left to right = rags to riches

I would firstly wish to make clear that I have been asked to give this as a present to everyone. There is no payment due, no sign up, no anything of that sort. Use it or ignore it as you wish; I can only tell you that it works and with an amazing speed.


Before we go on to changing things, there are a couple of things that may well make things a lot clearer for everyone.


A) The way in which the human brain is designed to work in order to fulfil your wishes is as follows:

i) In the left brain (the logical side) you form the concepts of what it is that you wish to achieve, receive, do, etc.

ii) In the right brain (the intuitive, artistic side) information structures are moved or constructed so that your wishes will be fulfilled.

iii) The problem is that we usually don’t pass the control over our wishes from the left to the right brain and so we just run around in circles.


B) There is actually a lot of effort been placed into indoctrinating us over the last few centuries into not passing over the control. This still goes on today; those doing it are living in the false belief that they need to keep everyone else poor so that they can maintain their “special” status. So, for example, a great deal of television advertising is based the subtle message that you are somehow deficient but, by giving money to the purveyor of this or that product, you will become better, i.e. you can’t do it yourself!! UNTRUE, you can! Healing, self-study, learning who you really are, developing “unusual” mental abilities etc are all classed as “esoteric” and portrayed as the work of the Devil and similar rubbish; they are, in fact, your natural birthright and nothing less than this! Recent work in Quantum Physics and, especially, Quantum Field Theory show clearly that this is, in fact, the true structure of the universe and those who have been indoctrinating you into ignoring your potential are (shall we be kind and simply say) “mistaken”.


Now, where does thought take place? Don’t be conned by pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo; there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that it even takes place in the brain at all let alone exclusively in the brain. The brain is part of an information energy machine of which only about 1/3rd is organic material. The remainder is principally in the nimbus, the area about the size and shape of a bishop’s hat above your skull.


What we need to do is to practice moving information from the left (conceptual) side to the right (manifesting) side. This is how:


The area that we are going to work in goes from the tip of the left shoulder, about 10 inches above the skull and down to the tip of the right shoulder as in this photo.


What we are going to do is to practice consciously moving energy from left to right along the line that I’ve drawn on the photo. That’s it! The more often and the longer you do this, the greater will be the effect. Your wishes will be moved from concepts to automatic manifestation.


Please do pass this on to all of your friends and acquaintances. The more who practise this, the greater will be the peace and harmony around you.


I would also greatly appreciate your feedback as you practice.





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