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The Tsunami of Love

Those of us who have had children can probably grasp this quite quickly. It’s not impossible or even difficult for anyone - it’s just as easy or as difficult as you think it is!


Several times each day through many years, you have changed nappies (Am: diaper) and each time it stinks. How do you treat your baby? Do you rant and rave at him/her about it? Why not? What holds you back?

You want your baby to be happy and stress free and so you focus yourself on that and the nappy change is quickly done. You go into love and stay there and the shit just doesn’t disturb you.


It is now time to change the nappies of the politicians who have sold themselves to the bankers. For many decades they have been shitting on the rest of humanity because no-one has changed their nappies in love. Now we are going to do it.


Love is the source of creation; things putrefy only where it is missing. We have experienced enough of this to know that we have no use for it and so we take back our permission for their abuse of power.


How so can it be that they abuse the power with which we have entrusted them? Because we have allowed putrefaction and so much of it that everything that we and our forefathers have achieved is being devoured. Steadily more and more of the value which we have created with our skills and exertions is being stolen and handed over to the bankers. (They call this “taxation” of which more than 80% lands in the bankers’ pockets)
Their plans to impoverish us further and to give our land and property, lock, stock and barrel to third parties are further aspects of the putrefaction.


It’s no use trying to fight against them because doing so simply gives your energy to them! What we need to do is to dissolve the putrefaction energy and stipulations. Without these, they will lose the co-ordination and energy focus necessary for their planned actions. This is exactly that which we are now going to do.


The scientific term for destruction and putrefaction is “entropy”. This means that the causational energy of the creation is degraded resulting in things losing their form and structure, i.e. they will be transformed into other things such as humanity becoming the slaves of the bankers and much of Europe once again destroyed by warfare.


The antidote for entropy is order and the creation energy. The wellspring of creation is love. Every human is entitled to and able to focus love and to send it wherever he/she wants to. It is an act of will! When one brings it to the source of the entropy - by which is meant the putrefaction - this will immediately cease. It is simply the absence or weakening of love which makes putrefaction possible in the first place.


One of the centres of putrefaction is the parliament and government buildings in your land. Others are the courts which seem to have mislaid their connection to justice. Additionally, many officials and government departments are being forced to act illegally. You know, yourself, where thing needs to be changed. So, let’s get to work and don’t forget the role of the pre-purchased press!


Close your eyes and simply allow that you become filled with love from the entire universe. N.B. this is NOT something that you do; you ALLOW it! As soon as you give love free access it will stream into you. Hold the access for this stream open and then give (send) this love into your target (Parliament, Congress, CNN, BBC, etc.)


The brightening of the energy therein will dissolve all agreements for putrefaction and enhance the authority of those who want peace and order. No human can be hurt by what we do, only released from the illusion of dependency.


Although there are ideal times to do this, do it daily or several times each day in the way which accords with your life style. When love streams in from constantly changing sources, the promoters of putrefaction will be quickly disempowered and disorientated. There is not the remotest possibility that you could be personally identified because the way of love can only be followed in love.
The ideal times are:-
Early in the morning before their working day begins (sunrise is the very best time if you are functional that early) so that the workspace will be pre-programmed with love.
10.00 a.m. because, at this time, most people reach their peak performance.
2.00 p.m. because this is the natural “siesta” time in which people can be most easily influenced, i.e. we dissolve the putrefaction energy.
4.00 to 7.00 p.m. so that they also take their new love orientation home with them.


The more you do, the stronger the effect and never forget that even centuries of darkness will be dissolved in a fraction of a second as soon as the light is brought into it.


Those who already have The Light Pillar of Life will discover that this exercise is very easy because the pillar is directly connected with the source of creation. You may well also experience that abilities which have vanished into oblivion so long ago that we no longer even remember their names will be re-opened.


As this task will, unavoidably, fill your life with love everything will become easier and more bountiful for you.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
31st May 2018


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now nearly NINE THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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