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Greece - after the Exploitation

It is at this juncture, that it behoves us to take another look at how we organise our society.


Greece, a once flourishing group of city states, was first felled by the concentrated power of the nation states of Persia, then Macedonia, then Rome, then Turkey and, finally, the banking cartel.

Nonetheless, the home town, the home village and the home street still reside in the heart of every Greek as the centre of his/her origin.


It is this heart power which is now needed to return to this land the dignity and abundance which are its rightful property.


Over the last few hundred years, principally at the behest of the Rothschild banking dynasty, authority has gradually been moved away from the people in their local communities and concentrated in centralised authorities inaccessible to the people as a whole; instead of the local council or Wise Man/Woman who were there to resolve problems where they occurred, a hierarchy of bureaucrats handed down orders from above which, mostly, created far more problems than they solved.


Over the last 40 years, this process of centralisation has been intensified to the point at which most major countries have no legitimate government at all but have become corporations owned and controlled by the Rothschild banking dynasty. This is something which everyone can check for themselves by, for example, looking up their country in the international registry of businesses at Dunn and Bradstreet.

Some countries, such as Australia, actually have two governments with different names; a legitimate one having virtually no power and an all-powerful corporation owned by American banks.


The purpose of the Euro is to concentrate ownership further and the purpose of the European Central Bank and the so called “Euro Stability Mechanism” is to concentrate ownership of everything into the hands of the bankers.


Thanks to the manipulations of Merkel and other “politicians” purchased by the banking cartel, the banking cartel is now the owner of all land, buildings and homes in the Euro Zone and the people who built and paid for them are merely in temporary possession.


By seeking to impose such impossible demands upon the Greek people that there can be no reasonable course of action for Greece other than to leave the Euro Zone, the bankers have created for themselves a situation in which they can, unilaterally, impose second mortgages upon all who possess property and even steal the money on your bank account in order “to make good their losses”. “Losses” should be understood as the profit which they would have made if Greece were able to pay them. The truth is that they have lost nothing, they just haven’t made their customary 3600%+ obscene profit.



The way out of this situation is to reverse the structure:

Instead of centralising everything in a distant authority and using an extra-national pseudo-currency which lets the distant, foreign bankers steal most of the wealth generated by the activity of the people, we need a system which both leaves most of the wealth where it is created and yet enables structures and institutions necessary for a co-ordinated nation state.


Over many years of intensive study and creative experimentation, such a system has been developed and is already in use in one European state - the Kingdom of Germany. Here, the central “authority” has, primarily, a co-ordinating function and the power of decision resides in the local communities.

In order for a new law to be created, the majority of all the local communities must, after open, public discussion, vote to accept or reject it.

There is no authority higher than the local community! The central State provides merely a framework (the constitution) within which all the local communities agree to co-operate.


The constitution of the Kingdom of Germany is already available in several languages, all of which can be downloaded here. It has not yet been translated into Greek and as it appears that this could be very urgent please contact me if you are able to carry out a greek translation quickly.


Currently being finalised is a detailed analysis of the necessary restructuring and the effects of moving a community from the old exploitation system into the new model devised by and for the Kingdom of Germany. This document will be available in German by the end of this week and then I can begin with the English translation.

Who can do the German to Greek translation and modify it to fit the Greek culture?


Blessed be


Karma Singh
30th June 2015



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed  “Elite” ceases to exist.


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