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The Light Pillar of Life


The Crime or the Glory?  (Your choice)






The Light Pillar of Life

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The Crime or the Glory

Wherever you look on our Earth, you will see that this is foretold as the time of the Great Awakening and, as the prelude thereto, a struggle takes place between the forces of Awakening and those of subjugation and imprisonment. Whether you call this "Ragnarök" when the Gods and mankind will rise together to challenge the might of the giants or the four horsemen of the Apocalypse or the Mahakranti when the Divine Consciousness awakening in the whole of mankind shatters the fetters of the slave masters, the time is, clearly, now.

It is, of course, not only we who have read and understood these ancient texts; the hereditary slave masters have also read that the time of their reign is now over.

The Slave Masters, the Daemons, the Giants; whatever you wish to call them have set plans in motion based upon a totally false premise: They actually believe that they can prevent the Awakening by visiting such disasters upon us that our consciousness will collapse instead of expanding. The expansion (the Awakening) is, by Divine stipulation, inevitable. The only choice which lies before us is how much destruction we will allow the Slave Masters to perpetrate before we cast them off.

The only tool, the sole weapon which the Slave Masters have is your belief. By controlling what you believe they seek to drive you into self-destruction. In their make-believe world we are criminals because we are making the climate change; suddenly, a part of our normal DNA is a deadly disease sweeping the planet and "infecting" many other species, including a tropical fruit! It takes very little research to find out that none of these things are actually happening but, because they control most of the press, they can drive their false teachings and silence those who speak the truth.

Each of us is responsible for our beliefs and the actions which result from them. Each of us has not only a personal obligation but an obligation to the Divine Awakening in which Grace has permitted us to participate to seek out and to witness truth. Only reality can deliver to you that for which your soul yearns.

Because the sun around which our planet travels has increased its activity (put out more heat) over the last 140 years, combined with a normal variance in our orbit which has brought us slightly closer to our sun, our planet is now slightly warmer than it was in The Little Ice Age (ca. 1300 to 1870). It is, however, nowhere near so warm as it was in the mediaeval Warm Period, which preceded The Little Ice Age, nor in any of the other warm periods which have been times of great civilisational flowering throughout the last 150 centuries. In short, climate variance is normal and geological evidence shows that it has been so through millions of years. Careful researchers will also note that there has been no temperature increase for more than twenty years.
This slight warming has brought about a large expansion in the amount of plant growth, both in size and in area in which plants can grow. The abundance of harvests that this always brings about is the source of the increased prosperity in warmer times. Carbon dioxide is, for almost all plants and certainly all of those upon which we rely for food, an essential nutrient. In the photosynthesis process, plants detach the carbon atoms and combine these with other elements from the soil to make their proteins. Oxygen is, then, given off as a "waste" product. The amount of additional CO2 which the expansion of green areas consumes is slightly higher than the total amount of this (for plants) essential nutrient which mankind produces so it is well that the major sources of CO2 - volcanic activity and the ocean are also giving off more of this gas.

Careful researchers will note that predictions of calamity due to human produced CO2 are all based upon computer models which, of course, will produce exactly the results that you tell them to. Those telling the truth, however, base their findings upon what is happening and what has happened in the real world.

The same premise holds true when we look at the second major attack upon truth - the Covid-19 fantasy.

There are two levels to this fraud, the one is the claim that a "super virus" against which our immune system is helpless is ravaging the planet and the other is that a part of the normal human genome is, somehow, the source of this "virus".

The first problem that you may encounter in your researches is that there is no concrete evidence that viruses even exist! You have, certainly, been shown "photos" of what are claimed to be viruses but can you repeat this in the comfort of your own home? Of course not, it requires very expensive and difficult to handle equipment to produce these photos. It is what you are NOT told that is germane here because these photos are all completely phony.
To make such a photograph, the first thing that you have to do is to kill that which you want to "see". Then you have to stain it so that toxic heavy metals replace some of the proteins. Finally, your "specimen" is bombarded with a radioactive stream which destroys any remaining protein. The resulting photo is of the parts of the original specimen which have been exchanged for toxic metals and does not include any trace of the remainder which has been destroyed by the radioactive bombardment. Your photo is, therefore, of something having no known relationship to any organic life. Even were an electron microscope capable of photographing the original specimen, because it is dead and immobile, there is no way of knowing what it is, where it came from, what it does, what it is for or where it goes to. In short, you know nothing about this "thing".
In December 2016, Germany's highest court ruled that the existence of a measles virus was not proven. By implication, the whole virus hypothesis is, scientifically speaking, untenable. As scientific research has continued, claims for the existence of viruses have become almost daily weaker.

Next we come the the most peculiar "virus" of all: The one that does not exist but, somehow, causes a "deadly" disease called Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019).

In all the time that we've been told that this "virus" is ravaging large parts of the Earth, it has never been found! All that we have is one "photoshopped" image produced by a "professor" Drosten in the Charité teaching hospital in Berlin after a substantial "donation" was made by the eugenicist, Bill Gates, and another produced by the American Centers for Disease Control after they also received substantial funds from Mr. Gates. Neither has anything to do with reality and has simply been "cobbled together" from a general genetic database. Throughout the planet, autopsies upon those it is claimed were killed by this non-existent "virus" have been forbidden. Nonetheless, many have, in defiance of political orders, been carried out. None has ever found the mythological "virus". What most have found is that influenza type A was the most common direct cause of death and theremaining small minority succumbed to influenza type B. This is, in itself, doubly interesting as the alleged symptoms, progress, prognosis and morbidity of Covid-19 are identical to and in no way distinguishable from those of normal annual 'flu. In short, merely changing the name from 'flu to Covid-19 has conned us into giving up most human rights.

So what is this "Sars-Cov-2" that they are finding all over the Earth? Why are they looking for this instead of the "virus" anyway?

What has been labelled "Sars-Cov-2" (to make it sound more dangerous by linking it to a previous, failed attempt, called "SARS", at creating a world panic) is a protein fragment one thousand times smaller than the putative "viruses". It is claimed, with no supporting evidence whatsoever, that the presence of this micro-protein in some strange manner "proves" the presence of the "virus" that no-one can find. This should not be believed because it is, literally and scientifically, unbelievable.
When we look at what this micro-protein is, the whole thing becomes even more unbelievable.


It was first detected in a laboratory in Canada in November 2013 and, subsequently, found to be widespread right across the planet and totally harmless to humans. Further research has shown that its tiny genome has merely 37 base pairs (a "virus" is claimed to have 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs) and that this protein fragment is to be found in at least 100 species of bacteria and SEVENTY FOUR TIMES in the human genome: In short, it is being demanded of you that you believe that something that has been an integral part of the human body for, probably, millions of years, has suddenly become evidence of a deadly disease.

Do you now understand when I said that their only tool, their sole weapon is your belief?

If you believe their fairy tales, you are their slave because you will do what they tell you to do to avoid the non-existent disasters with which they threaten you. You will hide your smile from your fellow men and women because smiles are healing. You will fail to notice that the manufacturers of face masks all state that they will not stop anything so small as a putative "virus". You will separate yourself by a totally ludicrous "rule" which claims that, although all other "virus" like particles are carried hundreds and thousands of kilometres by random air currents, the mythological Covid-19 "virus" invariably falls to the ground in less than two human paces. You will subject yourself to a meaningless and illegal "medical procedure" to be "allowed" to shop. Can you not see where this is heading - if you continue to allow it?

You have two ways of "getting out from under". The one is by careful research which will show you that none of their tools to control you are real. The other is by taking up the Divine Awakening stipulation which will open your heart eye through which you will clearly see that none of their fear mongering has any basis in reality; you will see that there is no disease and that our Planet is very happy with the slight warming that happened in the last century. On veezee, you will find an online training course which will help quickly get you there.

Seventy years ago, Mahatma Gandhi conquered an entire continent larger than Europe through civil disobedience. Quite simply stated, when millions of people refuse to follow orders, there is nothing that "they" can do about it. It's time that we followed where he has led.



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Blessed be
Karma Singh
7th May 2021


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