Newsletter 5th Jan. 2016


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This newsletter has three topics:


Windows 10 - Why?


New Podcasts


It's not over!



Windows 10 - why is Microsoft trying to force us to take it?

In the smallest of the fine print in Microsoft’s terms of business which you “agree” to by installing Windows or buying a computer with Windows installed, you give Microsoft permission to send you unrestricted spam. They do this through holes which they have, purposely, built into Windows. **

It is these self-same holes which hackers use to steal your data, send spam from your computer, to rob you etc.


Instead of showing the steadily rising cyber-criminality a stop-sign by closing these holes, Microsoft has entered into a deal with the American National Security Agency for which even more holes have been added through which the NSA can, literally, follow every key stroke that you make on your computer.

This is not only Windows 10 itself but also the reason why Microsoft is doing its utmost to push it down your throat.

It is possible that Microsoft has already downloaded Windows 10 onto your computer without your permission from where it can be started by a signal from Microsoft or the NSA.


In Windows update there are three codes which make this “hidden” download possible and “Leo” has done the research to find out what they are. As soon as you have removed these from your computer, Windows 10 cannot be downloaded without your conscious instruction to do so. “Leo” describes exactly how these codes can be removed on this webpage.

If you don’t, yourself, have sufficient experience in this area, take you computer to an independent specialist and let him/her clean it for you.


With Windows Vista, Microsoft came very close to making me a Mac customer. It was only the Mac requirement to pay three times as much for the same capacity which held me back.
Windows 10 will almost certainly make me a Linux user.

One of our technical team is already researching how this could be implemented. I will let you know what he advises so that you can also consider the change.



** Thanks to a ruling by Lord Justice Denning (England’s senior judge) this is definitely illegal in England. It is, therefore, theoretically possible to seek an order in the English courts compelling Microsoft to close these hacker/spam holes.





New Podcast Recordings

since the last newsletter announcing the start of the podcasts, the following recordings have been added:

Prophets and Prophecies under the “The real World” on the 2nd January


Economics introduction on the 3rd January


Vaccination 1 on the 4th January

All podcasts are reachable via





It's not (quite) over!

The Christmas discounts are still running right up until the end of this week and for printed copies of "The Key to Luck" there is also an increasing level of discounts the more copies you purchase (share them with friends).

All products are here



Blessed be



5th January 2016





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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully

and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation

system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of

exploitation, there are SEVEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!


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