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Why is Homeopathy so much more effective than "conventional" medicine?


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Now, it could be that this question seems a little strange to you. This is perfectly understandable unless you belong to those few who have detailed knowledge of modern physics and, especially, Quantum Biophysics.


I find it most interesting that there are two things which have enormous effects upon our lives but neither of which has any foundation in the science of the 20th & 21st centuries. One of these is our school system and the other is conventional (allopathic, pharmaceutical) medicine.


Since Sir Isaac Newton published his “Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica” in the year 1687, the world of science was dominated by his theory of a mechanical universe. His portrayal of the universe as a collection of mechanical and biological “machines” which appear out of nothing and return to nothing is one which still permeates our view of life.


We have Wilhelm Wien and Ludwig Boltzmann who, in 1896 independently of each other, formulated the first clear exception to Newton’s hypothesis to thank for modern science. Max Planck, Niels Bohr and many other physicists of the 20th century expanded and deepened their discoveries. Thus began Quantum Physics.


For a long time, it was believed that Newtonian physics and quantum physics existed parallel to each other, the one describing the mundane world and the other the sub-microscopic world. It was only in the 1980’s that it was generally recognised that this separation does not exist and that quantum physics is the basis of everything.


All branches of science have quickly adopted these new insights as their foundation; with the sole exception of pharmaceutical medicine. Just why they insist upon using a 430 year old perceptual error and reject modern science will  be shown in part 2 of this series.


According to quantum physics, all material objects arise out of energy which coalesces to form them. A “Quantum” is defined as the smallest possible unit of energy. The expression, often used in advertising, “A Quantum Leap”, is, therefore, slightly amusing because it means a movement which is so small that one can never be absolutely certain whether it has actually taken place or not!


Included in the “material objects” are the cells and organs of your own body, i.e. energy is coalesced to form your body.

What is it, however, that causes energy to do this and to keep doing it so that you can experience the length of a physical life?


The first answer to this question is “information”, i.e. to make into form. This leads directly to the second question, “where does this information come from?” The answer to this question was discovered in the 1960’s.

As new instruments with increasing sensitivity were developed in order to observe ever smaller particles, it was noticed that the results of many experiments were strongly influenced by the expectations of the observer. This led to further experiments which clearly showed that elementary particles would change their behaviour to accord with the wishes of the observer.


In the 1970’s the entire series of experiments disappeared from public view into the secret “MK Ultra” mind-control project.

The results of all experiments remain clear: Consciousness determines form!
I.e. consciousness is the source of the information.


Thanks to the work of Jagadish Chandra Bose F.R.S., it has been known since the 1920’s that plants are conscious and, possibly, minerals also!

We live in a conscious universe. 


Consciousness creates information. Information determines form. Form determines function and function brings experiences.

It is, therefore, obvious that the optimal point to change experiences is to change the creating consciousness. This is the true task of the healer and the spiritual teacher.
It is also precisely because consciousness is the originating impulse that a competent healer can read your life habits and expectations directly from how your body looks and moves.


As soon as illness causing thought patterns cease to create sick information the illness (the end effect of the consciousness) will naturally and immediately disappear.

Sometimes, however, people will be so weakened by the effects of their illness making consciousness that they are unable to sufficiently alter their consciousness themselves. In such cases, it makes sense to go to the next level and change the information itself. This is what a healer does by giving corrective impulses to the sufferer. In principle, the homeopath does exactly the same thing by giving the sufferer globules or drops which have been infused with the corrective information.


Pharmaceutical (conventional or allopathic) medicine tries to make changes from the wrong end by making a chemical attack upon the end result and completely ignoring causational form, information and consciousness. On the contrary, they reinforce the belief in their patients (their prey) that they, themselves, are completely unable to do anything to help themselves. This is part of their programme to create permanent customers.

Let me try to make this a little clearer with something that I, myself, once experienced.
In the kitchen, the hose connecting the water supply to the washing machine split and began spraying water all around the room. The girl I was sharing with perceived only the effect and tried to force the split pipe back together with her hands. I pushed her out of the way and turned the water off.
What she tried was foredoomed to failure because she could never exert sufficient pressure with her hands and, of course, would eventually, through sheer exhaustion, have to let go. Her chosen action could never have solved the problem. My action, however, in stopping the flow of water into the split hosepipe solved the problem within seconds (apart from replacing the split hose, of course.)


Delivering correcting information is much more likely than expensive chemicals to be successful because it is much higher up in the cause - effect chain. The application is much simpler and no special equipment is necessary.
This is why homeopathy is so much more effective than conventional medicine.

Having said all this we should not, of course, forget that allopathic medicine actually does have its own area of competence.
When the problem is a physical wound or a broken bone or similar, there is its true mission. This is no surprise at all as the origin of allopathic medicine was the Roman military first-aid service. It was only in the 15th century that it gained its present position of dominance: The papal imperium needed something to replace the Wise Women (the Wikka Women - Wikk’t means wise, learned, not evil!) which they sought to eradicate and did a deal with the doctors of medicine to promote them from the pulpit as the only healers “appointed by God”. It is from this exercise in “ethnic cleansing” that the belief in allopathic medicine as being “appointed by God” arose.
You can read the whole story here:


Coming soon, Part 2: Why does conventional medicine completely reject
modern science?


Karma Singh
16th February 2018


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Never forget this!



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