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Debt and Mobbing Dissolver   9th Jan 2014


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Breaking News of massive fraud at the CDC   26th August 2014


3 hour radio interview (recording)   10th September 2014


Empowerment Trainings now available in English    18th September 2014


The Bee's Knees              22nd November 2014


The Invasion of the Kingdom of Germany    23rd December 2014





Debt & Mobbing Dissolver

our first theme for the New Zear is
something which has existential meaning
for vast numbers of people - removing
debt - in ALL FORMS - from your life.

This same transmission should be most
effective in resolving another common
problem which has the same basic cause:


Everything is ready for you (no charge, as usual) here:-


As usual, please forward this to all friends and family


Blessed be,







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