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Religion and Heretics

30,000 Zloty 




The new World Religion and the Heretics

Religion, as we all (should) know, comes from the Latin "religio" meaning club or meeting. It means a group of people agreeing to share the same beliefs or outlook upon life.
Generally, when we use the word, we mean a group of people who follow the same teachings or dogma. It is a very rare things for someone to actually practice the teaching which they profess to follow but they are often prepared to defend the dogma to the death!

Dogma is simply a set of beliefs which you are required to follow in order to be admitted to and to remain a member of the club (or religion, if you prefer). It is expressly forbidden to question any dogma; you must believe them without any shred of evidence or proof that they have anything to do with reality. Indeed, many religions expressly train their followers not to think so as to avoid any questions being posed.

Now, we tend to think that religious dogmas are confined to special buildings - churches, temples, mosques, etc. - but this is by no means the case. Dogma has always been used as a tool to build power structures and to hold "the lower classes" in thrall to them. I do not know of any case of dogmas turning out to be true; if they were true then they would, of course, stand up to questioning.

Let us take a quick look at a few of the dogmas which govern our lives:

1) Modern medicine has already conquered most diseases, has doubled life expectancy and, if we throw enough money at it, it will save all of us from all sickness.

2) Those in government know what is best and look after us all.

3) The bankers provide us all with money so that we can create a modern industrial world and earn our living.

4) The education system teaches our children the skills that they need to get on in life.

5) And much more besides

Not one of these is true!
Note what happens to those who question them: They get written off as "conspiracy theorists", slandered as "Nazis", blacklisted for credit, bank accounts frozen and confiscated, banned from speaking out in the press, "commit suicide" by shooting themselves 14 times in the head (this has actually happened - it is not an exaggeration), "suddenly" die with no apparent cause as did the presidents of Tanzania and Burundi, etc., etc. Note well, this is ALL that happens; no attempt is ever made to answer the questions that they raise because there are no truthful answers.

So, I'm a heretic. I came first to doubt some of the above some decades ago.
I could not point to one single event which triggered my "epiphany", it was much more "one drop after another" until the weight of the "water" started the wheel turning. The first of these that I questioned was the claims of conventional medicine. Experience taught me that it was not capable of doing very much outside of fixing broken bones and stitching up wounds. Even more alarming is when I started asking questions and either got no answers, was "asked" to leave the premises or even threatened with prosecution for bringing medicine into doubt!
"What are they hiding?" is a natural question which anyone might ask after being treated like that; and that is exactly what I did ask. This set me on the road which led to my finding out just what it is that they are hiding. Keeping the story simple, I have put what I discovered into two books, "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." and "Cancer? So what?". This is where you can see that which I found out on my journey of discovery. A third book (presently without a title) is "work in progress".

Those in government know what they are doing (apart from Joe Biden, of course) but, with a few rare exceptions, it's not looking after our interests! Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a majority still believe this because they've not yet busted the medical myth!

Money is NOT a commodity; it has no value of its own. Money is a symbolic representation of existing value, i.e. the value is elsewhere, not in the money! The Deutsche Mark was backed by the industrial energy of the German people. The British Pound is still covered in the same way. The Euro, however, is backed by nothing more than bankers' promises (with their fingers crossed behind their backs, of course). Even worse are things such as Bitcoin which is backed by absolutely nothing whatsoever. This is why the price goes up and down like a yo-yo. It is, as a friend once described, "an illusory hope currency", i.e. the hope that, one day, something of value will appear. Simply put, it is online gambling, nothing more.

It is solely your belief that money comes from the bankers, instead of from the value that you create through your labours, which gives the bankers power over you. Change your belief to conform to reality and the world would change, literally, overnight: Poverty, hunger, strife, criminality and more are all deliberate constructs of the bankers.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the owners of industry came to the realisation that, in order to become even wealthier, they needed workers who could both read and write and handle basic arithmetic. The solution which they came up with was to found basic universal "education". Initially, they paid for some of this out of their own pockets but quickly persuaded their friends in government to pass laws making the state pay for it.

All well and good but there is a catch: If you teach people to read then they are likely to read things that you don't want them to know about and to start thinking about how to change the status quo. The main activity and aim of the "education" system is, therefore, to suppress independent thinking. Education systems which don't do this, such as the Schetinin system, achieve the same academic results much faster. It is normal that Schetinin students achieve the same grades within 18 months as those for which students in "conventional education" require twelve years! Schetinin graduates are, of course, much more likely to ask searching questions that the "powers that be" don't want to answer.

Even after more than 50 years, I still remember the great shock when I left school and discovered that the "world outside" bore little to no resemblance to the world we'd all been "educated" about. For a while, I felt completely disorientated until I was able to "re-educate" myself to cope with reality: This took a few years!

You may be aware of all this but just "accept" it because "I can't change it" to which I ask, "How do you know?" You don't know, of course, because it's not true; it's just another dogma! Throughout history we have learned that one leader brings the dissatisfaction of the many into focus and forges great changes: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Napoleon, Hitler, Martin Luther King, etc., etc. The examples are legion. It is the coming together which forges the change and the leader is merely a catalyst. So, be a catalyst. If you are dissatisfied with the way things are, the chances are very high that a very large majority is dissatisfied in the same way so talk to people and start organising.

So, what dogmas are we all "required" to believe now? Let us take a look at the main ones:-

1) There is a "deadly disease" running riot right around the world necessitating extreme measures to control it.
Truth: There is no evidence whatsoever that it exists at all! After nearly 18 months, the causational "Covid-19 virus" has still never been found: All that exists is a photoshopped image, cobbled together from a DNA database claiming to show what it might look like. Parallel to this, we see from medical statistics that there has been no unusual numbers either of sick people or deaths right around the world. A growing number of countries, having realised that there is no problem, have cancelled all restrictive measures without detriment, i.e. the numbers of sick and "infected" people have fallen. At this time, at least a quarter of the world has either never had any restrictions or have recently cancelled them.
The symptoms, progress, prognosis and morbidity of "Covid-19" are absolutely identical to those of normal annual influenza; it has NO symptoms of its own. "Purely co-incidentally", this last season, the number of 'flu cases is hundreds of thousands below normal (in some areas, zero!). The number of people ill with "Covid-19" exactly equals the number of  'flu cases that have "disappeared"!  

2) Sars-Cov-2 is a virus which causes "Covid-19".
Truth: Sars-Cov-2 is a protein fragment around one thousand times smaller than a virus. It was first identified in a laboratory in Canada in 2013 and has, since, proven to be completely harmless to humans. This protein fragment has 37 base pairs in its genome. A virus has thirty to forty thousand base pairs in its genome. These Sars-Cov-2 protein fragments are to be found in more than one hundred species of bacteria and SEVENTY FOUR times in the human genome! It has no known relationship to either Covid-19 (if such a thing exists) or to influenza.
3) Surgical masks and face masks made for paint spraying will stop viruses and prevent the spread of illness.
Truth: Any face mask that will let you breathe does so via the spacing in the weave of the fabric. These spaces are 25 times bigger than a virus and, therefore, 25,000 times bigger than the Sars-Cov-2 fragment. Additionally, no face mask can be fitted so tightly that air cannot move around it without cutting it into the skin of your face.
The product information from the manufacturers (which has usually been removed before you get your masks) states quite clearly that they are not capable of stopping viruses or any other particle of that size and smaller.
The oxygen starvation and rapid build up of carbon dioxide and other heavy gasses causes serious health problems and certainly hundreds if not thousands have been killed by the enforced wearing of such masks.

4) 1.5 metres (5 feet) distance between people will prevent "infection".
Truth: Random air currents carry virus sized particles across the Atlantic in just over one day and across the Pacific ocean in three days. Dust particles from the Sahara, which are hundreds of times larger and heavier than viruses, are regularly borne by the wind to Scandinavia and across the Atlantic to parts of the USA. The concept that the Covid-19 causing virus (which nobody can find) invariably falls to the ground within two human paces is, clearly, completely nonsensical.

5) PCR "tests" will accurately and infallibly determine whether you are ill (irrespective of the absence of any symptoms) or infectious. If the "test" finds any Sars-Cov-2 fragments, this "proves" that you are infected with the Covid-19 virus.
Truth: The Polymerase Chain Reaction is not a test for anything but a tool to replicate trace amounts of genetic material in order to obtain sufficient to study it. Both the inventor, Dr. Kerry Mullis PhD. and all manufacturers state clearly that PCR should never be used diagnostically as an accuracy rate of no more than three percent could be expected.
There is no known connection between the harmless to humans Sars-Cov-2 protein fragment and any virus, especially one that has never been found, i.e. the Covid-19 "virus".
The violent way in which the swabs are taken gives a strong likelihood of damaging the tissues of your nose and throat. Such wounds are very likely to transfer human tissue to the swab and, as the Sars-Cov-2 protein is present in 74 positions in the human genome, cause a "positive" response.
The maximum number of replications before the PCR becomes totally unreliable is 35. Nonetheless, replication of up to 45 times are deliberately used (under "guidance" of the Chinese and Eugenics controlled WHO) as this is more likely to give a "positive", albeit false, result.

6) Severe measures are necessary to prevent hospitals being overwhelmed by Covid patients resulting in many more deaths.
Truth: Since the "panic machine" was switched on just over one year ago, hospitals throughout the First World have been operating below capacity - some so far below that medical personnel complain of the boredom through having no work to do. Investigations by citizen journalists have shown that many hospitals, claimed by the government controlled press to be full and overflowing, were practically empty.
In the UK, the National Health Service has spent millions in the courts placing gagging orders on medical staff to prevent them telling the truth about empty hospitals. In Germany, during this "pandemic" four thousand intensive care beds have been eliminated as surplus to requirements.

7) A "magical new vaccine" will save us all.
Truth: There is no vaccine! To make a vaccine the unavoidable pre-requisite is to have the "virus". As, at this time, no such virus has ever been found, the manufacture of a vaccine against it is impossible.
Scientists who know what this "medicine" actually is, describe it as an experimental chemo-therapy.
Other scientists who have some understanding of what it contains forecast huge numbers of deaths to be caused by it after 3 to 6 months. The present record for injection to coffin is 41 minutes. Many, many thousands have already died from this highly toxic concoction and many millions more are at risk.

Is there an antidote? Two possibilities spring to mind and there may well be more: I am certain that many others are working on solutions.
Those that I would suggest are The Clearing Transmissions which will, normally, convert any toxic material into warmth which then dissipates and "disappears on the wind".
We note also that the prime effect of this toxic brew appears to be to bring the natural immunity into a state of chaos causing it to attack your own body. This appears to be the cause of death with the tens of thousands who have already been killed by it as well as that which killed all of the animals upon which it was tested. Here, the Harmony Technology could be of use due to its inherent ability to re-engender the natural order and, thereby, drastically reduce chaos.  

In many countries, due to special laws designed to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, it would be illegal to state more than this.  

Now you see clearly the "required" beliefs of the Covid religion and why knowing the truth makes me a heretic. But what, exactly, is a heretic? It is someone who knows and tells the truth to the great detriment of the power greedy "priests". This is why heretics are crucified, burned at the stake, torn apart by horses, crushed by elephants or "shoot themselves" 14 times in the head. Nonetheless, I am and will remain a heretic because honour does not permit the subjugation of truth.

It's not difficult to become a heretic, all you need to do is to find out what is really going on and then there is no going back - you cannot unlearn that which you know.
You, actually, have a simple choice before you:-
Continue to walk the path leading to your death or return to human dignity as a heretic. Choose wisely; your life does, literally, depend upon it.
This article can be downloaded here as a .pdf for distribution by email or to print out.







30,000 Zloty

Putting things away after moving house, I stumbled upon six 500 Zloty bank notes. I have absolutely no idea where they came from but there they are.

At first, I was most pleased to hear that 30,000 Zloty is worth about 6,600 Euros (about £5700 or $8000). When I took them to "the man", however, it was instantly determined that these are pre-reform Zloty, made in 1982, and, as currency, not worth the cost of travelling to Poland to exchange them in the Narodowy Bank.

They are, however, a piece of history and it occurs to me that collectors or others interested in "historical souvenirs" may well like to have them. I would describe their condition as "well used".

So, if you want one or all of them, just drop me an email with your offer. 



Blessed be
Karma Singh
18th April 2021


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