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This Newsletter has three Topics:

Nobel Prizes
My Journey
Vaccine giant pulls out

Five Nobel Prizes available

Nobel prizes, especially in medicine, physics and chemistry, are usually won by many years of painstaking research. Sometimes, however, they are won because somebody noticed something that all of the “specialists” completely overlooked. This can give the great insights which lead to the awarding of Nobel prizes.

For around one hundred years, recipients for a number of Nobel prizes have been sought. Each year, the Nobel Committee at the Swedish Academy of Sciences scours the literature to see whether anyone has made the long-sought breakthrough. So far, without avail.

Most of us, myself included, were taught in school that viruses are tiny protein packages which are unable to self-replicate. They increase their numbers by attaching themselves to the walls of our cells with a special “hook” and then invade our cells. Once inside, they compel our cells to replicate them until the cell is destroyed at which point they burst out and invade thousands of other cells in the same manner. The problem that science has with this is that it is all conjecture and assumption. To date, no-one has been able to present the evidence to prove any of this. This is why the Swedish Academy searches the literature for this each and every year.

The first prize:
Is for the proof that viruses exist. This may seem like an oxymoron, I mean – we’ve all seen photos of viruses, haven’t we? Well, no. You see, saying that something is a virus and proving that it is, is not the same thing at all. This same question was put to Germany’s highest court and, in December 2016, the judges ruled that the evidence presented did NOT prove the existence of the measles virus. To date, no additional evidence has been offered.

With anything so small as the postulated viruses, the biggest problem is that you can’t see them with an optical microscope – they’re just too small. The electron microscopes, which were designed and built to study metals and other minerals, can show things that small but the preparation destroys any organic material and all that can be seen in the photo is the toxic heavy metals which have destroyed and replaced the original (presumably) organic material during the preparation process. We must also note that the concentrated electron beam used by such microscopes will completely destroy any living protein.

It seems that a completely new technological concept in microscopy is needed. One which is capable of observing living material at a magnification some thousands of times greater than any modern optical microscope. Such an invention did exist, created by Gaston Naessens in Canada. In nearly 40 years of use, he never found a virus. His machine, called the “Somatoscope”, was disassembled following his death and his widow has, unfortunately, decided not to co-operate with anyone trying to re-create it.

Prize number 2:
Is for finding the “hook” and proving that viruses attach themselves to a cell with it and then push themselves through the cell walls and hijack the genetic machine inside.

The present status is that there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate any of this. It is a completely imaginary process and, so it seems to me, requires the same breakthrough in microscopy  as for Prize 1 before it can be proven or disproven.

There is a further problem in that, due to the highly destructive and deadly nature of the electron microscope, there is no picture of what the walls of a cell look like. There are, at present, 17 different hypotheses but, in the face of total lack of evidence, you can either choose one of the 17 at random or create your own hypothesis.

Prize number 3:
Is, therefore, for identifying the structure of cell walls.

Prize number 4:
Is for demonstrating not only that a virus kidnaps the genetic replication machine in cells but also exactly how it does this.
As with prize number 2, this is, at present, pure speculation and imagination with no supporting evidence whatsoever.

Prize number 5:
Is for showing not only that but also exactly how the activities of viruses destroy cells. Such proof, of course, must include proof that the viruses cloned by the process sought for Prize number 2, not only attack other cells but exactly how the “attacked” cell is chosen.

Advances in Quantum Biophysics during the last three decades as well as the, present, accelerated attempts to replicate the work of Gaston Naessens could, in the near future, show that all of the “virus” hypotheses are nothing more than guesswork and wishful thinking (as the judges in Germany decided in 2016). So, if you want one of these Nobel Prizes, you’ve got to move fast.

Best of luck with your project.



My Journey to knowledge

My own journey of discovery in the area of communicable disease began with a most peculiar statistic. What came to my attention (I no longer remember exactly when or how) was the definition of an epidemic. The definition wasn’t totally fixed but, rather, a sliding scale and each local medical office of health could make his or her decision anywhere along the scale.

“If, at least, one percent of the people in a given area became ill in the same manner he or she could declare an epidemic. If four percent became ill then she or he MUST declare an epidemic.”

What stuck in my craw was this:
If germs cause disease, why are 96% to 99% of people unaffected by them?

I started by asking in the obvious places – doctors of medicine. The “answers” were most edifying. Answers such as, “That knowledge is much too high for you.” or “It has to do with genetics and we’ll have the answer shortly.” were normal. Nobody admitted, “We just don’t know.”
At the time it did not occur to me to ask the $64,000 question: “If you don’t know why 96% of people are unaffected, how do you know that 4% are “victims” of the germ.” It was to be some years before my growing knowledge led me to do so.

When I learned of the existence of Professor Pierre Béchamp (Louis Pasteur’s teacher in the University of Paris, who clearly and categorically told Pasteur that he was wrong and that something much more ordered and beautiful than his “infectious disease” hypothesis actually happened) this triggered a cascade which re-ordered my knowledge and brought about two recognitions:

A) There are, very probably, no illnesses in the way in which we have been taught. All of the processes called “illness” are actually healing processes by which your body seeks to achieve a return to natural balance. Many of these processes, such as colds and the ‘flu (even when they are re-named Covid-19) are, in fact, natural detoxification processes.

Looking at the history of dis-ease since mediaeval times, we see an irrefutably strong correlation with the quality and quantity of foods, hygiene and fresh water. Even in the 20th century we see the same pattern as the rise in cancer cases (a very rare disease in the 19th century) exactly parallels the rise in the consumption of processed (i.e. de-natured) foods. Conversely, the building of fresh water and sewage systems and the clearing of 90% of the air pollution has eliminated many deadly diseases such as Cholera, Typhus, Smallpox, Diphtheria and many more. It was this that Prof. Béchamp recognised in the mid-19th century and, almost on his death bed, Pasteur also admitted.

B) Based upon little more than pure propaganda, the medico-pharmaceutical industry has laid claim to all of the health benefits wrought by the engineers and the men and women who built their designs and the farmers who dramatically increased food production. Perhaps the most ridiculous of their claims, although still widely believed, is to have eliminated smallpox – THIRTY YEARS AFTER IMPROVED SANITATION HAD ALREADY ELIMINATED IT!

With the rubbish cleared out of the way, I was, then, able to see what the true causes of disease are and how to deal with them. With this came the recognition that, despite the more than 80,000 “specialities” in the  medico-pharmaceutical industry, there are, in fact, merely twelve causes of dis-ease.

Armed with this re-appraisal of the way of the world, I was finally able to complete writing the book presenting all of this knowledge in a style easy for everyone to read. You can order the book here: If you click on the picture to the left, you can also read some of the content

One final note here is that most disease can be avoided or, at least, ameliorated by removing toxins which your body has accumulated, sometimes over many decades. Thanks to the German toxicologist, Dr. Uwe Häcker, we have the perfect tool for doing just that. It is called “Actio”  and you can get it here: 


Vaccine Giant cancels Production and withdraws from Market

Merck is one of the largest (if not THE largest) vaccine manufacturers in the world.

They are also heavily involved in American Germ Warfare research and weapon development. They have, further, the distinction of having paid the most fines for fraudulent activities of any pharmaceutical manufacturer: Including out of court settlements, they have paid several billions but, due to the profit level that many might describe as obscene (3000 to 6000+%) continue in “business” unabated.

None of the owners of Merck has, as yet, been jailed: It seems that that which many suspect is actually true; if you’re wealthy enough you can buy a “get out of jail free” card.

Last week, Merck made the sensational announcement that it was withdrawing from Covid-19 vaccine production and sales. The first announcement was made in the USA and, a few days later, in Europe.

This, even though (or perhaps because of) their experience with Gardasil laid the foundation stone for this type of “vaccine”.
Merck manufactures and sells Gardasil with the promise of preventing cervical cancer. A study in Sweden, however, has shown that the use of the “vaccine” has lead to a significant INCREASE in cervical cancers.

This is, of course, precisely what I have written in my book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” One should expect this to happen. According to the data which I have collected, the only known effect of “vaccination” is to, uniformly, spread disease.

It is undeniable (provided one is honest and ethical) that Gardasil has killed and maimed tens of thousands of young women around the world. I believe that it may be possible to reverse the damage and request contact with sufferers via this special email address –

The reason given by Merck for their withdrawal from the Covid-19 “vaccine” and their abandonment of the billions in profits which they would have expected is that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are no more than eight per cent effective!

Such ethical considerations have never previously entered into Merck’s activities and one must wonder what the real reason might be. Does their detailed insider knowledge lead them to the conclusion that the whole charade could blow up in their faces at any moment?

The so-called “vaccines” cannot, possibly, be vaccines; sound, scientific reasons, which you can see in the video below, make this very plain.

As the “vaccine” death toll steadily rises (501 deaths plus 10,748 injuries in the initial stages in the USA alone as of Friday 29th January according to the Centers for Disease Control it could be that others will follow suit and get out before the “vaccinated” bodies begin to pile up in the streets.



Blessed be
Karma Singh
9th February 2021


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