Newsletter 10th April 2021

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This Newsletter has four Topics:


My recovery and what I can now do again






The Fourth Reich



Were I to mention points 1 and 3 in the introductory email, it would probably get through to you.

Points 2 and 4 would almost certainly cause it to be blocked!

My recovery et. al.

Tomorrow, I will have been in the new house for two weeks. Not enough, as yet, to repair the severe damage to my lungs but things are getting better.

Three days ago, a healer who has one of those "magic" machines that can run a detailed diagnosis in minutes via the human morpho-genetic field (see Dr. Rupert Sheldrake for more on this) told me that my weakest organ is not my lungs but my liver which has had to cope with those toxins every day for so long. It was not oxygen starvation that "robbed" me of my abilities but the toxins circulating around my body because my liver was too weak to process and discharge them.

It was then that I remembered something that I made available way back in 2004. This was, I think, the first of the tools which I made available to everyone. In the days before the widespread use of e-books and internet speeds allowing their download, I used to print these and put them in the post. In 2007, the website offering this programme went online - and hasn't been updated since! Our webmaster is presently in the process of moving everything to new servers and I should be able to update it soon.

In 2007, that which was hot on the internet was "How do I get rich quickly?" Now, as you probably know yourself, there are thousands of offers on the internet which claim to show you how "you can be as rich as I am if you do what I did." As we all know, these don't work because they tackle the problem from the wrong end. You don't need to do something extra to be prosperous because prosperous is our natural state. You need to STOP doing that which is preventing you enjoying prosperity. For the most part, these are influences which have gained entry to your systems and are preventing them functioning properly. This doesn't only affect your prosperity but your health and your relationships as well!

It was on this Wednesday that I decided to use the part of this programme which clears out the liver. On Thursday morning, I could, once again, "see" and "hear" clearly! This means that, amongst other things, I can now, once again, offer the Mind Clearing sessions and those who have been waiting for appointments will get their offers shortly. It also means that I can offer the Light Pillar of Life seminars once again online.

Now, I have, of course, practiced such methods repeatedly and so I get the results very quickly. Someone coming fresh to them will need to practice consequently to gain the same result over a couple of weeks.

The "vintage" website, now 14 years old, is here and still functions. Should you get the wrong language, just click on the relevant flag at the top of the page. Remember, it's not just about wealth but about removing restricting influences from your life so that everything functions much better.



Almost everyone who is half-awake will have noticed by now how the creeping censorship practiced by the internet giants has restricted access to useful knowledge. Videos telling the truth about Covid, the American presidential election and several other themes are ruthlessly and routinely deleted. At the same time, adverts from the vaccine manufacturers and the Cabal are pushed. What is much less obvious is how emails which mention these or even from people who often mention them are deleted "in transit" and never reach those who have asked for the information. The principle perpetrators are Google (gmail, googlemail), Microsoft (hotmail, outlook, and others). I have had to repeatedly complain to 1 & 1 (gmx, freenet, web and others) about non-delivery of requested newsletters and delays of up to three days in delivering.

Last week, I sent 15 emails, including four article for publication to Principia Scientific. Not only their email but also their entire content management is provided by Google. I sent the emails from three different servers in two different countries but, nonetheless, only the two shortest actually arrived!

I have heard similar stories from many other people.

The lesson appears to be, "If you want to receive the emails and newsletters that you asked for, then it is time to change email provider." There are two that can be recommended as being censorship free:-  and
Please also tell all of your friends whom you know have endangered email accounts to change before they lose all access to truth.


New Video Portal

After more than two year's work, ExtremNews together with the Trust "Neue Perspektive Medien" has launched their own video portal. This you will find at This portal is censorship free and is where I am placing all of my new videos. I will not be uploading any further videos to YouTube. So, to see my videos and to get notifications as soon as they are uploaded, go to my channel - English language is here and the German language channel is here - and sign up to get notifications. I will, of course, be transferring all of the videos which would have been instantly deleted from YouTube by Google and have, therefore, been uploaded elsewhere, to veezee.

Veezee is a community project and "work in progress" is to expand it to include alternatives to Facebook, Twitter and others. There will be an opportunity for everyone to participate in the project and to reap the rewards. Details are being finalised and I hope to be able to let you know next week.



The Rise and Fall of the Fourth Reich

There are a number of notable parallels between the rise of the Third and the Fourth German Reichs.

Each of them has coerced the German people into permitting a dictatorship by the portrayal of an, otherwise, unacceptable alternative. For the Third Reich it was the spectre of the Bolsheviks overrunning the country and turning it into the communist waste land which they had created in Russia. Later it was the Jewish people (an historical fact usually not mentioned: It was World Jewry which declared war upon Germany after their nepotism which had dominated the German civil service was ended. This action ended the assisted passage for Jews out of Germany to Palestine and other countries). It was claimed - also with no supporting evidence as with the Covid theatre of the Fourth Reich - that the Jews were the source of disease and should, therefore, be shunned and segregated. Here the similarities end.

Those who have read "Mein Kampf" - the original, not the propaganda version produced in America after WWII - will know that Hitlers principle intent was the prosperity, safety and advancement of the German people. In this endeavour he was largely successful, so successful, in fact, that many people, seeing the suppression of the Jews and other ethnic groups, expressed the opinion that "you must take the rough with the smooth". Hitler managed to carry a very large majority of the German people with him because he had made their lives and their country so much better.

Merkel, on the other hand, has never sought anything other than the destruction of Germany and the ruination of its people. At present, she has conned a majority into believing her promise to "rescue" everyone from a deadly pandemic. This majority is decreasing hourly as ever more people come to realise that this disease does not exist and never has existed; all that she has done is to have the normal annual 'flu re-named - nothing more than that has ever existed. This is why Germany refuses to answer Freedom of Information Applications for details and location(s) of the "virus" which causes "Covid-19". 31 of the 44 countries where this information has been requested have all answered that they do not, themselves, have a specimen of the virus and do not know of any institute anywhere on the planet which does have it. Did Germany have one, many other countries would know about it. 12 other countries have, so far, not responded.

Hitler gained and maintained his position (mostly) by popular support. Merkel by acts of violence and threats of further violence. Thus has she created a powder keg and then, herself, lit the fuse.

A month after Texas dropped all "Covid" restrictions and saw a steep drop in the number of "cases" and in the same week that Britain is to drop most restrictions and fully open all shops and restaurants, Merkel plans to have herself named absolute dictatrice over Germany and to close everything down completely. For what purpose we must ask? In order to bring about the final destruction of the German economy and plunge Germany back into the misery of the bankrupt Weimar state from which Hitler rescued everyone.

The German people do not and never have taken kindly to being the victims of revenge, especially revenge for something that never happened. They are under no obligation to live in lack and poverty and to be punished for not doing so is unacceptable to the German character.

What happens next is to be decided by the determination and courage of the German people. We will continue to do our best to help.

Blessed be
Karma Singh
10th April 2021


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