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This Newsletter has two Topics

How, exactly, does Homoeopathy work?  Video
Deutsche Post - "Much Ado about Nothing?"

Homoeopathy - a scientific introduction

Conventional medicine, not being science based, has no room in its system of required beliefs for the effectiveness of homoeopathy.
As with all religions, the basis of conventional medicine is dogma. Homoeopathy is denigrated because it contradicts their dogma. Conventional medicine seeks to “prove” that homoeopathy cannot work by showing that it fails their dogma tests. Science, however, has no such problems and homoeopathy passes scientific tests with flying colours.
This 12 minute video give a basic, easy to understand scientific explanation of just how homoeopathy works and why it is so very much more effective than conventional medicine.


Incidentally, did you know that conventional medicine has NEVER been scientifically studied either for effectiveness or for safety?






Much Ado about Nothing?

Now that the dust has settled somewhat, we can take a look at what the nett effect of the enormous price hike by Deutsche Post on the 2nd January this year really is.


Just to remind you, the price to send one book or one DVD anywhere outside of Germany went up from €3.70 to €22.50 ($4.20 to $25.65).


There was, from day one, a way around this but, for reasons which no-one can fathom, Deutsche Post employees were under instruction to tell no-one about it!


Two of our team set their minds to finding a way out of this. Whilst they were researching, I even went to Spain, Holland and England and mailed orders from there.

Last week, they showed me what they had achieved.


DHL is a courier service known throughout the world. Way back in the early 1980’s when DHL opened its first European office, I was working for a large international transport company and I made the decision to become one of their first customers.

A few years ago, Deutsche Post purchased DHL and bumped up their prices enormously.


It seems that Deutsche Post want to move all package and parcel work from the post offices to DHL. This is why the Deutsche Post prices were so massively increased in January. If, however, you research the DHL website, you will find an option to become a registered customer and to send your wares for about the same price as Deutsche Post used to charge.


What you lose, of course, is anonymity.

Unless you’re clever, and we think that we are, DHL gets a list of all of your customers on their computer system which you have to use to get the better postal rates. It remains to be seen what their intention is with this information.


So, at this time, there is no need for us to increase any postal charges or change the level at which orders will be sent post free or even to worry about DHL passing on information that you have made a purchase from me.


I would, however, ask you to note that, for reasons which will not be explained, for three weeks in March no dispatch of physical goods will take place. Download products - e-books, mantra, courses, the poverty dissolving videos - will all be sent immediately as usual but printed books, DVDs and CDs cannot be sent from 9th to 28th March. Orders received and paid by the 7th March will be dispatched on the 8th. Later orders will wait until the 28th.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Europe, 1st March 2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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