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Not all of the newsletters will be archived here. Some refer to events which are due to taker place in the near future and, following that date, are totally useless. Those listed here are certainly valid for some months and many for several years.


Making Million by lying - Part 1: The Vaccine Fraud      7th Jan 2018


Making Million by lying - Part 2: Vaccination is a Religion; not a science!    9th Jan 2018


Making Millions by lying - Part 3: Measles - Fairy Tale and Reality      14th Jan 2018


Making Millions by lying - Part 4: "Infectious disease" vs Science      18th Jan 2018


Making Millions by lying - Part 5: How Engineers and Farmers saved us     27th Jan 2018


Making Millions by lying - Part 6: How are "illnesses" really spread?     3rd Feb 2018


Making Millions by lying - Part 7: Do Viruses actually exist?   9th Feb 2018


Homoeopathy 1: Why is Homeopathy so much more effective than Conventional Medicine?    16th Feb 2018


Inshee needs our help     27th Feb 2018


Homoeopathy 2: Why does Pharmaceutical Medicine completely reject modern Science?      5th March 2018


I have called 276 Children back from the dead!      7th March 2018


Homoeopathy 3: Homeopathy is unscientific?????    14th March 2018


Progress Report on Inshee and Family       21st March 2018


A Question of Perspective    31st March 2018


How to create a War          18th April 2018


The Mantra Apothecary       20th April 2018


The Light Pillar of Life now in the UK     5th May 2018


Rejuvenation and an amazing Experience in the Park    11th May 2018


Introducing - your Belly Button!     26th May 2018


The Love Tsunami    31st May 2018


2nd Progress Report on Inshee and Family    10th June 2018


New book "Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P." goes on release    12th July 2018


First review of the new book and rising scaleof discounts    14th July 2018


The Gardasil Enigma    20th August 2018


Panic in Hell    23rd August 2018


Facebook censorship    5th Sept 2018


Something to think about at the Change of the year   24th December 2018








Hallo Karma,

I want to say this about your book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P”:
It is one of the best researched books on this theme that I have ever seen and shows not only the impracticality of present “main-stream” medicine but also gives hard, practical and proven (but suppressed) information on what will bring about great improvements in health. The book gives the history of western medicine going back to the Roman Empire. Topics such as vaccination, nutrition, electro-smog and more are examined in detail; a complete review of great importance for all.


Please make me an offer for 10 further copies so that I can confront everyone in sight: It’s much easier than arguing when you can say, “Read that and we’ll talk about it later.”I am eagerly awaiting part two.


Donovan, Nord Rhein Westphallen, Germany.


Donovan knows the book so well because he proof-read the German edition for me before it went to the printers.

Here is your opportunity to get to know it:-


And, as requested, there is a rising scale of discounts, i.e. the more you purchase, the lower the price.
If you want more than 10 copies, write to me directly.

Please do pass this on to all friends and family and post it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever.


Blessed be


Karma Singh





Facebook Censorship

Amongst my other activities, I write articles for The Bolen Report which has been vociferous in criticising the activities of the pharmaceutical cartel for many years.


Yesterday, this article, showing in detail how the pharma-cartel uses the paid media and, possibly, the British Secret Service, to deliberately lie to and mislead the public, was published on the Bolen Report.


Within hours, Facebook had banned the article and closed the Bolen Report account.
Too Much Truth


As many already know, Facebook, Twitter, Google (YouTube) and Amazon have, this year, carried out a policy of censoring anything detrimental to the cartels, especially the pharmaceutical cartel, or supportive of President Trump. This has resulted in many, many thousands of people closing their Facebook accounts and transferring their videos to Realvideo/brighteon and the Facebook share price plummeting.


Mr. Zuckerberg is unconcerned about this, partially because he sold a vast number of shares just before the crash and, partially because these four see themselves as obtaining an absolute monopoly on online communication.


Mr. Zuckerberg may not be quite so happy when the results of the FTC investigation into his use of insider trading to dump his shares just before they went belly-up come in.


In their war against truth to protect the financial interests of the cartels, being banned by Facebook is tantamount to an admission by the cartels of lying to you for profit.


The article is, of course, still up on the Bolen Report website and, when you’ve read it, you will know who needs to read it and then, please send it on to them.


Blessed be


Karma Singh





The Change of the Year

A year has ended and another begun.


“No, no” says the man, “There are still seven days to go.”

But does the world listen? Do the stars halt their courses? What has ended? What has begun? Is there and ending and of what?


It is alone in the minds of men that a line has been drawn in the sands of time and declared, “Here is an ending and here a beginning.”

But of what?


That which has no beginning has no ending and all lines drawn by the mind of man have no meaning.


Do the birds of the air or the trees of the forests obey the borders which your imagination has drawn upon the land? Is it not the separations which your mind has invented that create the poverty which assails us all?


As the cycles revolve and the wheels of Heaven turn, yea even into the hours and the minutes and the seconds thereof every instant is pregnant with untried possibilities; possibilities which even you can grasp and make a world fit for that which you truly are.


Now, in the quiet of this one time as all shops, stores and merchants cease their business, you, yea you, can turn the world to be fit for the glory which shines in and through you.


Remove the bushel from your light and be who you are!


Blessed be


Karma Singh





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