete with home training programme which will not only be very helpful with this undertaking but also bring a large wedge of other benefits to your life.

Lesson 13 is rejuvenation. This works via the gall bladder!
More here:


Blessed be



25th August 2015



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