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This Newsletter has two Topics:

Replacing seriously damaged organs


Strengthening you natural immunity   (main article)





Replacing or repairing seriously damaged organs

Although I have occasionally been permitted to replace highly defective organs etc. with younger ones in some people, I have never discovered how I could do something like this for myself.


Last night this was finally shown to me and, of course, immediately (and successfully) applied.


Since this is relatively easy with a little practice, it will be added to the New Moon Seminars.


The next English language Seminar is in Studland on England's South coast on 30th & 31st May. As each participant will become a teacher, I make the suggestion that groups in N. America, for example, finance one delegate to learn the techniques and, on their return, to pass the knowledge on to all otheres. Registration please via this email address.


Further details of the seminars are here.







What is Stress; why and how does it reduce your Immunity?

Stress simply means "placing something under a load".
It is, of course, widely used when constructing a bridge or a building which has to stand up to a specific load. Testing whether it can do it is called "stressing".

The original meaning may well have been "to pinch" or "to squeeze" - physically, emotionally and/or mentally.


For each of us, some load is essential to stimulate us into action - this keeps our systems jiggling.

As with most things, the right amount makes life interesting but too much or too little causes problems. Too little and we slide into depression; too much and we "become ill".

It is most instructive to look at what this latter actually means.


Not only do we take up toxins from our environment by eating or breathing etc., we also create toxins as an effect of our metabolism. These metabolic wastes, although poisonous to us, are actually nutrients for many micro-organisms which live in the soil etc. It is, therefore, to the benefit of all creatures to quickly get them out of our bodies.

Apart from our normal detoxification systems - urine, stool, out-breath and sweat - there are a number of emergency systems which can be switched on at need.


When "emergency" detoxification is switched on, we usually call this "being ill". This is, however, both untrue and very misleading. You're not "being ill", you're getting well!

We don't feel so super at the time because our natural vitality has to be diverted to run the emergency detoxification. Afterwards, however, we feel much better than we did before it started.


Unfortunately, we've been well-trained by pharmaceutical interests to ignore this effect as it would lead to our correctly assessing the detoxification process and empowering it with joy and gratitude instead of purchasing their wares to suppress it. You can read and listen to how to empower such processes in "The Flu Fairy Tale" which demonstrates the principle using the emotional detoxification which we call "influenza". The 'flu is a detoxification of fear. This is both why it is so common and why you look and feel younger afterwards.


If, instead, we buy into the pharmaceutical "you are helpless" propaganda, and use their products to stop the detoxification then we run the risk of accumulating so many toxins that an extreme process such as cancer becomes necessary just to keep us alive. See "Cancer? So what?" for a detailed explanation of this.


Being well is, therefore, the state in which our detoxification systems can work at maximum efficiency and toxin uptake from all sources is at a minimum.


There is much that everyone can easily do to attain and to maintain this balance. The first that we are going to look at is the Harmony Pendant (or Harmony Evolution) worn over the heart (the exact middle of the breast bone) or the thymus gland.

Either of these positions will, by "filtering out" perturbing influences, regenerate the natural balance throughout your body. If you add a Harmony Auric to it, it will also give you a large degree of protection against 5G.


When your body goes into high-stress mode, it can easily become a habit to hold onto the cause of the stress by trying to fight against it: If you just let it go then the stress will naturally subside. This is why many people experience a large upswing in their energy the first time that they use the Harmony Technology; by filtering out the stress energy, there is more natural, vital energy available to live and to enjoy life. Over the following months, minute by minute microscopic changes continue to be made and the cumulative effect, over a year and more, can be very dramatic.


As your stress levels subside, your body will naturally reduce cortisol production with the effect that, amongst other nice things, your natural immunity functions again.


In case you missed any of the previous articles on this thesem, they can all be viewed in the archive here


Blessed be

Karma Singh


20th February 2020


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For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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