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The Radio Event of the Month

This evening (New York time) I have been invited to be the "star" guest on an American radio show called "Supernatural Girlz Radio". I think that I am correct in the asumption that the topics which they cover are also of interest to those of us who have chosen to use the male physical form for this incarnation.  


The times are:

New York 7.30 to 9.00 p.m. Wednesday evening, 20th Jan 2016

Los Angeles 4.30 to 6.00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon

Hawaii - your lunch time event

London 00.30 to 02.00 Thursday morning

Paris/Berlin 01.30 to 03.00 Thursday morning

Australasia. My apologies to you Antipodeans but I've never managed to work your times out - Either the show has already happened yesterday or it'll give you something to do in your lunch break on Friday (or something like that).


Click here to find out how you can listen in or even send your questions.







The Price of Concepts

„In his image did He make them, man and woman….“ does not relate merely to the physical form. Even so, according to this declaration, the human body is unquestionably whole and holy and hiding it, or any part of it, from its creator can only be viewed as a sin.

Not only this, the declaration clearly specifies the unrestricted creative power which resides in each of us.


There appears to be an arrangement by which events are shaped in order to enable us to experience just what we are truly capable of and, thus, to gradually get to know ourselves. Exactly what we do with the possibilities which have been created for us is left entirely up to us. There are no prerequisites, no rules, no programme - just us, the universe which serves us and our total freedom to make of it what we will.


One of the things organised for us and, as we have all now sufficient experience with it, has just ended is the patriarchy also called "The Age of Materialism".

In order to participate in this experience, one of the pre-conditions was to not only greatly reduce our ability to think clearly, but to also completely switch off almost all of the other attributes of conscious being; only in that state was it possible to participate in a material patriarchy.

Why is this?

As Jesus said, “Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
That’s exactly the way it was. The fact that, through the very restricted consciousness, you could not know what you were doing, created the circumstances in which you caused enormous pain for yourself.

Another effect of the very restricted consciousness was the habit of blaming others for the pain which you caused yourself; this, of course, always resulted in you repeating the painful experience.

This is how the material patriarchy was made.

The result is the chaos, destruction and poverty which a material patriarchy inevitably brings with it.


Some of us have drunk deeply from this chalice.

Perhaps too deeply.
So deep that a sort of addiction chains us to old patterns and makes difficulties with the new orientation. Some have played the role of the unloved, the unwanted, the rejected and the abused so often that for this last incarnation in the material patriarchy any other condition of birth was excluded.

In order to awaken into this Age of Community, the nightmares of the bygone age must be dissolved. To help us do this, our noses are being rubbed into them.


The programming out of the material patriarchy forces us to develop “survival strategies” through which “those who have caused us pain” are to be held under control.
What we actually need, however, is something quite different. Those of us who suffer under this need must learn again what it means to be loved, appreciated, wanted and nurtured.

The “survival strategies”, however, make this almost impossible and this causes new strategies to be created out of the same source. These additional strategies are almost always some sort of attempt to force others to succour our perceived lack. These, mostly, take one (or more) of these three forms:


1. Through merit: Deeds of “service” which puts others into your “debt”. A debt which they have to pay with love and appreciation. (“If I do something for you, then you must pay me. The payment that I require is appreciation and love.” 
Whether the “service” performed was actually wanted or needed by the “debtor” has no relevance: It’s not about his or her needs but only about your own.)


2. With poor little me, to put others into guilt for your choice to suffer etc….


3. Through violence, including black magic and other types of manipulation, to capture love and attention and make you their owner.


Those who go this way often seem to do a great deal. This is, however, often only an appearance; they are usually so pre-occupied with additional plans to force others to love them that they usually actually achieve very little that is useful. They, themselves, however, often feel drained and overworked and simply do not see that 80% of what they do is completely senseless.


As a direct result of the rejection etc. which they determined to experience during the Age of the Materialistic Patriarchy, these souls tend to get stuck in their expectation to be rejected. The control which they exercise in the attempt to avoid the rejection usually creates exactly the rejection which they so fear. This tends to bring them into a treadmill of constantly increasing control through which their true objective, to enforce love, gets completely lost.


The next phase in this war against themselves is to consider prematurely terminating the incarnation. This is, however, merely an apparent, rather than a real solution. By doing so, the only result is a rapid re-incarnation with the same problem but the “volume” turned higher.


So, what is the solution? How would someone get out of this trap?


The chosen task lies in the choice to recognise and to accept that the old, much feared pain lies exclusively in the past and to let it lie there.
Even yesterday belongs to the past!
Having achieved this, the next step is to re-open themselves to love; the perceived lack of love can only be experienced as a direct result of the expectation not to be loved……


More to this next week.



Blessed be



20th January 2016





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