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The Horse Chestnut Trees -
a Merlin’s Solution


Very large numbers of people have noticed last year that many of the Horse Chestnut trees  have become very ill.

The accompanying symptom upon which many have become fixated is a virus which is eating the leaves.


It is now widely known that modern science has not only completely refuted the postulate of infectious disease but that the concept of infectious disease never had any scientific base whatsoever. The postulate was used by Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch to obtain fame and wealth for themselves via their political contacts. Both knew, at that time, that the concept is untrue!


It is only pharmaceutical medicine which refuses to apply modern science as this would completely eliminate the fairy tale of “vaccination” together with the billions in turnover selling useless quack nostra.


In order to explain the existence of “illnesses”, a completely new thesis is needed.

In my book “The ‘Flu Fairy Tale” I, together with Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD., have published this new postulate and examined one case in detail.

The principle disclosed is applicable to all other so called “infectious disease” as well as this problem with the trees in particular.


The virus or bacterium can never be the cause of the problem. Such are, in fact, merely accompanying symptoms and can, in many cases, actually be a part of a natural solution! I.e., even with “ill” trees, we must search for the true cause of the problem before we can have any chance at all of resolving it. Suppressing the effects of the problem (the symptoms) and to never even try to find the cause (the procedure uniformly followed by conventional, i.e. allopathic or pharmaceutical medicine) could only ever serve to make the problem much worse.


So, what has happened to the Horse Chestnut trees throughout Europe and other parts of the world? How and why were they made ill?

In order to answer this question, we must look both to what falls from the air onto the ground as well as considering the “Norwegian Experience”.


In Norway, large parts of the agriculture have been completely laid to waste because, suddenly, nothing grows any more. Examinations have shown that the nano-crystals from the chemtrails have gathered in the growing tips of the plants and prevented any further growth. (Although I suggested a solution to the Norwegians more than 2 years ago, nothing has been done in this direction to date.)


The nano-crystals are an essential part of many of the weapons systems produced by the Raytheon corporation - an american weapons project in co-operation with “dark” extra-terrestrials.


In central Europe, as with many other parts of the world, we normally have pouring rain which will, for the most part, wash the nano-crystals away to do their evil work in the seas. In Norway, they have mostly something more akin to a wet fog which condenses upon the land rather than falling upon it. Anything which falls upon the land tends, therefore, to remain there and gradually soak into the soil rather than being washed away. This is how the Norwegian agriculture has been largely destroyed.


Dependent upon the lie of the land, in some places the tendency will be for the nano-crystals to be washed into the soil rather than being carried away. For reasons which are, at this time, not clear to me, the Horse Chestnut trees are the first to be severely affected. It is the nano-crystals which have accumulated in the tree trunks which are preventing important nutrients reaching the leaves in adequate quantities. The leaves are seriously weakened by this and, through natural resonance, the recycling micro-organisms are “called” to carry out their task.


Soon, the sap will begin its springtime journey from the roots to the leaf buds. In order to prevent the nano-crystals from seriously hindering this process, they must be shattered and eliminated.

You can shatter them with the power of your own voice. There is a mantrum which, amongst other nice things, will do this.
Here, below, are the download links for it:


Text und description


Sung Mantrum to practice with


Click on the links with your right mouse key and then specify where you wish to file them on your computer / smart ‘phone etc.


Then you will need to obtain appropriate Effective Micro-Organisms. On Google there appear to be many suppliers in more than 140 countries. The only ones which I know and can recommend personally are in Germany, so just follow your intuition.

Put your EMs into your breeding pot or tub and lay your hands on each side of it. With your consciousness, give the EMs your instruction to develop new forms which can eat the nano-crystals and the dust which results from shattering them and convert them into nutrients for plants.


It is best to practise this in small groups.

With a watering can, pour your programmed EMs onto the roots and the lower part of the tree trunk.

In a ring around the tree, sing the mantrum together for about 15 minutes.

If each group does this for several trees, then the information will be passed via the Horse Chestnut Morpho-Genetic Field to all Horse Chestnut trees around the planet and trigger the healing of the entire species.



In case you’re not familiar with Effective Microorganisms, these are the “guide bacteria and fungi” which detect changes in the environment and develop new protein structures which enable the recycling microorganisms to best deal with the changes.


On Wednesday 9th March at 7.30 p.m. New York time (00.30 Thursday 10 March London time) I will be the "star guest" on a live radio chat with phone-in questions on “Supernaturalgirlzradio show.


Blessed be



25th February 2016



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