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The Goddess Transmissions - the first Testimonials

Just before I went off on holiday at the end of July, the first of the reports from users of the Goddess Transmissions began to arrive. These, of course, relate only to the first of the four transmissions but show clearly just how necessary and beneficial the clearing of the pancreas is.


As you will read on the website, the true functions of this organ have been supressed for many centuries resulting in greatly reduced physical, mental, emotional and financial health.

Now that the period in the human story which made this necessary is over and we step ever deeper into the new Age of Community, the abilities which are inherent in a fully functional pancreas become vital for mankind’s further development.


We may also anticipate that widespread usage of the Goddess Transmissions will lead to the disappearance of a large number of diseases presently plaguing us, including both personal and communal poverty.


A weak pancreas is even the cause of snoring! Strengthening the pancreas will usually quickly stop this.


The DVDs are presently available in PAL for Europe (except France) and many other parts of the world and NTSC for N. America although whatever format you have, almost any computer will play the DVD. Should demand for SECAM format (France, Russia and a few other countries) arise, we will be able to produce these in short order.


Hallo Karma,
I just wanted to let you know what happened when I began to use the Goddess Transmissions:-


On the very first day, after using the first transmission for the third time that day, I took a midday nap. I didn’t sleep very well and was very aware that something was changing in my pancreas. This climaxed in a quite painful experience which lasted a few minutes.


During the following days I felt much freer and experienced a feeling which was completely new to me. It is not easy for me to describe it in words but it is as though I felt like an inquisitive child, completely without fear, wanting to know all about life and how things work. Withal there is an implicit feeling of having my own place here on Earth. Strange as it may sound, this inquisitiveness from deep within me was something I had never felt before.


Yesterday, a friend suggested that I google “Reptilians”. Although I had never previously had any interest in such matter I did so.
I read quite a lot about them and was appalled. I understood many things at last and this made me somehow even freer.

In the night I had terrible nightmares about being immobilised and again experienced pain in the place you told us about.


This morning I felt really good and believe that all that I have experienced is part of a process which the transmissions have triggered.
I begin to feel lighter and freer and can think much more clearly. Especially around my head is a feeling of lightness.


I also notice a tendency to move from my head into my heart. Dammed up anger just seems to evaporate; isn’t that amazing?


Greetings from

Claudia S.



Although such strong reactions right at the beginning are rare, this does give you a foretaste of what everyone should experience during the four stages.



Dear Karma,
heartfelt thanks for the invaluable Goddess Transmissions. They really do me good and something wonderful is beginning to unfold.
Thank you


Sandra B.



There are many, many abilities inherent in a fully functional pancreas. Some of the abilities which will be set free have been forgotten for so long that we, now, don’t even have names for them!

The DVD arrived yesterday and I have been working with the first transmission since yesterday evening.

It’s not a long time but it is uncannily powerful. Each time, I feel a strong tingling in my entire head which then spreads itself throughout my entire body. It’s wonderful!


Christine P.


When you are ready to move onto the next phase of life, this “awakening” feeling is what you get!


The website is here and the DVDs are in stock for immediate despatch.
No home should be without one.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
16th August 2016



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