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Paris, Friday 13th Nov 2015


The "Terror Attacks" on Paris


It is now abundantly clear that the mass shooting in Paris mostly never actually happened.


As a piece of theatre, it was very effective because people have been so conditioned by decades of phony shootings on the cinema screen and television that almost no-one realises that the piles of bodies in Paris could never have been shot.


The human body is very soft and, unless the gun is a very small calibre hand gun, such as a 0.22 Derringer, any bullet is going to pass right through. It is not the point of entry that does the damage - this is no bigger than the bullet itself. The exit wound is a very large hole; it is this and not the entry wound which kills.

As the bullet passes through, it creates an ever larger bow wave which pushes more and more of the body’s tissues and blood before it. At the point of exit, all of this tissue sprays out in a bloody pulp.


The bullets from the high velocity rifles which the purported IS “terrorists” were using will pass through at least three people standing behind each other leaving several pounds of blood and scattered organ tissues upon the pavement and surrounding buildings. Where is this blood and pulp? There is none to be seen; just a group of paid actors playing dead, just like in the cinema.


If we turn to the Charlie Hebdo assassinations on the 7th January this year (2015), we can see here a video of one of the “shootings”.

A “police officer” is “shot” and lies incapacitated upon the pavement (no blood, no gore you will note).

French police officers all carry guns. Does he draw it and attempt to save his life by shooting back? No, he waves to the gunman approaching him.

The gunmen know that French police officers carry guns and that they always patrol in pairs yet both “risk” getting shot by getting out of their car in order to follow their scripted actions.


The “policeman” is “shot” in the head with a large calibre weapon which, were it real, would have pushed his body violently to the right of your screen and sprayed his face and most of his brains across the pavement and into the bushes.

Where is all the blood and gore from this man who has been “shot” several times?

The “shots” were all blanks.

Capping the scene we see how nonchalantly the gunmen almost saunter back to their car, pause to pick up something which has fallen out of the car (my, aren’t “Arab terrorists” tidy people) and then depart.


Summarising the evidence to date, including the fact that Charlie Hebdo was taken over by a Rothschild front organisation shortly afterwards, we conclude that the entire event was staged to disguise the murder of the Charlie Hebdo editorial team as a “terrorist attack”.

We surmise that Hebdo was preparing to publish something disadvantageous to the Rothschild plans to become world dictator, that the CIA were given orders to carry out the assassination and to then so disguise it that a normal murder investigation would not take place.


Returning now to the events of 13th November, we must ask the question, “Did anybody actually die and, if so, who and why?”

Piles of actors upon the pavement with no blood and no gore are not evidence of anything other than a typical movie scene where all is play and nobody actually gets hurt.


There is also a growing number of videos entering the public domain which purport to show a “terrorist attack” but, upon closer scrutiny, are clearly pieces of theatre using paid actors.

This one, issued by the british national newspaper “The Daily Mail” is a case in point. It purports to be CCTV videos of an “attack” upon a café.

There are three cameras all showing the same scene from different angles. All begin by purporting to show glass falling. Here we must pose the first questions and enter the first doubts about the veracity of the “terrorist” claims.

All three cameras are placed high up on the walls. How often have you seen a street café with a glass roof? Further, why would the roof be completely “shot out” by “terrorists” but the windows at street level be left intact? Then to the “falling glass” itself: Amongst the many jobs that I have had over the decades, there were almost three years in the glass (windows) industry. Glass does not fall like that! You would get the precise effect shown in the video by crumpling a sheet of cellophane, shining a strong light onto it and then passing it quickly in front of the camera lens. We, further, note that although all three cameras show the “glass falling”, none of it ever reaches the tables or the floor!

What those white bits of snow like substance are we just don’t know - they act like polystyrene granules but where they have come from we just don’t know. What we do know is that it would take hurricane scale winds to blow glass around like that. Ambient air movement in a café could never make glass do anything other than fall vertically.
Click here to watch the video now:


From the way in which the people in the video are moving, they are clearly actors following a script; their body language gives them away completely.

Even the fake “gunman” giving directions to two “customers” to get up and run is so phony it would be edited out of even a “B” movie.


Then we come to the identity of the “terrorists”. What evidence do we have for their purported origin? A claim from a CIA controlled terror organisation. That’s it, nothing more.

Is that sufficient to go to war?


So, what is it actually all about? To understand this we have to look at the first results - the air attacks upon Syrian territory first by french and now also by british war planes. Who are they actually bombing and why?
Two possible answers show themselves:

A) The CIA has lost control over their mercenaries currently operating under the “ISIS” or “Islamic State” name.

The problem was, of course, foreseeable; if you encourage ill-educated quasi-religious fanatics by giving them lots of money and weapons, sooner or later they are going to remove themselves from the control by “unbelievers”.

The evidence showing that the entire Middle East crises of the last 30 years have been, mostly, a CIA operation must be swallowed up in the chaos of a general war and those amongst the mercenary core who know most of what has been done must be executed before they can speak.


B) ISIS was created as an army intended to defeat the syrian military. As an effective force, it has been largely emasculated by the Russians.

Are french and british bombers now attacking ISIS positions which the Russians have already destroyed or are they, in fact, attacking syrian army positions?

I don’t know but I do think that we ought to find out.


Why does this sort of subterfuge still work? Because of an unwillingness on the part of most people to take the trouble to check the facts for themselves. Happily, this is now changing but still the majority of people are prepared to uncritically believe the cartel controlled press and the politicians who feed them.


“Our government wouldn’t lie to us.” Well, yes it does; governments are made up of politicians and “politician” is almost a synonym for “liar”. It is such an accepted “fact of life” that politicians will lie to get your votes, lie to get pay-outs from corporate interests, lie to cover up misconduct as well as criminal actions that a politician telling the truth is such a rare event that almost no-one believes him or her. And yet, when it’s about giving billions of your money to the military-industrial conglomerate and killing thousands of people, your government would never lie to you about that.


What about The Crusades and the extermination of the Cathars and the Thirty Years War and the Spanish Armada and the Napoleonic Wars and the American Revolution and the First and Second World Wars and Nicaragua and Afghanistan and the First and Second Iraqi Wars and any other war you can think of.

No government has ever, ever, ever told the truth about war.

Is the leopard now going to change its spots? Well, simply stated, “no chance whatsoever”.

If governments told the truth about war, most people, including military personnel, would refuse to participate; all wars have always been about furthering the private interests of one or more “elite” group at the expense of everyone else. There has never been an exception to this!

The present Special Interest Group being served is, firstly, the Banking Cartel (Rothschild - the Anti-Christ in person), the Energy Cartel headed by Rockefeller and the military-industrial complex. These are the sole beneficiaries of this growing war.

Millions of us are scheduled to die and to be impoverished to serve their greed.


You must choose whether to believe the words of proven liars or to bypass them and to seek peace for the whole of humanity. Whichever you choose, you bear the responsibility for the outcome thereof.


Blessed be


6th December 2015



The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed  “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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