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The Price of Concepts 2 -
Dissolution and the Return to Reality

One of the greatest problems with this undertaking is insufficient willingness to recognise that one is living in a concept. This is, of course, only to be expected because the concept is used as a protection against that which one so greatly fears.


What is always overlooked is how the concept prevents the fulfilment of your heart’s desire.


You may well have a fear of being alone and have persuaded yourself to take a substitute for the longed for partner - better than nothing, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t! If your partner position in your energy fields is occupied by a substitute then she/he (your true partner) cannot reach you.

That’s how expensive concepts are; to procure one makes only one thing certain - you can never get what you truly want.


What, then, happens if you persevere with your concept?

Your body will gradually become ill. Your head says that you must maintain the concept or suffer the pain of loneliness. Your heart and your viscera protest with ever increasing volume because the concept can never satisfy your needs.

It could well be that, when you first manifested the concept, you felt some relief but this doesn’t develop into anything else. Gradually this changes into a sort of hope of further relief that can never actually come because the concept can never be in accord with the creative power of your true desires. Your fear of the necessity to have that place empty causes you to occupy it with a substitute which prevents the fulfilment.


What do you need to do to get out of this predicament?

Courage is the answer and the willingness to clear the occupied place; the willingness to discuss the correction of your connection with the substitute partner.


Where do you find courage?

The human physical body possesses, through natural resonance, access in particular places to desired abilities and attributes. The “lost knowledge” is that of what is where and how to switch them on.


The seven spinal vertebrae in your neck (see sketch - click on it with your left mouse key to enlarge) is the place where courage can be awakened. All that you need to do is to “load” the correct frequency to activate this “courage centre” and to go courageously through the world. You do this by visualising that all seven of these vertebrae are filled with radiant, pale pink light.

15 Minutes each day will work miracles.


That’s the first step.


Now we must see whether you are living in truth or a concept.
This table will (hopefully) help you to determine this.





The relationship relaxes me. I look and feel younger



Fulfilling his/her needs is natural and healing. Our needs fulfil each the other and we have no lack




I feel incomplete when she/he is not there



When you are not together and you think of him/her:
You are naked and entwined in each other
You look into each other’s eyes and smile
You discuss re-modelling the bathroom
You have no spontaneous picture









The relationship is useful but causes me much stress



Not having my needs met and/or the necessity to fulfil her/his needs makes me ill




I am much more relaxed when I am in my own place without him/her




This list is, of course, not exhaustive and each relationship is also unique. It show you, however, (hopefully) the direction in which you need to look.


The possibility that some relationships have aspects which are concepts but are otherwise in truth cannot be ruled out.

It is where the basis of the relationship is concepts that make of it a torment which prevents the planned, true relationship.


OK, what is to be done?


One of you must take the courage to begin to discuss things if you are to remain friends. If not, the relationship will end in recrimination and blaming which will prevent friendship. Alternatively, you persist with the relationship and one dies to escape it (you would be amazed if you knew how often I’ve seen this happen).

So, it’s about rescuing your happiness and freeing each other for the relationship in truth which each of you has planned.

Hold this vision clearly before you.



There are two additional tools which I would recommend to help with process of liberation:


There is the Harmony Headphone Set which will completely remove the self-destructive beliefs and habits which form the basis of the “substitute relationship”. Following the first ten weeks of the home training programme, work intensively with your pancreas.


Work daily with the techniques in “The Key to Luck”. This will teach you not only how a relationship can easily be “corrected” but also how to focus and apply your natural creative power to manifest anything and everything you will.



Blessed be



26th January 2016





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