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Yule Tide Bazaar

When is New Year really?

11th/12th January

Seminar report and new dates

2020 Mind Clearing





Actio (formerly Enormor)

I have been talking about this amazing detoxification formula, developed by the toxicologist Dr. Uwe Häcker, for some time.


At the end of last year, the formula was greatly improved and the product re-named "Actio" instead of Enormor as previously.

Ordering and deliveries have been plagued with problems, some, undoubtedly, created by the pharmaceutical cartel which relies, for much of its income, upon high levels of toxicity in the population in general.
A stable delivery system has now been achieved and Dr. Häcker has asked me to take over the order processing for the time being.

A special website with full details and order options is here:

At present, due to licencing restrictions, delivery is only possible within Europe. Neither the FDA nor Health Canada have licenced this for public consumption (it costs too much!).







Yule Tide Bazaar

Although (see below) New Year this time happens on 6th/7th January, the Yule-Tide Bazaar will remain open until midnight on the 9th January. (see top of this page).

This is because I will be celebrating the real New Year in most pleasant surroundings and am then travelling on the 7th and 8th.

In the following days (9th -15th) I will be in Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset and Yorkshire. If anyone wishes a personal consultation, please register now here:-






New Year

The date we have been using for some time, 31st December to 1st January, has no celestial or astronomical relationship to anything at all: It is a date just plucked out of thin air at the whim of some antique priest / aristocrat / politician (who knows? Who cares?).


Because the sun and moon calendars are not synchronous, there is an 11 day gap, most commonly between the 26th December and 6th January.


In Germany this period is called the "Rauhnächte", a name which harks back to the ancient Celtic culture. I have not been able to find any English translation for this or details of how the ancient Britons viewed this period. If anyone knows of such references, please forward them on to me. All that I have, from the editor in chief of ExtremNews, is this translation of the German customs.

As with a great deal of our history, the Church has made tremendous efforts to suppress and to destroy records of it. So this story from Germany is all that I can offer.


What I can say is that this is a time when there is a great deal of confusion in Earths energies. It is also very strenuous for the kidneys which can lead to depression, insomnia and even heart attacks. For this reason, I've made a mantrum which strengthens the kidneys available for you to download for free here. Sing this is often and for as long as you can each day. You don't need to make any special "ceremony" out of it, just carry on with whatever it is that you have to do whilst singing it - you have to give voice to it yourself!


These confusing energies make life quite difficult for me - I'm used to "sailing o'er the waters" and this is like wading through mud.


I did, with a lot of help, manage to lead a seminar "between the years" (see below) but it was a lot more strenuous that I would have wished.

I have, therefore, decided that it makes much more sense to postpone all energy work until the stable year begins on the 7th. As I will be travelling on the 7th and 8th, this means that the 9th will be the earliest day for appointments.





11th / 12th January

There is a considerable amount of nonsense and quite a lot of fearmongering floating around the internet regarding these dates. Please ignore it!


As any competent astrologer will tell you, this is the time of an unusual alignment which occurs only every 500 years or so. It opens a period, stretching through to December 2020, which supports great changes in the structure and governance of the world. This follows on from 2019, a year in which many of the self-named "Illuminatis'" plans to extend their exploitation of humanity were thwarted. 2020 should see them in full retreat from us.


This won't, however, happen if we just sit on our hams and wait for it; the victory is to be attained by action not sloth! It is up to us to use the opportunity which this astrological alignment opens to free ourselves from corruption.


Inaction is that which will cause the energy to move from the mental to the physical, i.e. a war of destruction! Putin and Trump have, so far, avoided this happening but we also have much to do this year. We need to keep this ancient struggle on the mental plane where we can achieve a final victory: Letting it move to the physical will only ensure yet another repetition. It is for this reason that I was asked to give the seminar "between the years".







"Between the Years"

Over the weekend 28th / 29th December, I led this seminar. It was, of course, unique in that the energy at that point was most unusual and critical.


Those who participated have become leaders and spiritual warriors.


The seminar concerned itself with the true history of humanity stretching back some 22 million years, the wars between the greed of the "Atlantians" (who also presently rule the planet) and the "Righteous" and the re-opening of "lost" abilities which make the "Atlanteans'" objective of enslaving the whole of humanity impossible.


Each participant has learned (or been reminded of) the natural ability to return any attacking energy to the perpetrator no matter whether this be physical violence, chemtrails, 5G or whatever.


The "Atlantean" bankers have stolen most of the world's wealth by inculcating in us a belief system that all wealth belongs to them. Each participant has not only learned how to take back their own wealth but, during the seminar, has actually done so. This usually evidences itself in your wallet or purse within a couple of weeks.


Much else was learned during the weekend such as how to re-channel anger and frustration into creative energy, how to locate and use the 5th heart chamber to access the universe, the reintroduction of the ancient Vedic technique of Prana-Bindhu to strengthen the body and the mind and create immunity to almost all disease and more.


Each participant is then charged with the responsibility to pass this knowledge on to all who want it. I have also warned them not to "preach" as this is very ineffective but just to live in the "new" knowledge and then wait to be asked how you've done it. From first reports that I've already received, changes are already happening in those around the participants due to their much higher energy.


Although each seminar will be unique and attuned to the energy of that time and the group present, this knowledge can be imparted at each new moon (or shortly thereafter) during the ascending sun, i.e. until the 21st June. The possible weekend dates are, therefore:-

25th & 26th January
22nd & 23rd February
29th February & 1st March
28th & 29th March
25th & 26th April
23rd & 24th May
30th & 31st May
20th & 21st June


I am, of course, not restricted to leading such seminars only on weekends but can do so on any two days between New Moon and First Quarter. If you have a group that can meet for two days during the week and access to an appropriate room please contact me soonest.


The one thing that I cannot do is to organise the location. This requires your local knowledge!


What is needed is a quiet room of at least 70 square metres together with chairs for up to 40 participants. Please note that each participant needs nearly 2 metres of space around them so 70 square metres would only accommodate about 20 people! The "Volkshalle" used for the first seminar has about 280 square metres of usable space.

Parish halls and the like may well be suitable locations.


I need at least one person to help with setting up chairs and tables, to organise tea breaks and put everything back into order afterwards. The assistant will, of course, participate in the seminar free of charge.


Clearly, the most urgent is the January date.


I can lead the seminars in either English or German - anywhere else would require a translator.


At the moment, I do not envisage being able to offer these seminars outside Europe. They are also not possible online.


The seminars cost €240.00 or £190.00  (Other currencies on request)







2020 Mind Clearing Sessions

As the world energy stabilises in it's new structure next week, I can begin offering the Mind Clearing sessions once again.


The earliest date would be the 9th January but from the 17th onwards would be preferable for me.


I do think that a lot of people are going to want this this year so the earlier you register, the sooner we can begin.


Blessed be



3rd January 2020


All books, hand books, courses and DVDs are available here:




The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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