Newsletter 18th Oct. 2020

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Immune Booster


The fabulous PCR





Immun Booster.

A new Product from Dr. Häcker


Many are already well aware of Actio and Brutus and the enormous benefits of the gentle detoxification and re-build of your body which they bring.


On Friday, a new shipment has arrived in our warehouse and I now have one case of a new product available for you to try.


As with so many things with which I am involved, it combines old and new technologies to produce amazing effects.

Throughout my many years in the healing profession I have not only myself combined ancient with modern knowledge to do things which we have been taught to believe are impossible but have observed how others have also done so. This new product, which I and friends have been personally testing for some weeks, is one of those – it does the “impossible.”


It is called “Immune Booster” – 100% power of nature 


Immune Booster is in a highly concentrated form and MUST be diluted before ingesting. 5 ml (½ cap full) in 300 ml of water is the correct dosage twice daily.


Dr. Häcker has also told me that Immune Booster should be taken with Actio.

Yeasts and other parasitic microbes tend to centre their growth in your intestines and it is essential to remove the detritus before this, itself, causes problems.


Until the end of October you can make use of the special offer made in my last newsletter and get for yourself a complete detoxification and rebuild package:-


1 x The Clearing Transmissions DVD
1 x Immune Booster
1 x Actio
1 x Brutus

This special offer is available until midnight on 31st October
for just £241.20 Post paid instead of £268.40

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The purchase of the Clearing Transmissions DVD gives an automatic 10% discount on all products ordered at the same time.
Normally, there are no discounts available on Actio, Brutus and Immune Booster because these are not my products. As an introductory offer announcing the arrival of Immune Booster, all of the products from Dr. Häcker will be eligible for the discount up until midnight on the 31st October.


I only have one case of 40 bottles of Immune Booster, so only 40 people can take advantage of this test offer. First come, first served. Please note, delivery can only be made to countries which accept EU safety certificates so, if your country is outside of the EU, Switzerland or the UK, check with your local customs import office.


Here is the Immune Booster Webpage and offer.








"We will soon have a Vaccine"

You may but I won't - I know far too much about them: I've even written a full-length book on the theme explaining, in layman's terms, scientifically, precisely why vaccination does not, never has and never possibly could work. The only known, consistent effect of vaccination is to spread disease. This is also, scientifically, not only easy to understand but precisely what you would expect even just using common sense.


If I were to take sick material from someone's body, multiply it in a rhesus monkey, spaniel puppy or aborted foetus and then inject it into you together with a lot of chemicals designed to suppress your natural immunity, what do you think would happen?


The first half of the book doesn't just debunk vaccination but the whole of the pharmaceutical myth. It explains, in detail, why is does not and never could work.

The second half of the book introduces what DOES work and explains why.


When you know that there are, in fact, just twelve diseases, you will see how easy it is to take your health back into your own hands.


The book is called "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." and is available exclusively online here:-  You can also get it in German here:-

So much for the preamble. Now let's get down to the business of demolishing yet another aspect of the "Covid-19" myth.

The fabulous PCR Test -

Yes; it IS a fable!

Over the last few days, the alleged "Covid-19 tests" have been called more and more into question.

One myth that must be dispelled straight away is the belief that tests were especially developed to deal with the pandemic. In fact the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test was developed in 1984 by the Nobel Prize winner, Kerry Mullis to multiply DNA samples in an exceptionally clean laboratory setting in order to enable genetic sequencing. Both Dr. Mullis and the manufacturers have stated categorically that it is unsuitable for diagnostic purposes.


If this is so, then why has it been pushed into widespread usage?


The simple answer appears to be; "Because it is both unspecific and easy to manipulate."


Statisticians have commented that it gives 85% "false positives".

Those whose background lies in biochemistry have stated that a 15% accuracy claim is much too high: Apparently, the way in which it is presently used could never exceed an accuracy rate of 0.7%!

This article from a real scientist explains why:-


These waters are further muddied by the WHO usage instructions for the test which state that if human DNA is detected then this can be classed as a "positive" for Covid-19!


The next thing that we need to take cognisance of is the re-defining of the medical term "case".

Up until the "time of Covid" it meant someone seeking, needing or receiving medical attention. In the "time of Covid" it has been changed to mean anyone testing "positive" (including goats and a papaya in Tanzania, you may recall) on an extremely questionable and unreliable test.


As at least 99% of those testing positive are not and never become ill the total worthlessness of this test is indisputable.


Nonetheless, huge numbers of completely healthy people are used to "prove" the existence of a "pandemic" despite there being no country on the planet which has ever reached the minimum numbers of sick people for an epidemic, let alone a pandemic.


The problems go even deeper!

When you go hunting you must know what you're hunting for. If you're hunting foxes then you take fox hounds with you. Going deer hunting requires a different breed of hound with longer legs which, because of their longer legs, although they can run faster than a foxhound, would have difficulty coming to grips with a fox.

This same principle applies when you're hunting for a micro-organism. You need to know what you're hunting for; each of the trillions of micro-organisms has a unique biochemical and electro-scalar "signature". To find one particular type, you must know exactly what it looks like. You then set your "traps" to be triggered by that precise configuration.


So, what does the Covid-19 "virus" look like?


"Nobody knows", is the answer!


"How can this be?" you may ask. How can "they" know that I have this sickness if they have no means of finding that which, they say, causes it?


Following a certain Mr. Gates making a large donation, a Professor Drosten of the Charité teaching hospital in Berlin announced that he had identified the "virus".

He was lying: All that he had was a computer model which he had, himself, created. This model has no basis in scientific fact but is nothing other than a photoshopped image of what the "virus" might look like if it could be found. "Prof." Drosten now faces criminal charges and, together with others, a damages claim of one billion dollars.


There is one further common mistake, however; the widespread assumption that Sars-Cov-2 is the "virus".

It isn't!


This is a protein fragment, first discovered in a laboratory in Canada in 2013 and, subsequently, in a number of European cities thus showing that it had been very widespread for many years. The "propaganda" is that this protein fragment forms part of the Covid-19 "virus" "invented" for "Prof." Drosten's computer image. No evidence has ever been adduced to support this claim.

A PCR test is, further, therefore, testing for something of no known connection to Covid-19.

This graph from the WHO shows clearly how ludicrous the claims of a pandemic are.



Lacking any knowledge about the nature of a "virus" which, to date, no-one has found we must, perforce, do what any good family doctor or healer would do and look to the symptoms to guide us in what to do.


Right at the very beginning, we were told what the symptoms of Covid-19 are. This rapidly got buried under piles of panic making but I was recently reminded of them whilst leaving a cross-channel ferry in England. The National Health Service has them broadcast to all passengers whilst waiting to disembark. They are:-


Runny nose
Sore throat
Minor cough
Stuffy head
Sometimes also loss of sense of smell and taste
Symptoms last for 2 to 5 days


Do you not recognise these as the symptoms of the Common Cold? Has your nose never been so bunged up that you can’t smell or taste?

(See my newsletter of the 10th October for more on this)


In short, my friends, "they've" conned us into perceiving the common cold as a new, deadly disease!


Parts of their reasons for this are already clear - the wrecking of the economy and the elimination of competition for the cartels and the perversion of the electoral process in America. Their plan entails much more than this, however, and relies totally upon your believing their lies.


Stop believing and you stop their programme.


Blessed be
Karma Singh
18th October 2020

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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly TWELVE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!





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