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One last thing on Christmas Eve      24th December 2016


Christmas Day Transmission for your heart -
my Christmas Present to the world 
                     25th December 2016


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Even Bilderbergers can wake up!

At reception for the Bilderberg meeting which began yesterday in Dresden there were already problems visible.


The Bilderberg structure is an absolute hierarchy in which it is expected that everyone knows and keeps to their place and follows orders without question.
Yesterday, the first indications were seen that this would not be so in Dresden.


Some follow the Bilderberg way upon the basis of promises made to them. Now they are calling for those promises to be fulfilled!
The problem is that the Devil will only promise you things that you would have got anyway: Those who gave the promises are not, themselves, able to fulfil them. This is causing more than a little disquiet in the hall.


Some others have also begun to realise that a world dictatorship is not that which they truly want; that to be loved, respected and accepted is their true desire. These are beginning quietly to question whether the Bilderberg way can bring them to where they want to be.

The more they see of the objectives of the Bilderberg way, the more they find it questionable.

There are many groups within the hosts of sane people, not just our own, who are actively working to enhance this process.  


I am not, yet, ready to believe that we can bring the entire Bilderberg system to a state of collapse during this weekend. It is, however, certain that the efficiency of many of its “soldiers” will be greatly weakened. In the longer term, this leads to strife within their system which, in turn, is capable of neutralising the effectiveness of Bilderberg in the world at large.


Just keep going and we’ll all get there as promised.

Quick reminder of how to do it is here:



Please do pass this on to all friends and family.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
10th June 2016







The most Powerful Transmissions to date

in April I was in Thailand with Chirada (an Avalon priestess) where we, together, filmed the
most powerful transmissions videos I’ve ever done.

These transmissions are designed to change everyone’s life;

to remove:-
dissatisfaction with self and others,
victim consciousness,
abandonment expectations,
and much, much more

and to replace these with:-
joy and
They will even straighten your spine!



Right now you can get in with your pre-production order (delivery expected earlt July) and get a huge discount not only on the DVD itself but also on all other products which you purchase at the same time



Please do pass this on to all friends and family.


Blessed be


Karma Singh

14th June 2016








Brexit - a Merlin's Assesment

it's all in this video




Please do pass this on to all friends and family and post it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever.


Blessed be


Karma Singh

22nd June 2016






Brexit - 2 days after

over the next two years - the two year "cooling off period" before a second referendum ratifies the first and Brexit will be complete - we have much to do.


This video outlines what has happened so far, what to expect and how to make sure that Brexit II will also be won.



Please do pass this on to all friends and family and post it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever.


Blessed be


Karma Singh
25th June 2016






A Manifestation for the replacement of the "Dark Controllers" in October 2016

in the last newsletter, you have seen what is planned for us in this month.

In case you missed it, you can read it above in the the newsletter archive 17th October 2016


There is much that we can do to help this process along and, through the years, we have proved again and again that the mass-manifestations can have a very great influence
upon matters.


These achievements are based on the teaching and practices in the handbook for manifesting, “The Key to Luck” which, if you don’t already have it, can be obtained directly from the source here:


The Text:
The replacement of the world’s controllers through conscious human beings proceeds now as an harmonious process.


The Vision:
Kind-hearted humans, completely anchored in heart consciousness, enter into every office of the dark controllers and fill the room with forgiveness, abundance, compassion and relief. Each dark controller give up his/her place and goes into retirement.


The Feelings:
Thankfulness, peace, relief and joy.


Blessed be


Karma Singh

22nd October 2016






Christmas Eve

this is the time of the Great Change, one in which we have many decisions to make.


There are many customs which began in the last Age which need to be dissolved or modified so that they can continue in our Age of Community.


One of these is called, in the English speaking world, Christmas or, more correctly, Christ Mass which was sung at midnight on the 24th December. This, in turn, is a renaming and redefining of the much more ancient Celtic “Yule Tide”.


This was also one of the tools which the Catholic Church used to establish their absolute patriarchy and their dictatorship which lasted nearly 1000 years. Their time is now completely over and Christmas must either be discontinued or modified and redefined.


How would it be for you if the 24th December were to be re-named “The Day of the Letting in of the Light”?

One of the customs which could be linked to it is to clean all of the windows in your home both inside and out. Everyone living there should participate in this activity exactly as we have just done.


Just a thought for the day…


Has anybody any suggestions as to what we could do with tomorrow
and the 26th?

Blessed be







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