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Healing your Car

We all know and expect, as a matter of course, that biological systems will, to a certain extent, repair and regenerate themselves.
What we don’t expect is that the machines that we build will do the same yet there is no scientific reason why this apparent difference should be!


The process by which things degenerate, literally “fall apart” is called, in science, entropy.


Now, entropy is not a function of the material but of the causational information of the material. Degeneration in the material is a result of reduced coherence in the informational structure which builds it. This is quite clear in Quantum Physics but why should the causational information of a biological system function in a different way to that of a mechanical?

To answer this question, we must go one phase further up: What creates information?


Now, it is quite clear that it is consciousness which creates information (literally, “to make into form”) and the information is imbued with all of the properties with which the consciousness has programmed it. This, however, frequently changes;-


Moving a sick  child from a slum where it is fed exclusively processed “foodstuffs” (high level of entropy) to a household in the countryside in which nutrition is exclusively macrobiotic and the house is laid out in accord with Feng Shui, will rapidly bring about not merely a healthy child but also one which is much more intelligent.

When an adult switches from conventional to macrobiotic nutrition, it takes about a year before this kicks in.

Intelligence, perception and memory all improve dramatically. Why?


Processed foodstuffs are denatured, i.e. they have a high level of entropy. So called “preservatives” (poisons) have been added to them to stop the natural recycling bacteria from processing this degenerate material into compost. High entropy (degenerate) foodstuffs plus poisons are, inevitably, going to reduce the efficiency of the biological system and compel it to focus upon detoxification processes (which most so called “illnesses” in fact are) rather than developing as a vehicle and learning instrument for the consciousness which quickens it. The quickening consciousness itself can, however, change the status of the physical vehicle by choosing a life-style which regenerates (such as Feng Shui and macrobiotics). It can, of course, go in the opposite direction and choose to become addicted to narcotics or, when the physical pain of the constant toxin build-up become excruciating, become a life-long consumer of pharmaceutical poisons which block the pain receptors and transmitting nerves until the level of poison induced entropy makes it impossible for the quickening consciousness to make any further use of the physical body which then “dies”.


What we see here is that consciousness is capable of drastically changing the effects of entropy. This is why some people are “geriatric” in their fifties but others are youthful in their eighties.


If we look more closely, do we not see the same thing happening with the machines which we build?


Take the same make and model of car. Why is it that some are scrap after 80,000 miles and others keep going for decades with three times the mileage? We have our excuses; the “Friday car” or “the lemon” but, investigations have shown that these are nothing more than fairy tales and the real reason has little or nothing to do with the manufacturing process or time of day. There can be astrological influences and, as any competent astrologer will tell you, the combined stress of the planetary tides makes it most unwise to build any machine on specific days. “Friday” cars don’t, as a rule, fall foul of such influences so what IS the problem?


The problem is degenerate information, i.e. the car can no longer hold itself together and literally falls to pieces.


That great German engineer Joachim Manfred Wagner Dipl.Ing. (FH) developed in the 1980’s a way of braking the entropic degeneration in a car, i.e. of greatly slowing down the deterioration of the causational information by preventing perturbing energies distorting the controlling information. This even affects the perturbations built in to the car by poor engineering or bad design! The effect, of course, is that not only does the car run much better; it will also “live” much longer. My car, for example, had the Harmony Technology which Joachim developed added to it from new. Six years later and even after 320,000 kilometres (just short of 200,000 miles), when I go for an exhaust test the mechanic always reaches for the wrong testing tool because his ear “tells” him that an engine which is so quiet can only be petrol driven. My car is, however, a diesel! Not only this, it also consistently shows merely a small fraction of the exhaust gasses permitted by statute.


So much for the machine itself but how can perturbations which have already damaged the car be reversed? At the moment, the answer is only theoretical but, just as a healer or a homoeopath can reverse the effects of an illness by reversing the entropy in the controlling information, so, according to theory, it should be possible to reverse the entropy already in the car and, so, to cause it to regenerate itself instead of further degenerating. I will be doing the first tests on this during the next few weeks. If you would like your car to be a test subject, send me an email (Europe only, at the Moment).
In the meantime, you can prevent further deterioration in your car by adding a Harmony Super Charger now.


One point is very clear; much depends upon the driver as he/she is an integral part of the car informational system. The clearer and freer the driver, the less damaging energy she/he will give into the car’s informational system. THE tool to delete all destructive habits is the Harmony Headphone Set.


So far, so good but how do you repair the damage already done?


Those who wish to learn how to regenerate not only their own bodies and minds but also the machines in their care should consider taking a course in Mind Clearing with me online. The reunification of your littlest (your Earth-bound) self with your whole self which the course (conducted one to one online) brings about the awakening of many such abilities.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Europe 11th April 2019


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