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Progress Report on Inshee and Family

Thanks to the many donations which have been given to date, we have been able to achieve several things for this family.


The first thing was an upgrade in the hospital care. His insurance only pays for the basic care and nothing more. This means, for example, that after breaking his leg in six places (the initial report I received was for three breaks) and surgery to insert metal pins to hold the bones together, he got just one paracetamol per day for the pain. With the upgrade, he got something more like that which we would expect as well as a better bed with attachments to let him pull his upper body upright.


In hospital in Thailand there are not very many nurses and there is a general expectation that the family of the patient will look after him.


Inshee’s wife, Pigun (sweet smelling flower) worked in the same factory as he as a cleaning woman. She was paid very little and, since the accident, has had to rely on other people to bring her to work and back home again. This makes her working day so long that it was mostly impossible to visit Inshee in hospital. Thanks to the donations, she was able to lay the job “on ice” and take care of Inshee instead.

At the moment, there is sufficient money on hand to take care of the family until July.


In June, another problem will arise: When Inshee is ready to leave hospital, a bill will be written. The insurance will pay some of it but, at this time, no-one will say how much the bill will be nor how much of it the insurance will pay. Whatever remains must be paid by the patient out of his/her own pocket. This has brought many families into bankruptcy through which they had to sell their house and land to pay the hospital. We should try to create a money reserve cushion which will cover this.

Even when his leg is fully healed, even the doctors say that he will never be physically able to do the heavy work which he had been doing.

Inshee and Pegun have long had a dream of working together as a travelling shop. They have, however, never been able to get the money together to buy a pick-up truck and the first goods to sell.

According to initial information which I have received, pick-ups are surprisingly cheap in Thailand. It appears that, at most, $8,700 / £6,500 / €7,500 would be needed for them to begin living their dream in the Summer.


Once again, the governing principle here is many people who each give what they can. I have, of course, noted that there are a few wealthier who have made contributions in the hundreds. This is, however, an exercise in the power of community, i.e. the amazing things that we can attain when we act together. Each does what she/he can and no-one is set higher than anyone else.



I have had some feedback from those who would like to contribute regarding the cost of making a bank transfer to my Latvian bank. There are three other options which may work for you:-
BACS transfer to my London Bank (if you live in the UK)
By credit/debit card

Both can be accessed via this link:


Finally, there is a paypal account of which we can make limited use. Should you wish to use this then please send me an email and I will then send to you the paypal account email.

I can then gather all of these together and make a single bulk transfer.


Should you wish to do so, you can also use any of these options to make a donation to support and further my work. Please specify in the payment details whether it is for Inshee, for me or to be split between us.


So, for those who can use it, this is the main account:-

Karma Singh
bei der Paysera Bank
IBAN:  LT393500010002770912


Karma Singh
21st March 2018


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