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Lakshmi and the Garden of Eden


The allegory of the Garden of Eden is probably fairly well known to you; Lakshmi, perhaps less so.
Lakshmi comes from the Vedic Pantheon and is the Goddess of wealth and beauty.
In our western Celtic tradition, Lakshmi finds her counterpart under several different names such as Annu Anu, Danu, Sinaan and others. It appears that each local language dialect developed its own name for this Goddess.
For this article, I have chosen to use the Vedic name as the Celtic ones from our own ancestry are even less well known than those from India.


The Garden of Eden and the expulsion therefrom are squarely blamed upon the misdeeds of Adam’s second wife, Eve (or Eva).
What historical event does the story actually portray? This is a question which I have been pondering for more than half a century.

On the 19th April 2016, I finally saw it.


If you have already read the extracts from the Why Men Snore handbook on the website, you will know of the inversion of the male/female roles which results in snoring (amongst many, many other maladies - some vastly more serious than snoring).
One of these “other effects” is the loss of the natural access to abundance. On the 19th April I finally saw how this happens.


When the male usurps the natural dominant position of the female, i.e. the birthing, the nurturing, the supporting and the protective then a form of madness ensues. HE tries to tell himself that he can do all of these but he doesn’t have the natural abilities to do so: He has no womb, no milk, no sanctuary and little empathy. Nonetheless, he carries on as though he does.

SHE naturally gives her milk to all who need it. All that a babe needs to do to get her milk is to be hungry. You cannot buy her milk, you can only be hungry and accept her gift. If you are not hungry, she does not offer it to you. When you need it, it is always there; this is the nature of abundance.


HE cannot give abundance because he does not possess the requisite tools. He can only accept and use it.

Here is the core theme of the man / woman partnership.

Abundance is her natural gift to him.

It is his task to use it wisely.


This also applies to the much loved topic of wealth. She can give it but not use it. He can use it but not make it.

Now, you may immediately ask, “what about all these giant corporations? Why are the owners all men?”
These are created with the intellect and with the sole emotion of greed. What they have “achieved” is a cruel mockery of wealth utilising less than one per cent of the naturally available abundance and wasting most of that in maintaining an exploitive power structure.


SHE, however, creates through caring for all her children and so the natural abundance flows directly to where it is wanted and always in exactly the needful quantity.


Perhaps at this juncture it behoves us to consider the strictures of our language. I have used HE and SHE, God and Goddess simply because there are, at present, no other words available. This does not mean that HE/God is a man nor yet that SHE/Goddess is a woman.


These are guiding attributes of the universal energy which we, from moment to moment, choose to allow expression or to restrict. In truth, both man and woman have access to both attributes and not only can but do use them to choose their experiences. It is solely a question of proper balance. Living constantly in this balance, you will always have everything that you need but never be burdened with “excess baggage” and the need to have someone take it away from you. See next week’s newsletter “The Science of Giving” for more on this.


This brings us full circle back to the question, “Who threw whom out of the Garden of Eden, how and why?”

In attempting to replace Goddess with an intellectual concept which seeks to completely subjugate HER, he, of course, removes her sustenance from his life. He no longer accepts the abundance which naturally flows through her and creates for them both the experience of lack.
He, then, blames her for “failing” to fulfil his demands (the demonization of Adam’s first wide, Lilith) and sets himself up, in his own mind, as the creator of wealth. Inevitably, this results in separation from the natural flow of abundance and the “expulsion from the Garden of Eden”.

Who did it? Adam or Eve?

1) Was it Adam's ego which set him above the natural order and, thereby, created chaos?
2) Was it Eve’s lack of courage seeing what had happened to her predecessor?
3) Or has mankind simply inoculated him/herself against this form of stupidity?


It does not matter which option you choose to believe for this period in mankind’s development is now over and the return to natural abundance is proceeding.

For your personal experiences, however, your choice is very important: To blame anyone or anything, no matter in what form, has the sole effect of re-creating for you the experience of lack. Anger is the desire to change the past. The only effect, however, is to re-create the past in the attempt to change it!

Choosing the third option, that of recognising that you have learned from the patriarchal experience and do not need to repeat it, will open the doors of abundance for you.

To help you choose this third option and to complete your acceptance of abundance, “The Goddess Transmissions” will shortly be made available.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
1st May 2016





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