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How to Create a War

This is an activity which used to be fairly simple: If your king told you to go and attack another country or your Pope, e.g. Innocent III, told you to go and murder all the followers of a different Christian sect (the Cathars) then it was your divine duty to blindly follow the order.


As power began to shift from absolute monarchs towards aristocratic families, e.g. Magna Carta, it became necessary to persuade these families that a war would serve their interests. The interests of the common people, those who were destined to do the killing and dying, were never even considered.

It was also at this time that the bankers began to play a growing role in decisions about such matters.


Although much emphasis has been laid upon “honour” and “pride”, national and racial “superiority” “obligation” to one’s country/religion and the like, these are merely superficial flim-flam to distract and confuse, i.e., they have nothing to do with reality.

The reality is that the abuses of the feudal system induced widespread poverty and the not-so-subtle preaching from pulpit and similar portrayed the victims as the guilty ones because “you are not good enough for God”. For some unrecognisable guilt (Catholic Church, for example - “you are guilty of possessing a body, a thing which God despises”) a debt of service to church and state which you have to either pay or die trying to avoid eternal damnation was created.


Now, if you can convince someone that they are guilty of some unspecified or absurd misdemeanour, the first reaction they will have is to either sink into hopeless depression or seek to pass the guilt feelings onto someone else. This latter is the objective of all the state and religion manipulations for in this condition you are more than willing to believe that some other country, some other nation, some other religion is to blame and that you can regain your innocence and freedom by attacking them. Having created your powder keg, all you then need to do is to apply a spark to the fuse. It doesn’t really matter what it is, if you’ve done your propaganda right, the people will believe whatever you want them to and demand to be led into war. Neat, huh?


This all worked very well for several centuries and only a few historians even questioned who was really benefitting. Very few people could read. Travel was rare and inter-cultural exchanges almost non-existent. Then came the industrial revolution.


In order to expand their wealth, the new “Elite” - the industrialists - needed workers who could read and write and so they bought themselves an education system. N.B. it was not benevolent government which did this but powerful factory owners who pushed this “reform” through. It was this which sowed the seeds for the collapse of the Old System - a collapse which is becoming daily more obvious.


Due to increased knowledge gleaned from the general ability to read combined with the rising consciousness of humanity as a whole, a new phenomenon arose in the early 20th century, that of the “conscientious objector” to travelling abroad to kill other people. Government propaganda with the “white feather” campaign and other ways of punishing the dissenters kept the lid on matters but it came dangerously close to a public awareness as to what the war was actually about - to prevent Germany taking over from Britain as the industrial centre of Europe.


When the police investigate a crime, all their experience has shown them that one of the first questions they must ask is “who benefits?” In a very large percentage of cases, this leads them to the culprit. The same principle needs to be applied to war.


In the 1930’s it was Germany’s establishment of a national banking system, thus removing the entire nation from the exploitation of the banking cartel, which triggered the process of inveigling Germany into another continent-wide war. At the same time, the growing industrial strength of Japan threatened much of the USA’s markets in South East Asia. A whole raft of illegal methods were used to push Japan into making a pre-emptive strike to break out of the american strangle hold on their economy.


Now, I’m not saying that the German or Japanese governments were centres of benevolent enlightenment. No, they were typical of their times just very much less under the control of American cartels and the City of London bankers than were the “allies” who created the war. What we have been taught in schools and elsewhere may, largely, be true but disproportionate and imbalanced. Please bear in mind that almost nothing was known of the concentration camps until after the war so to portray this as a justification for the war is more than a little disingenuous.

The racial cleaning called “eugenics” was not a solely German activity but was widely believed and practiced across the planet at that time and especially in the USA, Canada and Australia. Also, operations such as Auschwitz were run not by the german government but by the pharmaceutical cartel - one of the principle beneficiaries of the World War Two; during the years immediately following the war, they received their reward in the form of legislation across wide swathes of our planet giving them a mandatory monopoly on “health” care.


If we now move to the 1960’s we see something else happening.

Increasing access to knowledge led to mass protests about the Viet Nam war - a war requested by the military industrial complex to test new weapons. These protests became so powerful that, at one point, an entire division in Viet Nam just stopped fighting. Eventually, public pressure at home forced a complete withdrawal from the area. There then began a process of reducing the standard of education, especially in the USA but, generally, across most of the banker controlled world. This, combined with great pressure to move from natural foods to denatured processed “phude” which drastically reduces intelligence, has been the response in order to prepare the people as a whole for the next war. And so the invasion of Iraq (to confiscate the oil reserves) could be pushed through with only moderate protest.


War on two fronts is being prepared at the moment.


For many decades, the cartels have been following a policy of actively damaging the economies of Moslem countries, creating mass poverty and unemployment. Why? Because islamic law does not favour the high degree of usury perpetrated upon the people of “Christian” countries.

The “Christians” are then educated into the belief that all Moslems are terrorists who want to destroy their Christian culture for doctrinaire reasons. As with almost all wars of the last 300 years, the banking cartel shows itself also here to be the prime mover in creating war. On the one hand, Moslem people are indoctrinated into the belief that Christian countries (and not just the bankers) are destroying them and their way of life. On the other hand, “Christian” people are being trained to believe that they must make pre-emptive strikes against “Islamisten” (a phantom people existing solely in the banker owned press and nowhere else) in order to preserve their way of life.


In Yeltsin’s Russia, the banking cartel had managed to take ownership (without actual payment of course - as is usual for them) of almost all of Russia’s natural resources. By the time that Putin took over the reins of power, the nation was to all intents and purposes bankrupt. As nothing had been paid, Putin saw no problem in retaking ownership of Russia’s massive natural resources and, basically, throwing the bankers out of the country. Twice so far, the banking cartel has tried to regain control of Russia via local wars - without avail you will note.


Now the attempt is running via Ukraine and other border regions to push Russia into a major war with NATO. For months, West European and American governments (cartel controlled, please note) have been massing military machines around Russia’s Western borders in an attempt to severely destabilise the region in order to push Russia into a pre-emptive strike to get out of a tactically hopeless military position or lose much territory to invading European armies. This is likely to be followed by “American” led attacks upon Syria and Iran in order to spread the war far and wide.


Parallel hereto, they have been pushing millions of “refugees” to leave the Middle East and to take up home, mostly in Germany. These are around 80+% young men who would, otherwise, be drafted into military service. Merkel has followed the instructions given to her by the bankers to junk all immigration controls and to place the burden of caring for the “refugees” on the local communities who are, then, forbidden to give the “refugees” work to do.
The intention is to inculcate a sort of civil war in Germany between German nationalists and the phantom “Islamists” in order to destroy the German economy for a third time in one century.


Now, you may ask, “What have the bankers to win from the widespread destruction as will inevitably ensue should their plans succeed?”

They believe that the degree of destruction will be so immense that humanity will return to a feudal like society which they can rule with ease unopposed.

Although you may question just how realistic this belief on their part is, they do not see it that way but have, for so long been accustomed to rule unopposed, that they believe they have a pre-ordained right to own humanity and to use humans as they choose.

It is this paranoia and myopia which are their weakest point and where we, humanity as a whole, should apply our skills to thwart their plans once again as we have done several times during the last 15 years.


As we have seen above, their principle tool for engendering war is to create a belief in lack as this appears to give the justification for attacking and killing other peoples. If we remove this belief, will the soldiers still attack and will the civilian population still support them? Both historical and present day indications show that they probably will not.


If everyone can clearly see that the planned war is designed to exclusively benefit the bankers and their friends (as is usual - no-one else has ever had any benefit from going to war -), will they support it? I think not.


If the steadily rising consciousness as we move inexorably deeper into the Age of Community can be applied to this problem, will the institutions which are designed to enable war continue? Experience shows that those employed there will simply walk off the job as soon as they have an alternative way of feeding themselves and their families.

I have three tools to offer for this undertaking and one to commend:


This first tool can be used right now. It is the technology to change the world by using your natural powers of manifestation.
The detailed instructions are in the book “The Key to Luck”.


The Text:
All people, everywhere, see the true plans and desires of the cartels. All secrets are known, all veils are lifted and truth alone rules the affairs of mankind.


The Vision:
Everyone, everywhere; man, woman and child looks up in the sudden knowledge of truth. All faces shine with the knowledge of salvation and divinity. All eyes are open wide and all stand together as one and at one each with the other.


The Feelings:
Thankfulness, freedom, joy and unity

The second tool will be available shortly on a DVD. It is the Goddess Transmissions which awaken everyone to the knowledge and experience of abundance and, thereby, removes everyone from the machinations of the cartels.

The third tool is already in the hands of more than 100 people. Many more are needed. Amongst the abilities which you learn in Power Light 2.0 is the power to awaken other to abundance and, thus, to free them from enslavement to the cartels. At present this is only available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but, if you wish to organise a seminar in your locality which can be given in English, I will gladly come.

The fourth tool is the recommendation to work closely with the Kingdom of Germany to remove your local community from the reign of the cartels and into the Republic of Councils presently called the Kingdom of Germany.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
28th May 2016





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For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

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Never forget this!


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