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This Newsletter has two Topics:

Raising an army


How does your natural immunity really work?  (main article)





Raising a spiritual army

There is a present astronomical / astrological constellation which last occurred at The Reformation. It will last for most of this year.


It is a long proven fact that the planetary tides directly affect human consciousness.


During the course of this year, it will be decided who will rule this planet, i.e. whether rule by the bankers and their bought and paid for "politicians" is to continue or whether we the people, the protectors of this planet, use our power to take our property back from them and begin the process of Healing the Earth.


We, each of us, has been carefully educated in the belief that such powers do not exist or are only "granted" to a favoured few. The truth is that EVERYONE possesses such powers but we been trained not to use them by being taught that they are not there.


Because you believe that your powers don't exist, you have been trained into the belief that you are powerless against your "masters"; to believe that they can use so much violence against you that you and your family will die and then they will steal your house and everything else you have attained and that there is nothing that you can do.

The truth is very, very different!


You have the ability to take up the energy of any sort of attack no matter if this be a wild maniac, a tax office, chemtrails, 5G, a mythical virus - anything and immediately turn it back to its source so that they fall over instead of you.


And yet this is just ONE of the many things that you will learn in a New Moon Seminar.


Amongst other things, you will also discover that you can quickly and simply take back the wealth which they have stolen from you and your forefathers.


What we are seeking to do it to raise an "army" of free men and women who will act together - not because they are ordered to do so but because they choose to act together - to demolish this brittle edifice of power which the bankers have built up over the previous three centuries and return sanity, peace and prosperity to everyone.


Each participant will not only be awakened to the enormous latent powers which each of us, as our birth right, possesses but will also know exactly how to re-awaken others. What we seek is an exponential effect whereby those who learn become the teachers of those who want to learn who, in turn, will become teachers for ever more men and women of honour.


The hall in Studland, mentioned in my last newsletter has now been confirmed and registrations are open here:-

Please include your full name, address and telephone number in your email.






How does your natural Immunity actually work?

It's not the way you were taught in school!

It's not a "system"; it's a way of being.


There are no attacking germs that want to do you to death and which are seeking their next victim. What there are, are millions of differing types of microbes which have the life-task of recycling dead or damaged organic material.

This means that they are not seeking you but you may be seeking them!


A whole different world to the one you were taught isn't it?

The thing is, that's the way the world actually works.


Some evidence?
Why are corpses either embalmed or put into deep freeze?
Because they start to decompose IMMEDIATELY the empowering soul has left.
What does this tell you about the recycling bacteria, fungi etc.?
It tells you that they were there all the time but had no job to do and so they just remained dormant.

Were the theory of invading germs real, then this would simply not happen; corpses would have to wait for the bacteria, insects, etc. in the soil before they began to decompose.

Modern "medical" theory would have you believe that suddenly, at the point of "death" billions of germs fly out of nowhere to "attack" the dead body whilst leaving everyone else in the vicinity completely untouched. An amazing degree of selectivity for "completely unconscious" micro-organisms, wouldn't you agree?


(Modern science also confirms this - practically all so-called "disease-germs" are present in everyone but in a dormant state.)


Why, in an "epidemic", are at least 96% of those who come into contact with the putative disease-causing germ completely unaffected by it? Medical theory has no answer to this and doctors either completely ignore the question (the most common "answer") or try to fob you off with some vague claim about a yet to be identified genetic something or other.

For a very detailed explanation of this phenomenon focussed upon the example of influenza, see "The Flu Fairy Tale" - a download e-book from Karma Singh.


Why, since the invention of the somatoscope (the first type of microscope capable of observing living viruses) more than 30 years ago has no evidence of the existence of viruses so far been found?
They are either so rare that they have evaded all attempts to observe them or they simply don't exist at all!

(Here we must note in parenthesis that although, since the invention of the electron microscope in 1937, many particles have been labelled "virus" there is actually no evidence that they are. The problem is that an electron microscope, although it provides the greater magnification which would be needed to see a virus, can only view dead, immobile things. If you find a particle in this way, you have absolutely no idea what it is for, where it came from, what it does or where it is going to. Any claim that this is proof of viruses is pure guesswork and supposition, not evidence. In December 2016, Germany's highest court ruled that there is no credible evidence for the existence of viruses.)


So, now that we have posed a few questions, it behoves us to give some answers. 

Your natural "immunity" to having your body decomposed by a plethora of micro-organisms is an expression of natural balance and harmony. Let us look at how this works.


Your pancreas is, in its expanded functions, the organ which co-ordinates the activities of all your other organs. This is why some "yogis" have mistakenly placed the third chakra in that area and called it the spleen chakra whilst, at the same time, overlooking the solar-plexus chakra.


When your body goes seriously out of balance, from whatever cause, then there are a number of emergency systems available to keep things running. One of these is focussed in the adrenal glands which produce the "stress hormones", notably cortisol. (In its artificially manufactured form we call it cortisone.)


The purpose of cortisol is to temporarily close down non-essential-to-survival systems in order to provide maximum nutrition to the muscles: The so-called fight or flight status. One of the systems which cortisol will temporarily close down is the natural immunity. If this is something that transpires for an hour or less then no harm will be caused. If, however, extreme stress becomes chronic then natural immunity can be lost and recycling microbes react to an apparent invitation to decompose your body. This is why "infection" rates in an epidemic, at between 1% and 4% are so low.


When we look at the "Coronavirus epidemic" in China we see that of a population of 1.400.000.000 people some 42.638 cases, i.e. 0.00305%, are presently (11th Feb 2020) reported. This comes nowhere near the definition of an epidemic which would require an absolute minimum of one per cent, i.e. more than THREE HUNDRED TIMES as many cases! When we add to this that even the pharmaceutical controlled WHO prognosticates that this malady will peak in March and then mostly disappear as the 'flu does every year and a best estimate is that this is most unlikely to breach the epidemic threshold without seriously "massaging" the figures.


We, therefore, see clearly that this whole furfurrah has nothing to do with a health emergency but relies upon general ignorance about how the human body and mind function to further some other (at present hidden) objective.


What, on the positive side, this event gives us is an opportunity to disseminate such knowledge and, thereby, to disempower the hidden agenda.


What I will do, over the next few days is to look into the most common causes of chronic stress and how they are to be overcome. We will also look into some of the ways in which your natural immunity can be boosted and so leave you unreachable by whatever it is that "they" are planning.


This will be in part two, coming soon.


Blessed be

Karma Singh


15th February 2020


All books, hand books, courses and DVDs are available here:




The moment in which mankind stands up and acts purposefully and in concert is the same moment in which the exploitation system of a self-appointed “Elite” ceases to exist.


For each of the "elite" who wishes to maintain the system of exploitation, there are now very nearly TEN THOUSAND of us!

Never forget this!



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