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Not all of the newsletters will be archived here. Some refer to events which are due to taker place in the near future and, following that date, are totally useless. Those listed here are certainly valid for some months and many for several years.


Two things to pass on           4th Jan 2015


Live Radio broadcast             8th Jan 2015


Quantum Possibilities launched      5th April 2015


The final showdown?          14th April 2015


Updates on Quantum Possibilities     23rd April 2015


THE Meeting!                        5th May 15


Bilderberg Antidote      13th June 2015


Greece - the re-creation of a Nation      22nd June 2015


Your wake up call forever     4th August 2015


The Gentle Revolution Part 1-
Steering the Great Change energy
       8th August 2015


The Gentle Revolution Part 2-
Your Rules of Engagement
             9th August 2015


The Gentle Revolution Part 3-
Strategy and first Campaign
                   14th August 2015


Organ of the month - your Gall bladder        25th August 2015


What's the 28th Sept all about?     1st Sept 2015


Do what you really want to do       22nd Nov 2015


The Paris "Terror Atacks"      6th Dec. 2015


Paris as seen from Syria      7th Dec 2015


Taking the Wind out of the Warmonger's Sails      11th Dec 2015





Two things to pass on

here are two things that I'd like you to help with by passing them on to all your friends, family and whatever:

A brand new service - it's honest!!


My New Year's Broadcast video part I of III



Live Radio broadcast

tonight from about 9.30 London time (3.30 p.m. New York) I'll be on live radio again with Dr. Rock.
You can tune in online or listen to the recording later via this link:


Themes include the secret of manifesting, the latest news from the Kingdom of Germany, who REALLY owns your money, the new Weight Loss web site and whatever flows into the conversation.
You can also ask question via the live chat.
The programme actually starts at 9.00 p.m. so log in then to get everything set up before I'm
called into the studio.





Quantum Possibilities

This morning, a project that we've been working on for some time was finally switched live.

This is a resource website for health and self-development based upon the new Quantum Biophysics paradigm.

It's here, now, for you.


Do let us (and all your friends) know what you think of it.






there are strong indications that this Wednesday, the 15th April, is when the next showdown will take place.

For the last three days running, there have been heavy attacks - on the physical level as well - upon both the Siberian and the South American shamen and women.

For many months, the main-stream press has been trying its utmost to spread strife and dissention - the classical "divide and conquer" method devised by Julius Caesar.
Further, attempts to engender wars in several countries have been intensified.


My feeling is that this is no cause for worry but is the last desperate act of a dying dinosaur trying to extend its life a little further.

With co-ordinated, unified action we can turn this around so that its creators experience their own actions.
Thus do we draw a final line through the activities of the patriarchy.


On Wednesday at 10.00 a.m. London time, (11.00 a.m. Berlin/Paris, 5 a.m. New York) many healers, shamen and teachers will gather upon precise points upon this planet in order to co-ordinate humanity's move to freedom. Please join in with your will to peace, dignity and freedom.

Although the action will, probably, continue for several days, it is the first hour when we "set the ball rolling" in which the maximum number of participants is needed so please try to be mentally and spiritually with us for at least that first hour.

The many who already work with "The Key to Luck", (previously called "The Biology of Prayer") are asked to give this manifestation starting right now:


My decision to awaken is now fully realised.
I AM peace. I AM freedom. I AM the new beginning
I am the way, the truth and the light.


All people everywhere lay down their weapons. All recognise that
strife and war are silly and senseless. All give them up completely
and awaken to the light of freedom and abundance.



Thankfulness, joy and peace.






Bilderberg Antidote (13th June 15)

today is the third day of the four day Bilderberg meeting; this year in Austria.

The exact location is the Interalpen Hotel near the small town of Telfs in Tirol, Austria.


Just in case you don’t yet know what these meetings are: They are the annual meeting
in which the cartels appoint new governments in the countries which they control (N. America, Europe, except Iceland, large parts of Africa, Japan and much else) and give present appointees (Obama bin Barak, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, etc.) their orders for
the following year.


Although the first known such meeting took place in 1913, they didn’t begin to come to public attention until the meeting in 1954 which took place in the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland - that’s where the name comes from.


What we have to do is to put a spanner in their works.
It has already leaked out into the public domain that the plans which will be detailed in this year’s meeting include the elimination of cash money in order to curtail freedom of movement as well as to eliminate businesses which do not obey the cartels by preventing payments
reaching them.

Also on the agenda is to make vaccination compulsory as just too many people have learned that it is totally useless, has no scientific base and could never attain such.


Please bear in mind that these are emergency actions planned by the cartels because we, the people, have thwarted so many of their plans over the last few years. It is only because of this that their actions are no longer secret.


Below is a suggested procedure based upon the methods in the book
The Key to Luck

The Text:
The consciousness of all participants in the “Bilderberg“ meeting
from 11th to the 14th June 2015 is raised to the divine order of peace
and abundance for all peoples.
The patriarchy is dissolved in perfect peace.


The Vision:
Archangels appear in all groups, conferences and discussions; they
free all participants from their demonic thought compulsions and
raise their hearts to God.


The feelings:
Compassion, thankfulness, freedom and peace.
As often as you can every day - even after the meeting as the
participants will continue to be active.

Please feel free to pass this on to all friends and family.


Blessed be


Karma Singh





Wake-up call

We live in a time of Great Change; a time of high romance that poets and writers will write about in the ensuing centuries.
Each and every human now on Earth will have a story to tell of how she/he experienced, worked for and participated in The Change.


The time of The Change is not something that lies before us; it is NOW!
The Age of Materialism - also called The Patriarchy - ended in October 2014. All that you now see is the death throes of the so-called “Dinosaur Humans”, the self-appointed “Elite”, as they recognise that their reign on Earth is now past.


This is the time foretold in so many prophecies:

From the Norse sagas comes the “Fimbulwinter”, a time in which it constantly snows in Summer (the chemtrails?) which brings men and the gods to rise together to drive the giants (the elite, the cartels) from our planet.
The Vedic “Mahakranti”; the Christian “Armageddon” and many more speak of such a time as ours.
Steeped in the perceptions of the Age of Materialism, each speaks of great upheavals of the Earth and billions of deaths as violence was the preferred way of resolving problems in the age just passed.


You can have this if you like; you just need to do nothing at all.


Out of this necessary and unavoidable Change, you can, however, create a gentle revolution.


The Time is with us now:


For each of the “Elite” who wish to continue exploiting us, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Are you ready?
Do you have the courage to stand up? More than this will not be asked of you because more is not needed.


During the next few days I will send you more details and make some suggestions which will enable you to turn this energy of Great Change into the Gentle Revolution.


Please feel free to pass this on to all friends and family.


Blessed be

Karma Singh

Tel: UK 0203-286-6936
International 0044-203-286-6936
Skype: karmaharmony





Paris as seen from Syria

I don't think that any words from me are necessary.





The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed  “Elite” ceases to exist.

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