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Moving house


Disease and Immunity Part 3





My Relocation.

we began this last Sunday but, because most of the larger vehicles (normally, we'd take a 7.5 tonne van) have been deregistered as an effect of the business-crushing pseudo-pandemic, we had to do it in two stages.
On God's Friday, we completed the move and now we just need to find everything again and put it all into a new order.
This has meant a small delay for those who have ordered books and DVDs this week but everything will be in the post on Tuesday. The Actio and Brutus despatch has not been and will not be affected because this is managed by a separate warehouse.

I have been in the new house for five days now and I must say that I can already breathe much better and the creeping emaciation appears to have stopped.

So, once again, an enormous thank you to everyone who helped finance this and those who helped in other ways as well.

Blessed be

Disease and Immunity
Part 3 - Microscopic LIfe

Here, I want to invite you to consider a concept of life which is much more in accord with observable facts than is that of conventional medicine.

We have already seen in parts 1 & 2 how tiny proportions of humanity appear to be affected by so called "disease germs"; how the overwhelming majority breathe them in, eat them, drink them, sexually share them and remain completely healthy. Were we here dealing with a science then this would be definite proof that the theory of infection is untenable. Modern medicine is, however, not a science but a way of making money - lots and lots of it.

As a spokesman for Goldman Sachs (the co-ordinating bank for the banking cartel) said in 2018, "There's no money to be made from healing people so it's not going to happen."

Following the work of Max Planck, Nils Bohr and others who firmly established quantum physics as the basis for everything, every branch of science has made this the foundation of their work. Pharmaceutical medicine has not! There are very good reasons for this:


The outdated Newtonian model of a mechanical universe appears to imply that all events are random, that consciousness is a temporary effect of biology and that there is nothing that any individual can do to improve his/her life. Therefore, we all need pharmaceuticals to rescue us from the random attacks.

Quantum physics, on the other hand, shows that consciousness, even at the sub-atomic level, is always making decisions and that each and every one of us is a part of and participant in this deciding consciousness, i.e. pharmaceuticals is a temporary aberration for which we have no practical use.

It is, of course, this deciding consciousness which chooses whether to make use of any offer of a purification process or not. This explains why so very few are affected in any so called "epidemic". It also goes a very long way towards explaining why only tiny, tiny numbers use the process to terminate their incarnation.

This is not, contrary to the "teachings" of the pharmaceutical industry, a universe in which malicious entropy rules and completely random events dominate our existence necessitating the intervention of pharmaceuticals to "rescue" us. It is, in fact, a highly ordered and extremely sophisticated universe in which the satisfaction of all our personal choices is guaranteed.


Now some will say, "But I didn't want that!" Well, maybe you didn't but you chose it anyway and now look at the results of your choice. Therein lies the golden nugget; if you don't like the result, change your choices! I have written a full-length book on this called "The Key to Luck" which teaches you how, in 3 minutes daily, step by step, to change your basic assumptions about yourself which are the origin of all of your "unnoticed" decisions and choices. This book will shortly go for its 19th reprint in German and the third in English (the english edition was published some years after the german original). E-book editions are also available.  

So, what are all these microbes that we keep hearing about?


The human body is a cooperative organisation of around seventy trillion cells.

This is, however, less than half of the physical life in our bodies! There are, in addition, trillions of single cellular organisms living happily in symbiosis with us.


Symbiosis means, "two or more life forms living together for their mutual benefit". Our digestion, for example, relies upon a vast horde of symbiotic organisms living in our intestines. There are, however, many, many more.


The first error that Pasteur made was to presume that these other organisms were parasitic instead of symbiotic. He rushed "into print" with this, declaring these bacteria to be the cause of illness because he found them in all sick people. It was only later that he discovered that they are also present in all healthy people. Rather than retracting, he "modified" his laboratory results to show that only sick people had these organisms in their bodies. As microbiology has developed over the last four decades, it has become increasingly clear that almost all so-called "disease germs" are present in all of us for our entire life. The pharmaceutical industry spends multi-millions each year to suppress public knowledge of this and other important information essential to health.

Amongst these microbes are particles called "exosomes". This may, to many, appear to be a new term but they have been studied and documented for more than half a century. They are, of course, one of the many things that the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to know about. They have a very good reason for suppressing this knowledge:-

There are two "competing" hypotheses about what these particles are. The one says that they are "viruses" which cause many diseases; the other that they are protein packets which transport information between our cells and also between you and me. This information helps us as individuals to cope with our ever-changing environment and, thereby, promotes physical, emotional and spiritual evolution. This conforms to quantum biophysical principles as mentioned above.

When making photographs of such particles, they must first be killed then stained with heavy metals and then radioactively bombarded to produce an electron-microscope image. The process of preparation is so toxic to protoplasmic life than no protein remains, just the heavy metal residues. I.e. you see a photo of the heavy metals that have destroyed and replaced parts of the original proteins. An electron-microscope picture of a "virus" is, therefore, that of something which is said to be a virus but there is no evidence that it actually is so. When you take an exosome and treat it in exactly the same way so that it can be "photographed", you will get exactly the same picture! The electron microscope can, therefore, tell you precisely nothing about what the particle is, what it does or what it is for. There are, however, other ways of determining this as you can see in this short video:-

What is certain is that there is absolutely no evidence which would support the postulate of attacking micro-organisms causing infectious diseases.

Thus is the biggest and richest industry in the world shown to be a fake and a fraud!

Working from here we can begin to put together an hypothesis of how things may actually work.

1) All life forms participate in the same guiding consciousness.

2) All life forms are inter-dependent and participate in the planet-wide recycling of organic material and information

3) All life forms have a vested interest not only in self-preservation but also in the preservation of all other life forms.**

4) There is a plethora of micro-organisms which, in the Grand Scheme of Things, have the task of separating diseased cells from the healthy. When their services are needed, changes in the fields of energy of an individual summon them to action.

Whenever their services are needed, it would be foolish in the extreme to rely upon random chance that they would come floating in on a passing breeze. They are, therefore, integrated in the natural development of the human body, i.e., when you need them they are already there and immediately leap into action.

A micro-organism, no matter whether you call it "virus" or "exosome", is, therefore to be perceived either as absolutely useless (virus) or a suggestion from a "friend" that you might like to trigger the same healing process that he/she is going through (exosome).

I have never seen any evidence of the Divine Plan creating something totally useless (other than many politicians, of course). It is, therefore, most reasonable to assume that viruses do not exist and that these particles are benign messengers both between different people and between the cells of our own bodies.

5) There is no such thing as a "disease causing germ" which attacks people randomly from the surrounding area. What there is, is a natural resonance which draws the need (a necessary healing / clearing process) and a suggested solution together. I have dealt with this in some detail in my book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." and so there is no need to reiterate it here. The book, both printed and as a download, is available exclusively here:-

6) Sickness occurs as a result of choices made, be this the choice of a toxic diet "because it's cheap", the decision to live together with someone with whom you are incompatible, to endure a dirty environment instead of cleaning it and much, much more. That which we have been taught to call "sickness" is, actually, the attempt of your body and / or your mind to remove the sickness caused by your life choices.

** What about carnivores, I hear you asking?
Their task in the divine scheme of things is to eliminate the weak and the old. You will notice that the Divine Consciousness has so ordered things that the fittest can always run fast enough or jump high enough to escape the carnivores. Those of us with a little more knowledge of anatomy are aware that the gastric juices of carnivores are much more aggressive than ours (or any other natural herbivore) which enables them to devour sick or putrid meat without harm.

There is, of course, much work needed to identify all the details but this new hypothesis has one enormous advantage over the present assumptions:- It is based on observable facts and is in accord with modern scientific knowledge; claims which pharmaceutical medicine cannot truthfully make.
The one enormous advantage that this new paradigm brings is that it works!

Now, what would be sensible things to do right now?

1. Improve your diet to conform to the needs of the human body as Hippocrates always said. You can download a free introduction to human appropriate nutrition here based upon macrobiotics. The Chinese Five Element nutrition is very similar but I know macrobiotics much better.

2. Remove all stored toxins from your body by using Actio from the German toxicologist, Dr. Uwe Häcker. This is a gentle but thorough process taking 3 - 5 months dependent upon how thick the fatty layers (which store the toxins) are. A one-month "refresher" each year is to be recommended.

3. Remove the toxic beliefs and propaganda from your mind by using the Harmony Headphone set which you can see here.


This article can be downloaded as a .pdf to distribute per email or to print out by clicking on this link


All three parts of this series can be downloaded as a single document here:-

Blessed be
Karma Singh
4th April 2021


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