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Not all of the newsletters will be archived here. Some refer to events which are due to take place in the near future and, following that date, are totally useless. Those listed here are certainly valid for some months and many for several years.


The annoying Truth Habit and Civil Disobedience      8th Jan 2021


The Benefits and the Risks of Slimming     14th Jan 2021


Major German Newspaper invents Fake News     21st Jan 2021


When Evil rules the World.    Russia pulls out of the Plandemic    30th Jan 2021


Nobel Prizes.  My Journey.  Vaccine Giant pulls out      9th Feb 2021


Merkel changes the Covid Definition once again     16th Feb 2021


Absolute Proof: Covid-19 does NOT exist!     21st Feb 2021


An enormous thank you  and  Covid "Vaccines" now #1 cause of death     23rd Feb 2021


The Sap is rising     28th Feb 2021


The Box     3rd March 2021 


A quick Covid Test   -  7th March 2021


Sickness and Immunity Part 1 - what is disease?    23rd March 2021


Sickness and Immunity Part 2 - epidemics and pandemics   28th March 2021


Sickness and Immunity Part 3 - microscopic life   4th April 2021


New House, Liver, Veezee and the Fourth Reich   10th April 2021


The new World Religion and the Heretics   18th April 2021


Running short of "everything?" and Karmas Wheel Part 2
- "Selling your soul to the Devil" 
(and what it really is)             28th April 2021


Have they actually manufactured the world's truly infectious disease?  30th April 2021


Crime or Glory?  (Your choice)    8th May 2021


Witsuntide usage instructions et. al.     22nd May 2021


My lungs, Light Pillar of Life, 3 million Euros    9th June 2021


Spike Proteins and some antidotes     15th June 2021


So. 11th July and the new World-Religion       20th June 2021


Spike Protein Infections and fake mutations      25th June 2021


Government Crimes against Humanity    8th July 2021


Portugal shows us the way - again    10th July 2021


How, exactly, do the Clearing Transmissions work? and other topics   13th July 2021


Does the pseudo vaccine make you the property of the pharmacartell? + Homoeoepathy   22nd July 2021


German government bans science      25th July 2021


The Turning Point                 27th July 2021


Change of scenery / where are the bodies? / the two-edged sword              5th September 2021


Spikes, Climate, new Money, Habeas Corpus      9th September 2021




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