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Will Merkel and all her "Friends" soon be arrested as War Criminals?

This is a possible effect of the new "law" passed in the German Bundestag on Thursday, 14th November 2019 imposing compulsory vaccination upon all children in Germany.


As the Federal Republic of Germany is not a state but an occupied territory, it doesn't have a constitution but instead a Basic Law granted by the occupying powers of France, UK, USA and Russia. Article 2 used to specifically forbid such legislation but Merkel had that article amended a little while ago. Article 4 still does forbid such a law but not in the general sense that article 2 used to.


With that, Merkel and her bosses in the pharmaceutical industry (the reconstituted IG Farbenindustrie which used to give Adolf Hitler his orders) thought that they would be home free but they overlooked a small matter.


At the Nurnberg War Crimes Tribunal, a code of medical ethics arising out of the medical experiments carried out in the concentration camps by IG Farbenindustrie was promulgated. This code specifically forbids medical experimentation without informed consent. No country has ever incorporated this code into law (according to Wikipedia, anyway) and so it cannot form the basis of a legal challenge to Merkel's compulsory vaccination "law".




Much of this code of practise has been incorporated into the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights promulgated by the United Nations in 1954. This has been ratified by most members of the UN. Specifically, both the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic (DDR) ratified it in 1973. In 1976 the Covenant received the necessary number of ratified signatories and it then passed into international law on human rights. In that context, it has become the highest law in Germany, overriding all conflicting legislation from the Bundestag. (It may also be the highest law in America!)


Article seven of this covenant specifically forbids medical experimentation without informed consent.


Now, Merkel and "IG Farbenindustrie" will doubtless try to argue that the new law is not a medical experiment but a necessary public health measure:


The facts argue otherwise.


An experiment is defined as action carried out to test an hypothesis; a test to find out whether what you have postulated is actually true, i.e. does it conform to reality.


The hypotheses being tested here are:-

  1. Total vaccination will eliminate measles; an hypothesis which, itself, rests upon a number of other hypotheses:- 
  2. Injecting someone with a dead or so-called "weakened virus" will cause them to pre-develop antibodies to the putative "wild" virus and, so, protect them from illness causing viruses 
  3. Measles is an illness 
  4. Measles is caused by a virus
  5. There are distinct and incontrovertible advantages to be gained from the eradication of measles
  6. Compulsory vaccination is an effective tool to conquer disease
  7. The advantages of vaccination far outweigh the risks
  8. Compulsory 100% vaccination will create "herd immunity"

All of these "building block" hypotheses have major problems:-


To 2:
Scientifically speaking, this is arrant nonsense. A healthy immune system would avoid becoming ill by immediately developing the "antibodies" - a pre-infection is not necessary and, mostly, doesn't work. A natural immunity weakened by malnutrition or other forms of stress would not develop the antibodies and the vaccine itself is likely to cause the illness it is supposed to be preventing. All comparison studies between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations uniformly show that the incidence of the illness is higher following vaccination.


To 3:
Measles is a natural development process by which the human body switches the liver from baby mode into adult mode at about the age of 5 years: Other than when accompanied by chronic under-nutrition, the process is quick, easy and presents no problems for the children going through it. Due to greatly improved nutrition, the numbers of measles related deaths have fallen from tens of thousands per year in the mid-19th century to, literally, zero by the mid 1950's - ten years before a vaccine was even offered!


To 4:
In 2016, Germany's highest court considered the question of whether a measles virus actually exists. The judges ruled that the hypotheses, assumptions and guesswork presented to them do not constitute evidence and that the hypothesis of the existence of a measles virus is unproven.


To 5:
Not even the manufacturers of vaccines nor the politicians which they own have been able to offer any evidence at all to support this claim. The problem which they claim to be able to eradicate is that of measles related deaths. The last one of these in England, for example, took place in 1954, ten years before a so-called "measles vaccine" became available. In the last two years, they have resorted to claiming that a fanciful und fatal illness called subacute sclerosing panencephalitis is caused by a late mutation of the measles virus - up to a ridiculous 60 years after going through the measles process we are expected to believe: There is precisely zero evidence that this actually happens and the fact that the symptoms of this extremely rare subacute sclerosing panencephalitis are identical to those of severe heavy metal poisoning (for which vaccines are one of the major sources!) is completely ignored.


To 6:
Historical evidence shows that, without exception, compulsory vaccination has caused a massive increase in the incidence of the disease which the vaccine was supposed to prevent. The last time that compulsory vaccination was used in Germany began in 1940 and resulted in a more than six-fold increase in diphtheria which was finally eradicated by cleaning the air of industrial pollutants.


To 7:
There are no known advantages to vaccination. Not only measles but also ALL other vaccination programmes have never prevented or resolved any illness.


Here we must differentiate between scientific facts and pharmaceutical propaganda; one such being the claim that they eradicated smallpox. The problem with this claim is that it was eradicated by improved hygiene and sanitation combined with the isolation of those ill with it. It was more than 30 years after smallpox had largely disappeared that the vaccination campaign even began. It was never completed and less than 10% of the target populations actually received the so-called vaccine.
Another such example is polio. It was only when DDT was banned that polio disappeared. In the few countries where DDT is still allowed, polio continues to be endemic.


On the other hand, the mass-vaccinations which directly caused the "Spanish Flu" were the direct cause of the deaths of millions of otherwise healthy people.
(It is, incidentally, totally obvious that the viewing figures for this video have been heavily doctored by Google as part of their campaign to suppress the truth about vaccines.)


Specifically with the MMR "measles vaccine" the death rate from the vaccine is more than 100 times the putative measles death rate: I have to say putative because all of those cases were so complex with so many diseases running at the same time that it is actually impossible to say which one actually caused that human body to cease to function.


To 8:
The concept of "herd immunity" is that, if sufficient numbers are vaccinated then the few unvaccinated will be essentially immune because there will be no carriers to bring the "virus" to them. The problem is that the concept is nonsense. Despite many decades of 90%+ vaccination rates, this "herd immunity" has never occurred: To the contrary, the vaccinated have become, through vaccination, carriers of the disease bringing it to other before succumbing themselves.


It is, therefore, incontrovertible that the compulsory measles vaccination is a medical experiment as defined at the Nurnberg trials and a crime against humanity.


Every German citizen has the right to go to the police and lodge a complaint of war crimes against Merkel and all of those who voted for her scheme.



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You can download a pdf copy of this article for distribution or inclusion on your own website.


Die deutsche Ausgabe kannst Du hier downloaden.



Blessed be


Karma Singh,


23rd November 2019


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