Newsletter 22nd May 2020


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This Newsletter has five Topics:


New Moon 30th May - 1st June


Messiah Part 3


Actio and Brutus


Hydroxychloroquine and Vitam C   (main article)


!!! A special very important mesage for all UK citizens !!!





New Moon 30th May

On the coming New Moon weekend, 30th May to 1st June, the penultimate New Moon Seminar in this series will take place online


Full details and registration are here.







The next video in the Messiah series - "Knowing the Cause" is now available here







Actio and Brutus

The next shipment of Actio and Brutus are on their way to the central European warehouse in Hannover and are expected to arrive next week.

This is the ideal time to start both because you can keep the windows open and because much of those ballooning abdomens and posteriors can be removed before you go to the beach.


As side effects, you will, of course, be much healthier, fitter, lighter and productive.


Full details here - 


Please note that these products are only licenced for human consumption in Europe. The FDA etc. test requirements are, at the present time, prohibitably expensive. Shipments to destinations outside Europe may well be refused entry by local customs.







Hydroxychloroquine and Vitamin C

Why are the pharmaceutical cartel and their tools, the CDC, WHO, Robert Koch Institute etc. doing their utmost to prevent their usage?


When we look at the symptoms of that tiny number of "infected" having difficulties with the so-called Covid-19, we see that there is no inflammation or any other problem with the airways but a serious problem with the absorption of oxygen by the haemoglobin in your blood.


Whilst it is well-known that 5G (especially the Chinese Huawei version) will cause such symptoms by exciting the oxygen molecules in the air so that they become incompatible with the haemoglobin "anchors", Dr. Zacharia Bush is of the opinion that the real problem is hydrogen cyanide as you can see in his video here. It's one hour and 20 minutes long but very well worth invesating the time. Should Google delete it from YouTube with their #TooMuchTruth app. search for it on


Dr. Bush makes the point that all of the areas which have had high case numbers all have high levels of air pollution.


Wuhan has the dirtiest air on the planet and many other regions of China are not far behind. When they had the lockdown, industrial production and, therefore, pollution stopped. This caused the number of cases to rapidly fall. When industry was re-started, the number of cases climbed again!


In Lombardy (Italy) I have spoken with a doctor who has worked there and he informs me that not only is the hospital itself very unhygienic but it has also been built in an area where air pollution from Milan and other industrial centres concentrates as it is too heavy for the wind to push it over the Alps into Switzerland.


Louisiana and New York, I am assured, also have the same problem of hydrogen cyanide in high concentrations in the air.


Hydrogen cyanide is acidic as you can see here 


This combines with your blood's haemoglobin and prevents it taking up oxygen. This is what causes the sufferers to turn blue: Unless treated it will lead to liver failure or the lungs filling up with fluids leading to demise through organ failure.


Almost anything which will make your blood more alkaline will afford a considerable degree of protection from / antidote to hydrogen cyanide. Both Vitamin C and Hydroxychloroquine will do this. This is why they have proven to be so successful in the treatment of the mis-diagnosed "Covid-19".


The micro-protein particles which have been labelled Sars-Cov-2 are, in fact, produced by your own body in the attempt overcome the hydrogen cyanide poisoning.


There are two VERY big problems with Hydroxychloroquine and vitamin C: Neither can be patented, i.e. anyone could make them. This means that the pharmaceutical cartel would earn nothing from them. That is why they are doing their utmost to prevent them reaching those who need them.


You can even make your own high-concentration vitamin C in your kitchen!

Take a lemon and grate off the yellow outer skin. This yellow powder is very high in vitamin C and a teaspoon per day gives you more than you would normally need.



You can read much more on this in my book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." available exclusively here.

Please note the comment in red below here when ordering


A very important note:-

As of mid-April, European Post authorities began refusing mail for delivery outside Europe. As all books and mantra are available in download versions this is not a great problem. DVDs, however, can no longer be sent. This may well speed up the plans which we had already made to make the DVD contents available online. I will keep you posted.





A special, urgent message for all UK citizens

On the 19th March, the National Health Service downgraded Covid-19 from serious to harmless.


The initial assessment was based upon the hopelessly inaccurate figures which were given to the government by Prof. Fergusson of Imperial College, London (an institute which receives serious financial "gifts" from the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation - an organisation dedicated to drastically reduce human population through "vaccination").


The March assessment is based upon what has actually happened, i.e. no unusual numbers of ill and very few, if any, deaths caused by Covid-19.

Prof. Fergusson has, since, resigned.


On 11th May, the UK's chief medical officer, Dr. Chris Whitty, repeated his assertion that Covid-19 is harmless to the overwhelming majority of people. Only those already seriously ill have had or might have any difficulty in overcoming it. The vast majority - 80% in his assessment - will have no symptoms at all.


It, therefore, behoves us all each to write to our Member of Parliament to demand an explanation of the continued draconian restrictions upon normal life flying in the face of the government's own experts' opinion and to demand their immediate cessation.


You will find the details of your local MP here:


You can download a draft letter as a Word  file here and as a .pdf file here:




Blessed be

Karma Singh


22nd May 2020



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Never forget this!





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