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This Newsletter has three Topics:

Progress Report on the donations


New Printer found!


Head or feet     (main article)





Progress Report on the donations Action for Robert and William

First an enormous Thenk You from the family to all those who have helped so far.


We are almost through the £6000 border and with your continued Support we will reach the target.


All Details are here:-





Printer found!

On Monday I was given a tip which guided me to a quite "hidden" print works "around the corner" from the Office.

I was there on Tuesday and, within an hour, everything was under way.


I have just called them now and ascertained that the books are already being printed, i.e. at thebeginning of next week they will be on their way to those who have already purchased and those who order now.






May I please turn your World upside down?

(Or, possibly the right way up at last?)

Cancer is a dread disease feared both by those who have it and by those who think they might get it. Statistically, about 1/3rd of the population of the First World would be expected to develop cancer and most will die as a result.


Total nonsense from start to finish!


We need now to note the following points:-

1) Cancer is your friend which will keep you alive in circumstances which would otherwise kill you.

2) Cancer is not a disease but a natural, short-term emergency solution for a completely different problem.

3) Cancer is not the only such: Arthritis, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, gout, rheumatism and a host of other well-known “incurable diseases” are, similarly, natural emergency solutions and NOT illnesses! These also affect about 1/3rd of the First World population.

4) Cancer has never killed anyone! I.e., if you don’t tackle the real problem, the cancers, perforce, become so large that they prevent normal organ function and you die from organ failure. Most cancer related deaths, however, are caused by medical treatment.

5) The real problem with cancer, arthritis, etc. is the medical profession which, instead of resolving the real problem, attacks the symptoms (the effects of the real problem) thus making matters much worse.

6) In the early 20th century, Rockefeller and Carnegie set about buying up the entire health industry to remodel it into a “cash cow” for Rockefellers pharmaceuticals and Carnegies medical (surgical) centers. A little later, they began buying up the entire news industry so as to prevent the truth reaching the public.

7) In many countries, laws have been “purchased” giving them monopoly status on cancer and some other ailments and/or liability exemption. This is because cancer is so highly profitable, running at around $50,000.00 to $70,000.00 per cancer death. In 2018, the cartel’s co-ordinating bank, Goldmann-Sachs, declared that there is no profit to be made in curing people so it is not going to happen.

8) Until, in the early 20th century, the move from fresh to processed “foodstuffs” began, cancer was a very rare dis-ease. Parallel to the rise in the consumption of processed “foods” we see a rise in the cancer rate.


So, why are we not told of this very clear causational relationship?

Quite simply; there is no money to be made from teaching people to eat cleanly and so you are lied to and told that cancer is a mystery which needs enormous sums spent on “research” to find a “cure”.


Purely “coincidentally” (of course) the amount of money collected by donations each year for spurious “research” is pretty much the same amount which the pharma cartel spends on suppressing knowledge of and access to effective methods of dealing with this malady.


It isn’t, of course, quite that simple or Michio and Aveline Kushi would not have died of cancer. There are other factors such as environmental toxins (Michio was a heavy smoker and Aveline would never take a break from her constant travelling and leading seminars - you could well say that they both died of self-neglect). These “other factors” are, however, readily identified and remedied.


Generally, it is poor “food” quality which provides the fuel for cancer and the other factors which determine where your body will form the tumours. Any therapy must, therefore, in order to be effective, tackle all problems simultaneously; once your body has sunk to the level of toxicity in which cancer, as an emergency solution, is switched on, not only the poisons entering through your mouth but also those which you generate internally yourself must be neutralised and resolved.

When you’ve fallen down a hill, you may be able to stand again and dust yourself off but you’ve got to be very much fitter to get back up the hill!


So, where can you find a comprehensive catalogue of all contributory factors together with methods of dealing with them?


Some twelve years ago I was asked by a cancer self-help group in England to write a hand-book for their members. I must confess to not being very enthusiastic about the project but bowed to pressure from “Pink Wishes” (so they styled themselves) and from case notes and other material which I had on my computer, I cobbled a handbook together for them.


Pink Wishes rejected the book out of hand because conventional medicine didn’t even rate a mention as a useful technique and what they actually wanted was a book praising pharmaceutical medicine with a few “supplementary” techniques added on.


Truth prevented me from acceding to this.


It was only later that I discovered that many “self-help” groups are actually founded by the pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to keep their customers away from techniques which would free them from their maladies.


As I had already written it, I decided to publish the book myself and, over the years, many have found it helpful. I, however, was never satisfied with it.


Last Autumn, I finally took the plunge and began rewriting it. Actually, I have written a completely new book, much more comprehensive in its scope and with detailed instructions of what to do.

There is, however, one problem:


In some countries (Germany, Norway, Canada amongst others) it is actually a crime not only to heal cancer but even to say that you believe it is possible. The rationale for these laws (in Germany and Norway at least) is that such utterances could give hope to cancer sufferers in general and, especially those suffering with leukaemia. Leukaemia sufferers are, by law, to be forbidden any hope.


So, my telling you in the book how to heal cancer would be a criminal act:

How to cope with this?

Well, if I tell you how to create cancer in precise detail I am not breaking any law. It is also quite legal for you to use this knowledge in order to avoid cancer.


It would, however be a crime for you to apply this knowledge if you already have cancer so, of course, I would not advise you to do so. If you choose to ignore this advice and to use the knowledge to remove the causes of your cancers then it is you who are the criminal and I have specifically advised you to remain within the law. (My tribute act to Pontius Pilate.)


You can take a look at the book here:-



Das Buch ist auch in Deutsch hier erhältlich:- 

For those who suffer under any of the other maladies mentioned above (Arthritis etc.) a visit on this website is probably what you’re looking for - so good that it’s guaranteed to work or your moneyback!


Blessed be


Karma Singh,


22nd August 2019


All books, hand books, courses and DVDs are available here:




The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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