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Homoeopathy is unscientific, isn’t it?


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Really??? That which you have been told about this is nothing other than the cheating promoted by the pharmaceutical cartel.


The pharma-industry spends many, many millions each year on propaganda to convince us that theirs is the only valid “science”. In part two of this series, we have already seen just why they desperately need to sell us their myth in order to survive!


So, to “prove” that homoeopathy is unscientific, they apply their own completely unscientific procedures and then declare that no effect is possible because, in a homoeopathic preparation, there is not a single atom of the original chemical present. The pharmaceutical myth states that unless chemicals are present, no effect is possible.


With this judgement, all the millions of positive effects from homoeopathy are declared to be invalid! “Our “science” shows us that a healing effect is not possible without chemicals. All the reported successes of homoeopathy are, therefore, illusory.”


Further: “All the millions of positive effects reported of homoeopathy are hereby declared to be illusory and, therefore, inadmissible as evidence because our science shows that an effect without chemicals is not possible.” Here, they also point to their definition of the “Placebo Effect” which states that if no chemical medicine is given, then whatever health improvements may transpire are illusory. They have spent and continue to spend a tremendous amount of money to set this definition into the minds of humanity as a whole in order to circumvent any genuine enquiry into the placebo effect.


It is time to look at why.


If we take a typical example of a “double blind test”, i.e. people who suffer from a particular set of symptoms. These people are divided into three groups. The first group gets the medication being tested. The second group gets a sugar pill or saline injection but are told that they are getting the new medication. The third group, the control group, gets nothing at all.


If at least 15% of the first group show an improvement then the medicine will probably get a licence. So frequently that it is almost normal, however, both the first and second groups show a similar improvement. According to the pharmaceutical manufacturers this shows that the medicine is effective and the health improvements in the second group are illusory. If, however, one looks at this scientifically, the placebo effect shows incontrovertibly that it is the belief which has healed and the medicine is irrelevant and unnecessary. Change the ill-making belief, i.e. the information and the illness disappears!


When Samuel Hahnemann, over the change from the 18th to the 19th century, developed homoeopathy it was his objective to isolate the effective parts of medicines in order to eliminate the often deadly “side effects” of the chemical carrier. More than 100 years before quantum physics gave the scientific foundation to his work, he had discovered that it is the information which heals and the chemical carriers are not only unnecessary but also directly impede the healing process.


Hahnemann and his many successors have isolated much more healing information and impregnated these into neutral carriers such as sugar globules and made them available to everyone.


The problem that the pharmaceutical cartel has with homoeopathy is absolutely clear:


Homoeopathy is the living proof that pharmaceutical medicine is completely useless, unnecessary and dangerous to health.


The pharma-cartel has no other choice than with all illegal methods - libel, threats, blackmail, bribery, etc. - to attempt to suppress homoeopathy and to forbid its use because science itself (the real one; not the pseudo-science of the pharma-manufacturers) declares unmistakably and incontrovertibly that homoeopathy is extremely effective and pharmaceutical medicine to be very dangerous with minimal, if any, advantage for humanity.


As homoeopathy has a sound scientific base and pharmaceutical medicine does not, several countries in South America as well as India have replaced pharmaceutical medicine with the much more effective homoeopathy.

If our national health systems were based upon scientific evidence instead of profits for the pharmaceutical manufacturers a family doctor would be trained first and foremost in homoeopathy.


Were, for example, the USA repolarised from pharmaceuticals to homoeopathy then not only would the tens of thousands of deaths and crippling injury from pharmaceutical medicine (in medical statistics the iatrogenic illnesses from Iatros or Jatros being the ancient Greek name for a doctor) disappear but your health insurance premiums would reduce by 30% to 50%.


Confine “conventional” medicine into its area of real competence, i.e. physical wounds, broken bones etc. and everywhere else let that which actually works thrive and we will all be better off.


We could choose to have a health system based upon scientific knowledge or continue to bear the enormous costs in life, health and money for a pseudo-scientific exploitation system.


In this Video in which I interviewed Professor Bruce Lipton PhD., he explains just why homoeopathy is so effective and pharmaceuticals so dangerous to health.


Beginning shortly, a new series: Has the steadily increasing world energy made the Bach Flower Remedies much more effective?


Karma Singh
14th March 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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