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Not all of the newsletters will be archived here. Some refer to events which are due to taker place in the near future and, following that date, are totally useless. Those listed here are certainly valid for some months and many for several years.


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Inauguration Preparation

on Friday 20th January at 12.00 noon New York time (5 p.m. London) Donald Trump will,
according to the plan, take over the office of President of the USA.


As you doubtless know, there are many organised groups who will attempt to prevent the inauguration and even to assassinate Mr. Trump. These appear now to have received direct support from Obama bin Barak personally who, in his position as commander in chief of all US military personnel, has given orders which significantly weaken the security for the inauguration ceremony. (Very similar to the way in which it was done in 1963 in Dallas so that the assassin had a clear field of fire on John F. Kennedy.)


Two days ago, I tried to make plain just how each one of us has a direct influence on such events. If you missed, it’s in the newsletter archive above:

Those who practiced with “The Key to Luck” know just how powerful the mass manifestations can be. So, here is my suggestion for now, i.e. for immediate use!


The Text:
I now lay my hand in peace over the inauguration of Donald Trump
All attacks are returned to their source.
All participants return home afterwards unharmed and in peace.


The Vision:
Angel energy surrounds Mr. Trump and makes him invisible to attackers.
All attack energies are returned immediately to their source.
Peace and clarity of mind permeates all participants and spectators.


The Feelings:
Peace, kindness and thankfulness.


Please do pass this on to all friends and family and post it on
Facebook, Twitter, wherever.


Blessed be


Karma Singh







to coincide with its tenth birthday, Quantumarketing has received a compledtely new look, an intro-ductory video as well as a revision of the course texts.


Quantumarketing was originally realeased on a very low key because it was, at least in part, an experiment to see whether other people could master the techniques which I use myself.

Ten years' experience leaves no doubt that you can.
All it needs is the willingness to think outside of the box.


The brand new website is now ready for you here:

(N.B. Only one "m" in the URL!)

The video is under the "What is it" tab.


Blessed be







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