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Is Covid now finished?


"Miracle" Cures - why they work!








Is this the End of the Road for Covid-19?

It can be a long journey from unquestioned belief in dogma learned in early childhood to the realisation that the dogma has no point of contact with reality.


Dogma, although usually used in connection with religious dictates, actually means, "Required beliefs that it is a crime to question." Our world is so full of dogmas in almost all walks of life that it can truthfully be said that human consciousness is almost drowning in a sea of meaningless dogma.


Some years ago, I put a video up on YouTube entitled, "Vaccination is a religion, not a science." Google has, some months ago, deleted that video without notification or comment.

Why did they do this?

Because it challenged the dogma of vaccination.


This article concerns itself with the many dogmas that medical students are required to believe in order to qualify for a licence to practice medicine and to retain that licence throughout their careers.

Two of the most central dogmas are those of "infectious disease" and "viruses". Without these two, the pharmaceutical industry would largely cease to exist; they are fundamental to the wealthiest industry upon our planet.
Yet neither of them has any basis in reality!


In his memoirs which, in accord with the conditions of his will, were locked in a safe until the last of his children had died, Louis Pasteur's memoirs reveal how he had falsified his laboratory findings for the purpose of attaining great wealth and fame. The real results, according to his memoirs, revealed when the safe was opened in 1995, show that "infection", in the way in which we have all been taught, simply does not take place. His "partner in crime", the German Robert Koch, never confessed but we should, perhaps, note that he, as did his father before him, received both a doctorate and a professorship without ever completing their studies.


That which should most definitely be carefully noted by everyone is that medical statistics reveal that 96% to 99% of the people who come into contact with a "disease germ" are completely unaffected. This "anomaly" whereby almost no-one becomes ill shows very definitely that the "germ" (whether bacterium or "virus") cannot be the cause of the malady.


Whilst there can be no doubt that bacteria exist (even the cheapest of microscopes will show them) the same cannot be said for "viruses". What is, in addition, lacking for both of these is any hard evidence supporting claims that they cause dis-ease.


Just to clarify the scientific state with "viruses", of which you have doubtless seen many photos; it has never been possible to confirm that they actually do what is claimed.

The problem is partially their size and partially limitations upon present technology.


Optical microscopes cannot magnify to a sufficient degree to make "viruses" visible at all: Electron microscopes can but have the major drawback that they can only show pictures of dead, immobile particles. The assumption that "viruses" attack cells and destroy them is, therefore, nothing more than an assumption - there is no actual evidence that they do so. In point of fact, present knowledge indicates most strongly that these particles are not "viruses" at all but something completely different.


At the forefront of modern science is the postulate that these particles are actually tiny packages of information which have the purpose of aiding communication both intra-cellular and intra-species. This is the exosome hypothesis which, whilst viewing the self-same particles, has a lot more going for it than does the virus hypothesis, i.e. it is a much better fit with the observable facts and, therefore, much more likely to be true.

As a side note, we can mention here that, according to the American Centers for Disease Control, the Sars-Cov-2 particle (which is NOT a "virus" but something much, much smaller) has a natural affinity with tissues from Monkey kidneys but does not thrive in human tissues. Although this particle was only first discovered in 2013 in Canada, it is so widespread across the entire planet that it has certainly been present in the troposphere (that part of Earth's atmosphere in which humans can live and breathe) for many decades if not centuries or even millennia.


There is a similar problem with "antibodies", i.e. there is no reliable evidence supporting the antibody hypothesis either. Modern research indicates that these particles may actually be a part of normal cell-repair processes.


In recent days, medical statistics have made two things very clear:-

a) An unacceptably large proportion of those who have so far received the "vaccine" have become seriously ill. In the UK, within the first four days alone, 3,150 were completely incapacitated and many, many more show adverse reactions. What the present death toll from the vaccine is, is a carefully guarded secret.

b) Influenza has almost completely disappeared! Instead of the usual thousands of cases around this time of year, local health authorities are registering mere handfuls! "Coincidentally", the number of people receiving treatment for "Covid-19" is in accord with the average numbers of 'flu cases in the years 2014-2019.


In the UK, they have tried to bury point a) by claiming that there is, suddenly, a virus mutation which is much more virulent.

This is, scientifically speaking, totally impossible; before a virus can mutate, it must first exist! Even today, at the end of December 2020, the "Covid-19 causing virus" has never been found. All that exists is a computer generated model of what it might look like if it could be found. Photoshopped images do NOT modify themselves!

What has actually happened is that the serious adverse reactions to this so called "vaccine" concoction, which many health experts predicted, are showing themselves much faster than expected, i.e. within hours rather than weeks and months.

The new "super virulent mutation" is a cover-up.


Without mass-dietary corrections, influenza cannot disappear! Influenza, along with many, many other examples of minor ailments, is not an illness but a natural detoxification process.


'Flu, together with the common cold, is a natural tool to remove cooling materials from your body in order to preserve warmth in the colder parts of the year. Both colds and 'flu are very similar and the one can easily transform into the other at need.

What this statistic actually tells us is that a new disease called "Covid-19" does not actually exist. Looking at the published symptoms of "Covid-19" we see that they are identical to and indistinguishable from those of the common cold and/or influenza.

All of the above tells us with absolute certainty that the sole basis for the 2020 fearmongering, the destruction of the middle class and the establishment of dictatorships has been the re-naming of Influenza. Henceforth, influenza is to be called "Covid-19" and this fact alone (apparently) justifies the crimes already committed and those planned for 2021.


We shall see.








The “Miracle Cures” for “Covid-19”

Many will remember how, early in this "plandemic", Hydroxychloroquine emerged as a highly effective medicine when used on Covid-19 cases. As this is quite difficult to obtain in Europe (in some countries, so I am told, it has not been listed in the pharmacopeia for more than 20 years!) and in view of the somewhat complicated method of usage, I have not examined this substance myself. Many health professionals in America report it to be so effective that it has been banned in order to preserve the "vaccine" programme.


In giving testimony before the US Senate on 8th December, Dr. Pierre Kory gave a report on the long-term study carried out under Professor Marik. Their results are confirmed in total by a similar study in Argentina and, to 78%, by a much smaller study in India. These studies concern the use of "Invermectin". Dr. Kory describes the results as "miraculous": 100% effective prophylactic, i.e. in preventing "infection" and over 90% effective therapeutically, i.e. in the treatment of those ill. It is available with prescription under a number of local names and I now have some of this in my possession.


From other sources I have heard of Artemisinin which is extracted from the "Sweet Wormwood" plant. This has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2000 years. I have also obtained this substance and can confirm its suitability.


All of these listed above, plus MMS which I have not been able to test so far, have one thing in common: They are all well-known specifics against intestinal worms and malaria!


So, why on Earth should they be effective against "Covid-19" whatever that may be?


To understand this, we must first understand what "Covid-19" actually is.
Both the published symptoms and the medical statistics show most clearly that "Covid-19" is nothing more than normal annual 'flu; all that has actually happened is that it has been given a new name in order to justify the mass-fear propaganda.

The "Covid-19" symptoms can also readily been identified as those of the common cold. Colds and 'flu are not really two separate things but are, in fact, so similar that they can and do easily merge into each other; both are natural detoxification systems which remove cooling material from your body in order to conserve warmth during the colder months of the year. They are only problematical when extreme age and infirmity or other serious illnesses have so weakened the body that a heavy cold or 'flu on top is just too much for that body to cope with.


These are the 'flu deaths which happen every year. 2020 is no exception; the numbers are not unusual. The only "unusual" thing is that 'flu has almost completely "disappeared" and been "replaced" with "Covid-19", i.e., they are one and the same thing. Further proof, if it were needed, is the fact that the government was able to predict that there would be a "second wave" beginning in October and a "third wave" towards the end of February. As this happens every year with the 'flu, it is no great trick to "prophecy" that it will also happen in 2020 and 2021.


It used to be a common usage to do a worm cure every Spring. Modern medicine which teaches that you are powerless to do anything yourself for your health, has resulted in the decline of this custom and the almost universal spread of intestinal parasites. Most worms are very small and can often only be seen with the aid of a microscope. Malaria is also a worm-like parasite.


The centre of your immune system is your intestines. When they are chronically weakened by parasitic worms, then your naturally immunity will also be seriously weakened. We should also note that these parasites can make your intestines cooler than they should be for optimal function.


Most of your body's organs work in pairs. An example of a very common symptom of a problem with such is brown shadows around the eyes: This is an indication that the syncopation between your liver and your pancreas is seriously out of balance.


The pair with which we concern ourselves here is the intestines and the lungs. When the intestines are too cold then heat will be diverted from the lungs and heart to cover the deficiency. This can result in the lungs being so cold that they begin the natural cold or 'flu process to eject cold material. Whilst this will often restore the balance, it is not always so and chronic severe parasitic infestation can result in a race to conserve bodily warmth - a race which, long-term, will always be lost unless the parasites are removed.

This explains why substances known and proven to be highly effective in eliminating parasitic worms, both intestinal and malaria, have shown themselves to be so effective when used in cases of severe lung problems; once the worms have been eliminated, your intestines return naturally to their normal temperature and the overburdening of your lungs ceases. As an added bonus, your entire body becomes stronger and your mind clearer.


THE most important thing to note here is that Covid-19 as such does NOT exist. All that has happened and all that is happening is normal annual 'flu. There is no danger and neither need nor use for any of the tyrannical measures which have been imposed upon us this year.




Blessed be
Karma Singh
27th December 2020


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