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The Yule-Tide Bazaar


It's official - Covid does NOT exist!






On the 6th Janaury, we may have something to celebrate

The Yule-Tide Bazaar will, therefore, remain open until the 7th





British, Irish, Canadian and other Governments admit that Covid-19 does not exist

(Especially for subscribers with gmail or Microsoft email accounts, I used the word “It” in the email announcing this newsletter as it would, otherwise, probably be censored, i.e. not delivered.)


Under Freedom of Information legislation, Principia Scientific of London, along with other institutions around the world has launched requests upon many governments to disclose full details of the Covid-19 causing virus.


Amongst those which have, so far, answered are the governments of Great Britain, Canada and Eire. All of them, after much head scratching and referral from one department to another have declared that they can find no record, anywhere in the world, of anyone definitely identifying the supposed “virus” which causes the supposed Covid-19 “disease”.

You can read the official British government declaration of the 2nd October here:-


The official answer from the government of Eire (Republic of Ireland) is in this video here:-


Health Canada, as have the authorities in Australia, has also admitted that they have never seen the isolated virus and do not know of anyone in the world who has. More details can be read here:-


There are, of course, further, confusing items and these are Sars-Cov-2 and PCR tests.


Accumulated evidence indicates most strongly that these have been added to the mix with the precise purpose of creating confusion. Nonetheless, to avoid prevarication, the Freedom of Information requests included both Sars-Cov-2 AND the Covid-19 causing virus as these are very clearly NOT the same thing at all.



First the PCR test:

Both the inventor, the Nobel Laureate Dr. Kerry Mullis PhD and all of the manufacturers have stated categorically that it is unsuitable for diagnostic purposes.

What the PCR does is to take traces of specific genetic material and amplify it to obtain a sufficient quantity for study. It does this by replicating a target genome in cycles, i.e. each cycle doubles the amount of material. There are, however, limits. Even when used for its intended purpose, more than 35 cycles introduces so much “noise” that no meaningful results can be obtained.


Nonetheless, when used in the so-called Covid tests, it is normal that 40 to 45 cycles are used which creates enormous numbers (way over 90%) of “false positives”, i.e. that a “virus” is present which is actually not there.




This is NOT a virus or anything similar!

This is a protein fragment many, many times smaller then a virus, 0.12333% of a “virus” to be precise, as recorded at the American Centers for Disease Control and revealed by Dr. Tom Cowan.

It has been introduced to this programme because it is very widespread and has been known of since 2013.


Dr. Cowan reports that it has an affinity with monkey kidney tissues but does not thrive in human tissues, i.e. it cannot be infectious to humans nor can it cause any illness.

At this time it is not known what the origin or purpose of this micro-protein is.


Putting these two together, we perceive that a test known to be unsuitable has been used in a manner known to give unreliable results to test for the presence of something having no known connection to any human disease.

Hence the requests under Freedom of Information laws.


Government health agencies have been asked to provide evidence that there actually is a new disease called “Covid-19” and that there is a virus which causes it. None of them have been able to show that either exists.


So, what IS Covid-19? What are all those people in hospital suffering from? What have those hundreds of people died from?


The alleged symptoms of “Covid-19” can be obtained from almost any government health agency. Some of the symptom names have been translated into Latin so as to further confuse the issue; online translation machines will, however, enable a rapid translation back into modern languages.

When we look at the symptom list we observe that they are identical to those of the common cold or a mild bout of ‘flu.


Each year, clustered in March and October/November, several thousands of old and fragile people plus some with other serious illnesses will be overwhelmed by the addition of a heavy cold or ‘flu on top of their other sicknesses. This, as is well known, happens every year and, generally, in similar numbers. 2020 has not seen any numbers in excess of those typical over the last few years. Indeed, death number are significantly below those of 2018.


All of the above and especially the complete inability of governments to provide any evidence to the contrary, leads us inescapably and inevitably to conclude that nothing usual is happening and, for reasons which will not be dealt with on this page, the normal annual ‘flu cycle has simply been re-named “Covid-19”.


There is no evidence showing that anything other than this has happened or is happening.


Finally, the “new super virus” strain “discovered” in England.

This is not a virus but a slight variation on the Sars-Cov-2 particle. There is nothing to indicate that it is any more “infectious” than it’s harmless forebear.

This week, the same variation was discovered in Colorado, some 4,600+ miles from London. As there is no possible physical contact, this has interesting ramifications for “social distancing” policies!


I explain in my book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” how this actually functions.

The book is available exclusively here



This article is available as a .pdf file for distribution here:

It is also available in German here:




Blessed be
Karma Singh
31st December 2020


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