Newsletter 13th Sept 2020

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This Newsletter has six Topics:

The Mask Religion

Messiah lesson 8a

Spotlight on Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.

Actio & Brutus more Q & A

The Light Pillar of Life

Your help is called for in Thailand





The Mask Religion 

Any religion depends, for its continued existence, upon specific unquestionable beliefs; these are called the “dogma”. It is a “crime” punishable by excommunication or even death to question these beliefs.
In practice, the “priests” rely upon the population as a whole to enforce these beliefs; people should be in such fear of what the priests teach that they “impose” these beliefs upon “non-believers”.

And so it is with the religion of masks and separation.

Now, make no mistake, this IS a religion; it has no point of contact either with science or reality. Followers are required to believe that these rituals of wearing masks and keeping a few feet away from everyone else has been “ordained from On High” and you risk death by failing to follow them. You are, further, required to impose these beliefs upon all others: That such is, in most countries of the world, specifically forbidden by law is, of course, of no interest to the “priests” who well know that by manipulating you into believing total nonsense, they can get you to act as their “thought police” and, further, to indulge in self-destructive actions.

A growing number of real scientists and doctors have begun to demonstrate just how meaningless and, sometimes, dangerous these rituals are.
Leaving aside, for the moment, that protein particles of the size of the mythological “viruses” are, essentially, weightless and will be carried for miles by random air currents, Dr. Ted has recorded a most useful video demonstrating just how pointless masks are. Just click on the picture to start the video.



The Messiah Series, lesson 8a has now been published.

This concerns a large organ which you will not find in any anatomy book, its purpose and function. Lesson 8a is the first step in teaching you how to turn on and use the abilities inherent in this organ. As the process in regaining the use of this organ requires you to focus a rarely experienced feeling into it, I have also recorded a Healing Transmission to help you achieve this next step in awakening all of your latent abilities.
Both videos are here for you – just click on the picture to start them

Messiah Lesson 8 a Introduction and Explanation

Messiah Lesson 8 a Healing Transmission

You will find the entire Messiah Series here:-
As we are dealing here with ancient beliefs and habits which have to be emoved in order to set free your natural, latnt abilities, it can be most useful for you to get a Harmony Headphone set. This special application of the Harmony Technology literally deleted such restrictions upon attaining your potential the instant they begin to prevent your self-fulfilment.

Full details are here:-



Spotlight on Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.

The purpose of this book is to teach, in easy to follow steps, just what pharmaceutical medicine is really all about. The initial chapters are about exploding the vaccine myth and exposing the fraud to which you’ve been subjected.

Although many Second and Third World countries have expelled the pharmaceutical industry and switched to modes of health care that actually work, the pharmaceutical manufacturers have become so wealthy that, in most First World countries, they now control the government.

Remember; the national health services instigated in the aftermath of the Second World War were created by and for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry which had narrowly failed to conquer the world militarily through their puppet Adolf Hitler.

The book is available exclusively here:-

It is available both as a printed book delivered by mail and an e-book, instant download.
There is also an option to get the e-book today and have the printed edition follow on in the mail which, at the moment, is taking considerable longer than prior to the imposition of the Covid fairy tale.

Every home should have one!

There is also an associate’s programme for those who wish to help distribute this and other books and DVDs.




Actio and Brutus more Q & A

During the past few days, I have received a number of enquiries concerning the ingredients and method of usage.

The ingredients are listed on the website in the infobox at the top of the right hand column.
I’ve also put them here for you to read online right now.

The dosage instructions come with every package but, here, I must clarify one point which has been asked more than once this last week:

Neither Actio nor Brutus has to be taken with, before or after a meal. The choice is entirely up to you. Personally, I take them about an hour before breakfast and before bedtime. This is, however, my personal choice and I do know that other people take them at different times. The point to stress here is that neither product has any relationship to nor restriction imposed by any meal time.

I’ve also made the usage instructions available for you to download here:-

You can read both documents online by clicking on the links with your LEFT mouse key or download them to your computer by clicking with your RIGHT mouse key.

Please note most carefully, Actio and Brutus are licensed for human consumption in the EU. Not all other contries accept this standard and insist upon their own, very expensive tests. We can send to the UK and Eire with no problem whatsoever but other parts of the English speaking world would have to ask their local customs whether they can be imported.




The Light Pillar of Life

You may well recall that I wrote at some length on this in last week's newsletter.

Although the date of Sunday 4th October presently remains open, ther are not, at present, sufficient registrations to permit this online seminar to take place. So:-

If you want it to happen, the time to register is RIGHT NOW, HERE:-  




Your help is requested in Thailand


At the end of last week, Solut’s house burned down whilst he and his wife were out tending his rice fields and their children were at school. The nearest fire brigade is a long way from their village and, by the time they got there, all was gone.

We know Solut well – he is someone who is always ready to help others and now he is in need.
To rebuild his house, buy the family new clothes and basic needs, approximately €9,000.00 (approx $10,000.00 / £8,000.00) is needed.

I have been supporting several families through this time (the Thai government has only given financial assistance to state employees after forcing every business to close down, leaving most people virtually penniless). Such a sum is, however, beyond my present means and I, therefore, ask your help for Solut and his family.

Please give as much as you can quickly so that this family can have a home once again. Either use the donation button on the right here or send me an email to request my personal bank account details.

There is one further thing that I’d like to do, in accord with the old proverb, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

The overwhelming majority of house fires in the villages are caused by old defective wiring, as was this one.

At this moment, it should be an easy matter to find an electrician who would be very glad to have some work.

The concept is to pay him a basic wage and then purchase the materials to upgrade the wiring in all of the houses where this is needed, thus avoiding many future house fires.
Any donations in excess of those needed for Solut will be dedicated to this project. 

Blessed be
Karma Singh
13th September 2020

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Never forget this!






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