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How does Mind Clearing help me?

Feedback from those who have participated in my seminars, Mind Clearing or personal appointments or have simply used my DVDs or read my books is always welcome. These are very useful to me and help me identify necessary improvements and develop new tools.
Sometimes, they just cause a big smile on my face with my favourite phrase, “I like it when it works”.


Here are some of those that I have received recently, some also have answers from me.

Further down the page is the additional Explanation that so many have requested.


Hello Dear Karma,
at last I have found the right time to write to you about events in my life since my Mind Clearing at the end of October 2018 …. and I must say that I am really looking forward to the next months and maybe even years of change.


There was a big change right after the Mind Clearing - since then I think in a completely different way; negative thoughts just disappeared from my head as soon as they showed themselves. My big problem of insufficient money has changed to abundance. From living on social security with chronic shortages at the end of each month, I have now become a mother of four children who has found a job that I enjoy doing. Money worries have just been blown away I can not only fulfil all of our needs, I have even managed to save 1000 Euros! (about $1200.00). I can’t really describe it: The job hasn’t suddenly given me much more money; it is my thoughts which have changed.


In recent days, I have also noticed that the world around me is much less cluttered and life is much easier.


I could write much more….all in all 100 per cent abundance. I can only recommend your work to others and I do and have done.



Stefanie H., Thüringen, Germany.

Hey Karma,
here is a feedback to Mind Clearing which we did around Christmas time.
In professional or financial regards, nothing has changed. My mind set appears to be still the old one, unfortunately.


On the relationships front, however…. I have at last forgiven my (still) husband who left me three years ago and left a family battlefield behind. For three years I have had a broken heart, was hurt and extremely angry. Now, however, for the first time, I could wish him happiness from my heart and, abracadabra, I could open myself for a good man that I had constantly overlooked in these last three years even though we kept meeting each other.
So, a total success.


If this would happen professionally and financially, that would really be nice. Maybe it’s on its way?

I am a passionate yoga teacher but I cannot live from that and must take a part-time job. I doesn’t hurt but, through the separation from my husband, things are, financially, very tight and I can’t work full-time because of the children.

Nothing has developed here as yet.


Greetings from
Katrin T. Hamburg, Germany


Hi Katrin,
one of the differences between the littlest and the grandest selves is that the littlest self thinks on problems and the grandest think in solutions.

What is totally obvious to your grandest self is that, so long as you live in blaming, you can never have abundance.

In the German language, this is even clearer as the words for guilt, blaming and debts are all the same root word because these three are, energetically, inseparable.

Your grandest self begins, of course, with the solution of the basic problem because the others are unreachable until this is resolved.


This is not true merely for Katrin but is a general principle used by the bankers to gain your wealth. Any sort of blaming will cause you to reject your natural abundance and to live in relative poverty. Once you reject your abundance it becomes free for the bankers to harvest it.





And from Daniel F. in Schleswig Holstein, Germany:
After the first session, Karma said to me that my main programme comes from my early childhood and is, “Tell me what I must do for you so that you will accept me. This programme has overlaid all others and made it impossible for you to use them.”


I was astounded - never had anyone hit the nail on the head with such precision.


During the following week, I noticed how I was still partially stuck fast in this old pattern. I was out and about with other people and saw clearly how I constantly put myself under pressure to so comport myself that others would accept me.


After the second session, this compulsion disappeared completely and I became calm. Having now the confidence to be accepted just as I am, I could, at last, just be myself instead of constantly playing anxious roles.


During the last few weeks, I have had an eager creative impulse to carry out a plan to create my own business which I had been pushing to one side for many years. Eagerly, I created a website and flyers.
Today, I looked back in my calendar to see when this impulse came: It was just one day after the first session with Karma!.......

You can read the complete text on the website here:-


I have received many requests for clarification as it is by no means clear what the real purpose of Mind Clearing is nor what one can do after the third session.

Another example of “I can’t see the wood because the trees are in the way.” I.e., it was so obvious to me that I didn’t even think whether someone coming to it completely fresh and seeing it for the first time would also find it obvious.

The answer, according to feedback, is a loud NO!


OK, then I can now correct this. Thank you.


The purpose of Mind Clearing is to dissolve and to remove the separation and barriers between your littlest (Earth bound) self and your Angel self or Over self or whatever else you want to call it. This, automatically, leads to becoming, once again, your whole self.


Mind Clearing is initially a procedure by which the channel between the consciousness of your littlest and your Angel selves will be cleared out.

In the third phase, these two will be directly connected. Following this, it becomes, for you, a matter of practice:


After the third phase you should practice daily, as often as you can, moving your energy between your medulla oblongata, through the hypothalamus and the fontanel into your Over self (just above your head) and back. Constantly move your energy up and down. Three seconds per up and down movement is about right.

The exercise is very easy - don’t think about it, just feel that your energy is constantly moving between these two points. Feel it moving and it moves.


Five minutes every hour is ideal.


You can see the positions in the video here on the home page:-

This exercise dissolves the separation between your littlest and your grandest selves. You then, automatically, return to being your whole self.


One of the things which I regularly experience through this is that I have solutions before I become aware of the problem to which they belong!


Blessed be


Karma Singh,

Thailand, 24th March 2019


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Never forget this!



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