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This is a project long in planning and now, finally, actual.


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I spend a great deal of my life travelling and have often thought of recording a daily podcast whilst in my car. This is it.


Although the recording devices which I have chosen claim to eliminate all background noise, this is, in fact, physically impossible so the sound quality will vary dependent upon where the podcast was recorded.


All podcasts are audio only (unless I perceive a need to add video, in which case, instead of a text link, there will be a picture to click).

The format is MP3 which can be downloaded onto most smart ‘phones and the like. They can, of course, be downloaded onto a laptop or PC and, from there, burned onto a CD. If you choose this latter, make sure that the format on the CD is suitable for your CD player - some older ones cannot play MP3!

CD burning programmes, however, always have an option to change to “standard CD format”.


There is a simple operating procedure, left mouse click onto the text link to play the podcast right now, right mouse click to download it onto your chosen device.



Introduction to Karma Singh podcasts   recorded 23rd December 2015


There are four categories (one of which was not mentioned in the introduction);



Latest Podcast

1) Health

15th January 2016

2) Politics

13th January 2016

3) Economics

20th January 2016

4) The Real world

12th January 2016


Left click onto your chosen category link to open that list.


My objective is to have at least one new podcast every day and, on a very good day, one in each category.

Blessed be


Karma Singh






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