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Deleting the Worry Habit

A simple meditation to delete this habit from your system

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A History of Medicine from 1484 to the present Day

How did something so marginally useful become so powerful?

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Human appropriate Nutrition

A basic guide to human appropriate eating and drinking.
You'll be amazed how different this is to what you have been putting into your body!
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Borderline Syndrome

You'd never have guessed what this really is!
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Why is Truth so Difficult to Cope with?

Why is the World the way it is, who benefits and why haven't we already changed it?

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How to Rescue the World by next Tuesday

The time has been reached when it becomes possible to remove a very large part of the World’s ills by exposing them to the light, for what is darkness other than the absence of light?
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Left to Right = Rags to Riches

A simple tool to reconnect your ability to conceptualise your wishes with your abilty to manifest them.

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How did we get here?

A short history of the machinations of the last few centuries which are the fundamental causes of the dysfunctional society are we know it and how to simply, easily and quickly change them.
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Would you like to be a hero?

Heroism has nothing to do with violence – that violence has broken out is, in fact, certain proof that heroism has been missing for some time.


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The Healing Handbooks

from Karma Singh

Over 40 handbooks from Karma Singh covering alternative healing at a price anyone can afford.

- Health without pharmacy!

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