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The Poverty Crisis

There are many pundits who have, over many centuries, postulated multifarious solutions to this problem; some of them are even (almost) workable.

The solutions suggested fall into three categories:-


a) The government must do something
b) The rich must do something
c) The structure of society must change to one in which poverty is not possible


It may not be immediately obvious to all why none of these can work and a little explanation is appropriate.


a) The government can’t because the bankers and friends have pre-purchased sufficient numbers of politicians to prevent any such action.

b) I’m not sure that I need to explain this at all but, just in case: As long as the overwhelming majority of the very rich continue to subscribe to the Rockefeller / Soros / belief system, they will refuse and, due to point a) they cannot be coerced.

c) Is putting the cart before the horse; only when poverty has been abolished can such a society come into being.


So, what we need is a solution which avoids all three of these traps.

In order to “overstand” the problem, we must take it to a higher level of consciousness for it is there that the real problem lies.


It may well be that the origin of the problem can be traced back to the asteroid collision of 3195 BC which destroyed most of Middle Eastern civilisation and caused a diaspora to the East, West and South. Even until fairly recent times, the Celts maintained that their greatest fear is that the sky would fall upon their heads - which historians presume is a reference to 3195 BC.


Events which leave a trauma effective for several thousand years after the event which caused it has been forgotten are notoriously stubborn.

A traumatic event of this magnitude obviously killed a large proportion of the population both directly and consequentially due to starvation which followed the sun being blotted out for a long time, polluted water sources and general destruction of infrastructure.


It was only after this event that money began to come into general usage.


There was also a significant shift in human consciousness away from trust in Mother Earth and towards “survival strategies”. Poverty is one of the results of such survival strategies.

So, how does this work?


The presumption upon which all survival strategies are based is that there are not (or will not be) sufficient resources for everyone to live a happy and fulfilled life. In parenthesis, it must be noted here that, were the value of all resources upon our world to be equally divided throughout the world’s population, each one of us would own almost fifteen million dollars’ worth (£12 million)!


There was a video circulating in Germany last year (2018) in which a group of farmers demonstrated how they could easily feed 12 billion people fully but are prevented from doing so by the bankers. The Video is mostly in Austrian dialect so even many German speakers won't understand it. I am trying to find out whether there is an English translation but communication with the producers is difficult.


The vegan community reports, correctly, that if beef and mutton farming were to be discontinued and the land converted to arable farming then the state of Bavaria alone could feed the entire German population.


World renowned physicists such as Nassim Haramein report that present energy production methods produce 0.0000001% of that which is possible yet methods which produce vastly more, some approaching half a per cent of the possible and that with zero pollution, are actively and sometimes violently suppressed.


Plastics and used tyres can readily be converted into high quality diesel and petrol (Am: gasoline) yet it is almost impossible to get an operating licence for such an installation.

In short, there is no shortage of resources.


All that there is, is a BELIEF that there WILL BE a shortage. This has produced the sharp dichotomy between “rich” and “poor”. The one is driven by a perceived “need” to store up resources in order to survive the next shortage and the other by a resignation “I will not survive”. That the first group actively supresses the aspirations of the second group by denying them access to resources or even destroying the resources they already have is a further expression of this belief system: The fewer “other people” who are trying to get “my” resources the better off I will be. This is the belief behind the Agenda 21 programme to murder 6.5 billion people and to leave just 500,000,000 to live as slaves.


Using Karmas Mind Clearing, many have experienced that the second phase in which past traumas are disconnected from your power sources and can, therefore, no longer self-replicate, brings a deep relaxation into your life which enables you to see much more clearly where you are going. Because, however, each human being carries a personal load of traumas, attempts to make a general transmission which would disempower everyone’s traumatic experiences, results in thundering headaches for everyone other than the target model.


What I have not tried, to date, it a wide-open transmission to disempower a specific trauma which affects pretty well everyone.


One such is the asteroid collision of 3195 BC. In a few days’ time, I will once again be travelling to the ExtremeNews television studio in Germany and plan to record the test video there with the usual “guinea pig” team. Should this function, I will then put it on general release.

I also intend trying to add a few “frills” which will enable anyone using it to propagate the effect in their geographical area.


The full individual Mind Clearing sessions will, of course, continue to be available here.


Blessed be


Karma Singh,


2nd June 2019


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The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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