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What, exactly, IS a Merlin?

Firstly, Merlin is not a name, it’s a title!


You have, probably, heard of Merlin in the tales of King Arthur.

With a person of such importance it is only to be expected that a Merlin would be assigned to his court and, as etiquette required, be addressed by his title rather than by his name. As this was in the time during which the Catholic Church was gradually conquering Europe, the presence of a Merlin in King Arthur’s court was of even greater importance.


In the ancient Celtic tradition, a boy would be taken up into the bardic school at about 9 years of age where they would study for around 12 to 15 years. (Girls would be taken up in the priestess school.) Naturally, not all the students completed the full training; many were there to learn some of the basics before going back to continue in the family occupation.


Those who mastered the entire training were then sent to travel the world as Bards.

Despite what you may have been taught in school, a Bard was (is) not a troubadour. His training gave him abilities way in excess of this.


The duties of a Bard were (are):

1) To maintain a standard language throughout the land. In the times in which it was a great rarity for anyone to leave their village, there was a constant tendency to develop dialects so strong that communication with other communities would no longer be possible.


2) To “correct and balance”, i.e. to maintain the natural order, to attain agreement in strife, forgiveness and reconciliation after hurt and much more. This is the system which the Catholic Church replaced with their guilt and punishment concepts which gave a remote Theocracy, centralised in Rome, control over everyone’s daily life. It is their system which we still use today!


3) To give both children and adults a basic education and to report to his Merlin the names and locations of Children with the potential to become Bards.


4) To carry news from place to place.


5) To resolve health problems with his knowledge of herbal medicine, nutrition, consciousness structures, holy geometry and much more.


6) To preserve the roots of society through the teaching and practising the songs about history.
This last was used by the Catholic Church to belittle the Bards, one of the most important persons in the coherence of society, into wandering minstrels.


After 21 years on the road as a Bard, the most effective and experienced would be awarded the accolade of Merlin. These, together with the Priestesses were (are) the core of the perceptual and spiritual structures of the whole of society.


When a Bard or his feminine equivalent were promoted to Merlin and Priestess they were said to be “Wikkt”. Despite the church propaganda, wicked does not mean evil, it means wise! So, from wikkt or “wise women” the Catholic Church made “witches”.


Occasionally, there were girl students who were so stable and strong that they chose the way of the Bardess.

It was only after the advent of the Catholic Church that it became a high risk undertaking for a woman to wander alone through Europe.

After they were wikkt, such women received further training towards High Priestess.


The Merlins had (have) many tasks. Some of these are scarcely visible: Keeping an eye on the Bards, especially the new ones and looking after their further training; Some became teachers in the bardic schools. As they grew older and the journeying more difficult, many withdrew from that work and researched more about the world as well as giving counsel to those who undertook the journey to him.
Thus: A Merlin is a teacher, a counsellor, a researcher, a scholar and a good and wise guide for all.



Until I was invited to take a place amongst the Merlins in September 2014, I had forgotten all of the above.


With the uptake into the Merlins, my memories were set free. Now I can clearly see how my life has followed the traditional way to Merlin.

As a schoolboy, I began to research into such matters. For 15 years I continued with this and saw how I was lead from one teacher to the next, how books would be pushed out of the shelf into my hands in book shops and much more of the like.

Suddenly, in 1987, my life underwent a complete revolution out of which my hobby became my profession.


With a few short pauses, I have now been constantly “on the road” for 28 years.
Soon, but not yet, I will withdraw to a fixed place and give up journeying.


Over the next few weeks, you can meet with me in Germany and Austria and

On Wednesday 9th March at 7.30 p.m. New York time (00.30 Thursday 10 March London time) for a live radio chat with phone-in questions on “Supernaturalgirlz” radio show.


Blessed be



9th February 2016





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