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Su. 9th May
The world's first infectious disease?

Sunday 9th May was waiting for you

On this day, the first Light Pillar of Life seminar of the year should take place but......
Yesterday, the technician came to switch on the internet in the new house. When doing so, he discovered that something was missing and so we have to wait for a new appointment. This has now been set for Tuesday 11th May.
During April, I have been using my mobile broad band which works on the mobile (cell) 'phone network and, especially at weekends, is very unreliable as the network gets overloaded.
The above haas forced me to change the date of the seminar to Sunday 16th May!

The place is at home for you on your computer.
Take this opportunity to spend a few hours doing something enormous for your self-development.

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Have they manufactured the World's first Infectious Disease?

There is a great deal of knowledge "out there" which shows that the hypothesis of infectious disease is, scientifically speaking, total garbage.
My own book on this, Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P. is, perhaps, the clearest and easiest to read (as several readers have commented).
Pasteur and Koch, the two charlatans who invented it knew, at the time, that it doesn't stand up to scientific scrutiny. In his memoirs, released to the public in 1995 under the terms of his will, Pasteur freely admitted falsifying laboratory results because they showed that "infection" just doesn't happen. In my book, I explain, in detail, exactly what does happen when a group of people "share" the same dis-ease.

Just to give you a couple of examples of how far from reality the postulate is:-
1. Virtually all "germs" claimed to cause sickness are also present in all healthy people.
2. Even in an "epidemic" at least 96% of the people in that area are unaffected.
3. Without exception, the only known effect of vaccination is to spread disease because you are injecting someone else's sickness into a healthy person.

There are no known exception to this!
The most blatant example of the promotion of this nonsense is "Covid-19". A disease for which no germ has ever been found, merely speculated about. A disease with no symptoms of its own but "merely" identical in every way to the 'flu. A disease which, according to those promoting it, is "caused" by a fragment of normal, healthy, human DNA present in everyone - seventy four times in everyone's genome. A disease which has neither injured nor killed anyone (as you can see from government sickness and death statistics).

Growing awareness has brought many "special" people together:
The bankers. The owners of the pharmaceutical industry. Power mad politicians.

Over some hundreds of years, the bankers had managed to construct a society in which everyone looked to them for "permission" to live. This is no exaggeration;
to whom do you go when you want to buy or build a house? They don't give you any money, they just create a phantom debt by which you have to pay them three times the value of the house. Does your local district need a new road or does your country need a new highway? The first thing that happens is the bureaucrats ask the bankers for permission to build it. You then have to pay the bankers up to seven times the cost of the road as their "commission".
Note, they don't ever lend any money, they write a phantom debt which you then have to pay. This is how the bankers end up so rich and so many millions struggle to live. The world's only trillionaire is the head banker himself; Rothschild whose family started the whole fraud off around 400 years ago. You get a job, what's the first thing you need to get paid? The permission of the bankers who "take care" of your money and occasionally let you have some. There's a lot more to this but I'm sure that you can write your own list.

The pharmaceutical industry's hay day was the 1950's and 1960's. Since then, they've been going steadily downhill: Most of their "antibiotics" no longer function, partially due to massive over-prescribing and partly due to erroneous assumptions about the causes of sickness. They have, some years ago now, ceased all efforts to find new antibiotics because they are just not profitable enough. Their biggest businesses are vaccines and cancer "therapies".
A modicum of research will show you that vaccines do not and never have worked; in fact, the only known effect of "vaccination" is to spread disease - logical really: If I were to inject sick material from a stranger into your body, what is likely to happen? For much more detail and an explanation of what does work and why, get the book Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P..

The medico-pharmaceutical sickness industry spends many millions each year suppressing knowledge of and access to cheap and effective cancer treatments.
This book reveals all, including what does work and why: Cancer? So what? 
As daily more people realise how ridiculously expensive and how ineffective the medico-pharmaceutical sickness industry is, they are moving to alternatives which are not only enormously cheaper but much more effective. Hence the need for the medico-pharmaceutical sickness industry to impose compulsory medication - not for health but solely for profit!

As the spiritual awakening that mankind is presently going through proceeds, there is a natural and inevitable move away from control structures imposed from above and towards community decisions in which everyone participates. This means, of course, that those accustomed to "lord it over the rest of us" will soon receive the notification that "your services are no longer required".

So, we have an unholy alliance determined to preserve the "status quo" at all costs and we are the ones who are to pay those costs.

The question which now needs to be posed is, "How do they intend to maintain their positions as self-appointed elites?" The answer has been available for some years now, just the tools by which they intended to attain their objective were unclear.

The tactic which they have chosen to employ is to kill so many of us that society will completely collapse, enabling them to re-institute a feudal system with the bankers at the top, as I explained in my last newsletter.
The principle weapon by which they intend to achieve this has been under development for many years. It is a new form of pseudo-vaccine with some most unusual properties:

A. It gives no protection against "Covid-19" - you can still die from it after three doses of "vaccine".
B. It doesn't release you from any of the restrictions imposed to "prevent infection".
C. It doesn't do anything to stop you becoming "infected" or "infecting" anyone else.
In short, as a "vaccine" it's totally useless!

One other unusual property is that these "vaccines" have more than one hundred times the "adverse reactions" than do "normal" vaccines. This includes many, many thousands of deaths. These, we are advised by experts in the field, are just the tip of the iceberg and the accumulative damage will cause huge numbers of deaths within 3 - 6 months after injection although we should note that death has already occurred 41 minutes after injection so there's no guarantee that you'll have a few months to live if you take the injection.

Now we come to the really bad news.

If you've read my books and watched my videos, you will know that there is no such thing as an "infectious disease". Both Pasteur and Koch knew this when they invented the hypothesis.
This explains why, in an "epidemic", at least 96% of the people in the area are unaffected.
There are NO attacking micro-organisms:
Did such a thing exist, mankind would have died out long ago.

What mad scientists have done is to find a way to not only make the human body poisonous to itself but to pass this self-poisoning onto others.

Much of human communication, especially at the cellular level, takes place via information packages called "exosomes". In accord with the Divine Plan, these pass on information about how to deal with environmental changes - something which is happening all of the time. What the mad scientists have done is to work out how to make the human body pass on the self-poisoning which the "vaccine" causes. This is then passed onto the "unvaccinated" and triggers the same self-poisoning. This is why "they" are not overly concerned about the low level of "vaccine" take-up; they know that those that "they" have made sick will pass the sickness onto others.

The initial reports we received were so disturbing that we checked in detail before we said anything. The same phenomenon is now so widespread that we must consider it a proven fact. Many doctors (how many we do not know) have forbidden the "vaccinated" to visit their surgeries because the are making other people ill.

So, how do we stop the spread?
One of the many unknown factors is, "Who is at risk?"
The answer, so far as we can tell at the moment is, "Almost everyone." Because we don't yet know either under what circumstances "infection" will occur nor why those who don't get ill are immune we don't have the data to suggest more than to avoid coming close to anyone who has taken the injection. The vaccine damaged are the source of a deadly sickness! Avoid them, not "like the plague" but because they are the source of a plague!

Although there is still much work to be done, it may well be that antidotes to this lethal cocktail already exist. The way in which it functions is to introduce so much chaos into the normal intra-cellular systems that the natural immunity misidentifies normal, healthy cells as invading parasites and destroys them. How quickly this kills you is, I strongly suspect, a question of how clean, both biochemically and informationally, your body is. The cleaner it is, the less likely it is to succumb. In general, it is a very good idea to carry out an annual detoxification with Actio: The fewer toxins present, the less the likelihood of chaos and any other sickness breaking out. for details.

It is the informational chaos which is the direct cause of your natural immunity destroying your healthy cells. Here there are two possible solutions: The one prevents the normal self-replication of toxins resulting in their gradual disappearance. The other engenders the return to natural order, thereby dramatically reducing chaos. It could well be that a combination of the two will prove to be very effective.
The first is called "The Clearing Transmissions" available from 
The other is the Harmony Technology available from The product to recommend is a Harmony Evolution or Harmony Pendant worn anywhere upon the vertical middle line of your body.

As more antidotes are reported to us, I will pass them on to you.


Blessed be
Karma Singh
30th April 2021


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