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Not all of the newsletters will be archived here. Some refer to events which are due to taker place in the near future and, following that date, are totally useless. Those listed here are certainly valid for some months and many for several years.


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Book: Cancer? So what?

today, I published the completely newly written “Cancer? So what?”



To write something like this you have to be something of a tight rope walker; you want to give useful information and advice but something is standing in the way.

Some years ago, the pharmaceutical cartel purchased for themselves a legal monopoly on this so-called illness. In many countries, Germany, England and Norway for example, it is a criminal act to tell anyone how to heal their cancers.

Recently, a visitor to Norway was arrested because he said that he knows how to heal leukaemia. The law says that leukaemia cannot be healed and the crime with which he was charged was that he had, possibly, given leukaemia sufferers hope and the law states, specifically, that they are not to be allowed hope.

There is a great deal that conventional medicine doesn’t know about cancer (or doesn’t permit into the public domain); for example exactly what cancer is and what the causes are.



There is, at the moment anyway, no law that forbids me to give you this information. The law just says that if you already have cancer, you may not make use of it. Preventing or avoiding cancer is allowed and once you know how cancer is caused, you are in a position to decide whether you want to have cancer or avoid it.

The “criminals” who make illegal use of this knowledge to remove the roots of their existing cancers do this of their own free will and I have no participation in their decision to commit that “crime”.


The new website is here:






Rita Singh's Experience with Mind Clearing

the only unusual thing about Rita’s story is the speed with which she got to where she wanted to be.

On the other hand, she’d been trying for years to find the way out of her torment and had been “banging her head against a brick wall” without realising that the brick wall was her own thoughts and belief systems with which she’d been programmed throughout her childhood (as have we all). Once the “brick wall” had been cleared out of her mind she just went straight to her goal. Just let her tell you in her own words:-






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