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Not all of the newsletters will be archived here. Some refer to events which are due to taker place in the near future and, following that date, are totally useless. Those listed here are certainly valid for some months and many for several years.



When is New Year really?    3rd Jan 2020


2020 - the beginning    11th Jan 2020


Coronavirus Pharmaceuticus Conjobicus  26th Jan 2020


Why Coronavirus?   5th Feb 2020


China's "Karma" and Karma's solution   8th Feb 2020


Bombshell! NO Coronavirus deaths!   13th Feb 2020


Raising an army and your natural immunity    15th Feb 2020


Powering up your "immunity" Part I  and organ replacement     20th Feb 2020


How does infection really happen?      27th Feb 2020


An infectious Summary   13th March 2020


Corona: The purifying Ring of Fire? With video    19th March 2020


Coronadaisy, with video    20th March 2020


A Declaration of Intent - with videos     29th March 2020


Why is Corona rapidly disappearing?     31st March 2020


New Moon Seminars go online    7th April 2020


New Moon Seminars further details   10th April 2020


Expelling Demons and deleting fear from your life   12th April 2020


WHO Press Conference / making a clown out of you     21st April 2020


Messiah Part 1 / Masquerade and others     8th May 2020


Messiah Part 2 / Masquerade 2 / Virus Theology       16th May 2020


Messiah Part 3 / Hyroxychloroquin / UK citizens special     22nd May 2020


Messiah Part 4 / Pope explains Plandemic     28th May 2020


Time to start winning   5th June 2020


WHO cancells  Covid   10th June 2020


House on Fire  13th June 2020


First criminal charges laid in Covid fraud   17th June 2020


Reformation II    20th June 2020


Dr. Death and the Death Vaccine    23rd June 2020


The unholy Pandemic Alliance    26th June 2020


One lie too many?   4th July 2020


Exosomes, Actio back in stock, Pandemic in a morgue    9th July 2020


Postal services to N. America resume    11th July 2020


Messiah 6, The Silver Lining, Actio reports and more    25th July 2020


Censorship and the Million man/woman demonstration      3rd August 2020


The Protection Racket.  Messiah lesson 7     11th Aug 2020


Three Million Voices         15th Aug 2020


A Conversation in an English Country Garden    24th Aug 2020


Habeas Corpus, Spotlicht 1 & Actio Q & A     30th Aug 2020


Searching for Unicorns, your intestines, Spotlight 2   6th Sept 2020


The mask religion, Spotlight 3, Messiah 8a   and much more     13th Sept 2020


Two days to save your life      16th Sept 2020


New health-care paradigm, the science of charity and more      22nd Sept 2020

Was the climate scam just a test for Covid?    1st Oct 2020

Ascention and the opening of the Heart Eye     8th Oct 2020


The Infectious Disease Mafia     10th October 2020


Heavy Metal Poisoning Solution + funny video    13th Oct 2020


Immune Booster and the PCR Fable       18th October 2020


The bomb in the basement      23rd October 2020


International court action to end the Plandemic +
absolution from fear 
                                                                     1st November 2020


New German Dictatorship, the History of illness and much more     22nd November 2020


Press begins telling Covid Truth, Election Fraud etc.     26th November 2020


Covid Test Fraud & Habeas Corpus, Yule tide Bazaar opens     2nd December 2020 


Yule Tide video      7th December 2020


From Belief into Knowledge & Test Fraud part Two       10th December 2020


The fantasy "Vaccine"  and some "miracle" cures      19th December 2020


The End of the Road for Covid? & Why "miracle cures" work    27th December 2020


Many governments admit: Covid does not exist!    31st December 2020






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